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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


All this chat is making me really look forward to the first trade. Sook is a great artist so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.


They’ve used a mix on art so far. Patrick Gleason did the first two, Yannick Paquette the 3rd, Sook has done 3 in a row and Comixology pre-sales tell me the next two are by Steve Epting. So it is a fair bit of rotation but they are all great artists.


It is isn’t it? I’ll stick with it because I want to see the 100 issue masterplan and some stories and arcs are really fantastic, then followed by ones that aren’t so much. I had no idea what was going on in the last one, I did read the footnote to go back to issue 38, re-read that and remembered the ‘Master Bruce’ character and his backstory. It was quite a forgettable issue to be honest so it was probably a mistake to jump back into it 25 issues later as if nothing had happened in between.


That is a great line-up.


I completely agree with this. It plays to fundamental strengths of the serial, monthly comic format.

I’m surprised Sook has done this many issues. He’s usually a one and done kind of guy on art. Epting’s style isn’t one I would usually associate with Superman but I’ve liked the preview art shown so far (though I can’t seem to find it right now).


So am I. I checked his wiki page and his last run was on X-Factor in 2006 for 4 issues, which came shortly after 7 Soldiers. So his longest run in 12 years! :smile:


The Penguin arc, especially with Penguin apparently being married to a Penguin and this new Master Bruce crap have me feeling I’m throwing away $3.99 with each issue. I’m curious about the 100 issue arc, especially the confrontation with Batman from Earth 2 and Bane but I may have to hold off buying more issues until the final arc.
And I think that’s when [spoiler]the real Batman-Catwoman marriage takes place.


With the Penguin thing Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, sir.


Typical marine.


What miracle is this? :wink:


[quote=“Will, post:3778, topic:10170, full:true”] Penguin apparently being married to a Penguin

That has got to be the stupidest idea ever.


It’s right up there with the Kite Man tragedy.


I agree with this. I feel like Tynion simply doesn’t care about what he writes and treats his profession as mundane hobby.


I was just saying the same thing. He actually only did one full issue of X-Factor; the rest all had multiple artists.


Wow. That’s a bit harsh. I think the guy’s work is fantastic. He writes very much in the Claremont/ Lobdell X-Men - wordy, soap operatic, with multiple inter-woven plot threads. His stories are far from decompressed; there is always so much going on. I think it helps that his fanboy years were the same as mine - we share a lot of the same favourite characters and stories. That definitely comes across in his work too.


Yeah I agree with Vik that that’s a bit harsh. I feel like he does care about the characters and for me it’s more that I just don’t think he’s a great writer, average at best.

Edit - just realised I’m a liar. I clearly don’t think he’s average at best as on my ‘Every story ever’ list I have Detective Comics 934-940: Rise of the Batmen at position 336 which is the tail end of my good category. Although I do have Detective Comics 943-947: The Victim Syndicate ranked at 855 in the ‘meh’ category. (the list currently comprises 1055 entries)


Hey, milstar. It’s not a big deal but this thread is generally for new comics. There are other threads for trades or digital depending on how your reading. You’re more likely to get better discussion on older work there.


Anyone reading the Go-bots book? I see issue 2 is out.


I am.

It’s pretty dang good.
#2 is showing some strains for me. Since it’s only a 4 issue miniseries…it feels like it’s too truncated and perfunctory. There could be more bridging and connective tissue. But it’s still pretty dang good.