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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Thats a very good comparison.


It’s New Comics Wednesday again. Looks like a big week for me.

Dark Nights: Metal #1
Justice League #27
Super Sons #7
Superman #29
Trinity #12?


I am totally on the edge about Metal #1. Let me know your reaction.


Metal #1: Stilted without letting any of the zanier ideas breathe. But it leaves most of the ramifications for future issues.

Sandman Special: Another pretty decent Kirby special. None have been bad so far. Jurgens and Orlando both have brilliant premises but I felt the former had more zest to it.

Mage - The Hero Denied #1: sets up the newest installment properly. Feels both nostalgic and an interesting look forward.


Its Fantastic. Snyder & Capullo did a great job with this. Nice Action scene up front and old school goodness later on


I felt the cold open was rather shoddily handled. It just is without really engrossing in itself.


Okey dokey. Off to Comixology. Great interview with Greg, and he shows off some of his guitars!


Its like a movie. Cold Open showing the main characters in action.


But not really action rather a cool set up that sorta ends. Shuffles off.

Which is disappointing because that’s the sorta stuff Snyder was hyping up for months.


Sounds like @Tom_Punk hates it. So I’ll probably love it. :wink:


I didnt hate it. I hated the previous Forging issue. I just felt it was very much expositiony set up.

The cold open was really the only sticking point.


Metal 1 just felt like more setup, which is a little off putting since we just had two preludes doing the same thing. And having never read Sandman, the last page reveal meant nothing too me. So that was a bit of a let down.


Metal 1 - Not for me but then I (and everyone else) probably knew that going in. It felt like one of the crappier big events from the 90’s. In fact it felt like it was written to sound like a 90’s book although I’m not sure if that was intended. Capullo’s not a fave of mine, although I can appreciate his work, but here I felt his pencils were a bit sloppy. Certainly not up to his highest standard. I bought the first issue out of intrigue but I think I’ll borrow the rest from a friend. I have little interest in the story but the comic-addict in me needs to see what happens!

Mister Miracle - After not liking King’s Omega Men or Batman run and thinking Vision was good but not great I almost passed MM by. I’m glad I didn’t as this is easily the best thing of his I’ve read. It’s pretty dark and I imagine it will only get darker but I’m fully invested. Brilliant art by the way.




I liked Metal quite a lot but it did show many of Snyder’s flaws as well. He’s a gifted storyteller but I often find he’s too verbose for comics, and falls back on way too much exposition.

Still, that last page though…

Anyway I really liked Batman this week too.


Apart from the suit design which is one of the worst I’ve seen in the last 20 years. the yellow trim on the bat symbol is awful and the zig zag belt is pointless.


Yeah I cannot condone Batman’s costume design in either book. It is terrible.


Dark Nights: Metal #1 - There’s a lot going on in this issue. The cold open action scene was a bit disconnected from the main story but felt like the opening of a great film that kind of sets the tone for the whole story. I love @GregCapullo’s art and designs. @ssnyder1835’s story seems to be setting up a lot of piece that I hope will have a big payoff. I did not expect that last page reveal. Curious to see where this story goes.

Justice League #27 - Like I said, I’m a sucker for these kind of stories. This issue was a lot of exposition with the Justice League finding out what happened in the future to cause their children to come back in time to try to find them. I highly suspect that Sovereign is Wonder Woman or Hunter’s female sister (possibly twin). It’s also not clear yet who Hunter’s father is but I did like that the Kents fostered him as their son along side Jon. I really love the Aquaman design in this book too. It’s like a crazy Cable version of the character with augmented powers taken from others. @bryanhitch’s Justice League and JLA have been one of my favorite DC books for a while. So I will be sad to see him go once this arc is finished. However, I am excited to see him leave with a bang and look forward to his next writing and/or art project.

Super Sons #7 - This was just a great fun story that introduces Jon to the Teen Titans. This book continues to be fun and compelling and set itself apart from the main Superman book while sharing some of the same characters.

Superman #29 - I love that this book isn’t afraid to try things and tell stories of different lengths. This issue kicks off a new story that starts with Superman tracking missing children and ends with a discovery that it’s Parallax. Leading Superman to trade himself for the children. The last page promises a fun match-up in the next issue.


So I thought the cover to Dark Nights: Metal #1 was incomplete looking a bit unfinished like they couldn’t reveal the whole thing. I was a bit perplexed when the full cover came out yesterday and nothing was revealed. I had to see a thumbnail to finally see what it actually was. The Justice League are forming the hand signal for metal.


Wonder Woman is the pinky, Superman is the pointer finger and Batman’s cape is the thumb.


I’ve seen quite a few people online be surprised like that with that cover. It’s a bit like one of those optical illusions that you either see or you don’t, I think. I agree it’s easier to make out in a thumbnail.