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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Thanks Dave, no interest in the Blood Simple piece but I would like to read Brubakers comments on his relationship with Phillips and also the recap would be handy, even through I recently read all the Criminal trades again (by recently it was probably a year ago)

Decisions decisions …!






I’ve just read it and I’m with you on this.
I thought it was ok, but it was bang straight into the action and felt very generic.

I like my books to be characterisation and drama with snippets of action, this was action with tiny snippets of characterisation and drama.

I also don’t like Gleason’s art here, I’m not a big fan of the hyperkinetic ‘cartoony’ style that seems to be used whenever they want to target young readers. It’s too busy for me.
This is not a technical complaint, merely a personal preference.

I like the idea of Gemworld being involved but this is Bendis first slight misfire since coming to DC.
I did enjoy the approach of ‘getting the team togerhter’ a bit different from what we usually see.

I fully intend to stick with it, as I’ve got every faith in Bendis to win me over after a few issue - he’s definitely earned that.



I’d give it more of a 4/10.
I feel like whatever good it has is mainly in the characters being there.
You speak of the busy art - but I feel like it really is just too busy. Even by the standards of hyperkinetic styles.
Compounded and worsened by the odd and almost rambling snippets of dialogue. It just becomes hard to follow, I had to re-read it twice.

Haze, yeah, I stick by that word.


Best. Comic. On. Sale. Today.

That is all.


Batman was pretty good. It started to annoy me a bit near the middle with how Tom-Kingy it was, but final third really brought it home. Neat ending.


YEAH, BABY!!! Comic of the year (so far)!

Tim, Bart, Connor … they’re the reason I’m reading comics. Having them back from the New52 abyss, and back together in this comic was always going to make my day/ week/ month/ year.

This issue wastes no time in throwing the team and characters into action. It’s fast and crazy, and there’s very little characterisation beyond the superficial introductions. It’s a stark contrast to Bendis’ work on Superman or Action Comics. But, that’s cool. Bendis has promised lots of that to come in interviews. I trust him to follow through on that.

His Impulse stole the show here. Full of crazy energy. And, Jinny Hex made a memorable first impression in the few pages that she was on.

Patrick Gleason is inking his own work here (or, maybe, it’s shot straight from his pencils), and it ends up looking quite different from his work elsewhere. It’s a little darker, and scratchier. But, I really liked it. I liked the texture. I also liked the way he used a much cleaner, lighter line whenever Bart was in view.

Can’t wait for the next issue!


Only got a chance to read a couple books last night.

Hit-Girl #12 - I’m really loving the different creators’ takes on everyone’s favorite pint-sized Punisher. If I didn’t read the credits at the front of the book, I could swear it was Mark writing. Albuquerque has her voice down perfectly. I love the globetrotting aspect of this book and really enjoyed and final double-cross in this issue. I’m really pumped to see what Kevin Smith does with the character next.

Young Justice #1 - Wow! Bendis keeps blowing me away with his DC work. Like others have said, this book wastes no time in getting to the action. It’s really great the way they bring the team together too. I have a ton of questions. The characters act like they know each other and have worked together before but I don’t remember that ever happening in New 52/Rebirth continuity. So is this linked into Pre-Flashpoint continuity or in its own universe? I’m not too concerned as this book is just great fun but I’m interested in what Bendis has to say. I continue to love Gleason’s art though like many have said it is a slight bit different here. Looking forward to more issues of this book.


I’m working under the assumption that their relationships are another example of the DCU “righting” itself.


That was literally the panel/page of the week for me, especially after the buildup of Bart going on and on with “It’s happening …”

Either that or the last page. I’m loving what Bendis is doing with Bart. Perfect update.



Still not a fan of winged capes on Robin.


I assume it’s probably tied in with the story too, given how the issue opened and finished.

Bart’s return in Flash was related to Wally’s missing memories, and the DC Rebirth continuity changes too.


You ignored the line immediately following. :wink:


I didn’t really. :smile:

The t-shirt is actually an ongoing joke from the iFanboy podcast reviewers specifically about this kind of thing, I think it was initially the impossibility of who the various Robins and Nightwings were. After Rebirth they liked the new DC comics but had no idea how any of the continuity worked but like you decided they didn’t really care if the stories were fun and came up with the phrase ‘nothing makes sense, nothing matters’. It’s an expression really of what you said.

It was popular enough they made it into some merch to sell.


I think most comics function better ignoring a good portion of continuity. This one specifically mentions Crisis level events though. So I assume there will be some larger continuity come into play.


It has essentially become unmanageable but nobody really wants to admit it. DC have been obsessed over the years with fixing their continuity and even focusing a large part of what they do on it but ongoing stories with ever-youthful characters over 70 years will always make no sense and it’s a slope where it makes less every year. So they should just embrace it and tell fun stories. Crisis ‘solved’ a problem that didn’t need solving (too many Earth 2 stories, just stop writing them).


Marvel’s shared universe has become unwieldy too, but DC has to deal with a few extra decades’ worth of different versions of the same characters – which is what the first Crisis miniseries was intended to address. Unfortunately those events didn’t…quite…stick…


If anything, I think DC deals with it better than Marvel now.