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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


As much as I admire the way DC has handled their output recently I think that’s being very generous. Releasing good comics does much to disguise they don’t really have a clue what continuity counts or not.


Not much of a disguise then :wink:


I’m saying they’re not as bothered by it and are just telling better stories. Marvel still feels pretty mired in some of their continuity especially (to me) the X books.


This is all Stan Lee’s fault. No one cared about continuity until he became Marvel’s guiding force.

No, wait, it’s our fault for not throwing away our comics when we became teenagers.


It was much easier when Stan was running each book. :wink:


Now that Marvel’s most recent soft-relaunch is hitting Unlimited I’m finding a lot of it to be better than I was expecting based on the internet reaction, to be honest. I find the “everything Marvel does is shit” case to be overstated.


Continuity has a bad reputation because it can get in the way of stories and unnecessarily complicate them. We can all think of stories that have been ruined like that.

But it’s a double-edged sword. There are advantages in characters having a rich history too, not just from a nostalgia perspective but also in terms of bringing that history in to support a new story, and making things resonate in a way that gives extra layers of meaning to longtime readers or fans who are familiar with a book’s history.

It’s all about how you use it.

Most of the time I think it’s a mistake to make complicated continuity concerns the centre of a story, because I think that for the most part people don’t really want stories like that.

But use it sparingly, like spice to enhance a story around the edges, and it can enhance a book.

I wouldn’t want it to be thrown away or ignored entirely, but maybe editors and writers could benefit from a looser approach to it that makes it less constraining and complicating.


No, Stan was terrible at continuity. He couldn’t even remember what he had called his main characters from issue to issue.


You refer, of course to Robert – I mean Bruce – Banner?


Oh, it got worse than that.



Adventures of the Super Sons #6 - Scott Godlewski is the guest artist this issue, as this never ending space epic continues to never end.

The Green Lantern #3 was a fantastic issue. Under a fairly provocative cover, there is some delightfully pointed commentary on humanity. Grant is really leaning into the whole space cop thing here, especially with the ending. Sharp’s artwork continues to amaze. Great book!

Action Comics #1006 - loved it; Bendis and Ryan Sook bring the first arc to a close with this tense issue, providing some answers and lots more questions. It’s the little moments that really made the issue though - the bit where Supes sticks around to comfort the shaken Ms Moore, rather than fly off after the villain, for example. And, the ending was delightful.

Detective Comics #995 - Tomasi & Mahnke seem to be doing an in continuity version of Arkham Knight here; with a mystery new villain who clearly knows a lot about our hero and how to hit him where it hurts. I’ve no idea what’s going on. But, in a good way.


Scooby-Doo Team Up #45 (Scott Free & Big Barda) - Velma and Daphne are boom-tubed to Apokalipse and brainwashed by Granny Goodness! Oh no! But as Shaggy says, how bad can it be if she’s a granny named “Goodness”? :thinking:

Nowhere near the best of the series but still enjoyable, with a clever twist at the end (which is foreshadowed in several panels, and I would have seen coming if not for those meddling kids).


Let’s hope it doesn’t go the same way as the game then! :wink:

Is this a good or bad thing?


A bad thing. Not half as good as the previous series. My boy still likes it, but it’s getting tiresome.


Ah, was hoping maybe it had improved.


I ended up dropping the book. I can understand why they were going this direction as the book had been covering similar ground to Tomasi and Gleason’s Superman but in the absence of that book, it just wasn’t as fun. Is Damian also absent from the Bat-books right now?


Justice League #15 - DC and the creative team behind this book continue to impress. I love how they’ve split the team, adventures and art duties in this issue with the Trinity taking care of the recently returned Starman and Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern continue to deal with issues on Thanagar Prime. I know I keep saying it but this feels like the old Justice League cartoon filtered through the comic medium and turned up to 11. I especially loved the first page with Superman talking about just how much energy he absorbed from what Starman had put out (below) and near the end of the issue when the Green Lantern Corp shows up to arrest Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern. This book is getting so many things right with team, character and story. I can’t wait for more.

I also really loved the preview for another upcoming new Bendis book, Naomi.


Read a few new books this week, but not commented after them as I’ve been switching my phone off most nights about 8.30

One to note though is hardcore # 1 by andy diggle and alexandro vitto. It’s a high concept six fi action thriller, the sort of thing andy diggle does very well

Straight forward concept that maybe borrows from Pat Mills & Clint Langley’s American Reaper a bit - agents taking control of other people bodies in order to assassinate their targets. Diggle does bring some decent drama in towards the end and it’s very fast paced.

Not essential reading but I get the impression the trade will be an enjoyable, throwaway action packed read.


Marvel has the right idea, where they keep everything “in continuity” but compress the timeline to the point where everything that happened actually happened, though the further back you go, the fuzzier and more malleable and mercurial it gets.

That lets you read the old stories as artifacts of the time they were written in, but they still inform the stuff that’s happening now, evennig it’s sort of vague.


Don’t think he’s in Gotham much at the moment. Seems to be on the outs with his father, after the events of No Justice. He’s pretty much confined to Teen Titans at the moment.