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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


She’s definitely not a skrull this time then?


Reed even double-checks


just the FF issue for me as well. It’s a quite charming standalone issue and reminiscent of holiday releases in the past that felt a bit “bigger” and full with warm, character moments. I especially liked the bits with Franklin’s hair.

That said we are now six issues into Slott’s run (counting the pre-wedding special) and I wonder when he’s going to start putting his stamp on it. He’s shuffled off the future foundation and married off Ben Grimm, and none of it feels particularly organic. The title feels rudderless right now.


Yup, completely agree with that - he’s (re)established a tone without giving much of an impression of what his vision for the book is yet. FF is a book that needs ideas fizzing out of it.


First batch of comics:

Archie 701 - This relaunch is intriguing, mixing Waid’s reboot with a clear influence from Riverdale. Sabrina been in the main book is a plus too.

Jughead The Hunger 11 - Monster vs monster, it keeps building up the mythos of this particular world, with hinting at more insane things.

Archie 1941 04 - An adult take on Archie, this issue shows actual grow and depth to some of this characters in this particular incarnation.

Detective Comics 995 - Sigh… a kind of interesting premise, but I am not liking where this is going. And the death of Leslie Thompkins…

Heroes in Crisis 4 - The plot moves forward an inch… glacial pacing. We still don’t know who died in the massacre (for something billed as a mystery, this is terribly structured, keeping basic information from the reader that the characters in the story know).

As to the contents of the issue… well, it switches between interesting, creepy and disturbing. If anyone had doubts about the Ivy cover, the Lois Lane pin-up and the Batgirl/Harley hug scene should clear it.


  • Donna Troy picks up Garth in a bar after getting wasted due to Titans Massacrelooza’18

  • Batman & Flash can’t agree with who killed everyone, if HQ or Booster

  • Wonder Woman interrogates Booster with the lasso, he repeats what we saw last issue

  • Lois and Clark debate what to do about the leaks, to publish or not

  • In her confessional, Batgirl shows the bullet wound from Killing Joke
  • Batgirl tracks down HQ, wants to help her, they hug, because she sees her as someone that passed through something similar with the Joker

  • Green Arrow and Black Canary shoot Roy’s hat into the sea

  • Blue Beettle visits Booster in the containment cell of the Hall of Justice, breaks him out because “Bros before heroes”

  • The Trinity meet in the batcave, and Superman tells the othe two about the leaks, that Lois will publish (withholding secrets ids, etc), Batman gets pissed about they withholding information from the investigation, they ask when Lois will publish, and Superman goes Ozymandias: “She sent it 35 seconds ago”


Looks like Action Comics #1006, Conan The Barbarian #1 and Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #4 for me today.

Also, one of my favorite graphic novels, Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel, was released digitally.


I am so happy that HiC is turning to be a whole mess. King is not coordinating well with other writers because Donna and Garth met in Titans months ago and there was no mention of a hookup.


I meant it literally, she picks up his totally wasted self and carries him


I didn’t really like the issue ( this book is suffering from Doomsday Clock disease…the story needs to get a fucking move on…) but I liked the intro, with Donna walking past the Titans poster with Garth slung effortlessly over her shoulder. I also really liked Black Canary’s reaction to psychoanalysis, as it matched mine in a similar situation.

The premise of the series is fine, I think, and I usually like King (a lot) but this book has about one issue to save itself with me. I don’t mind the dark tones or the violence done to characters (they’ll be back. Soon, probably. People need to chill about this.) But good god, 5 issues of this series could easily be packed into 2 or e most comparable comic to HiC has to be Identity Crisis, each issue of which was packed to the brim with story…a sharp contrast to King’s effort.


When that happens in our house it’s usually because the cat’s been knocking the pots over again. Which means Hal Jordan’s got his work cut out for him.


Surely this is the fault of the editor rather than the writer though?


BPRD: The Devil You Know #12 is one of the most tension-filled issues of a comic I’ve ever read, and features the return of a surprise guest. The Mignolaverse is coming to a close in a few months, and this issue makes it feel like the creative team has been consciously building up to these final moments since waaaay back in 1994.

Truly a good week for Mignola fans, as we also get the BPRD Hell On Earth Vol 4 HC and Witchfinder Vol 5 TPB.


Picked up a few books this week, but having finished my re-read of The Sandman, and re-reads/full readthroughs of Royal City, Kill or Be Killed and Gideon Falls, these last few days, there’s a really high bar to be met in whatever I choose to read next.

Most likely the current bunch of Sandman Universe books which have been piling up as I’ve been doing my re-read. Which is risky given the proximity of reading to one of the all time classic pieces of storytelling in any medium, never mind it using the same characters.


Go for Lucifer - as:

  1. I want to hear more about it
  2. The Fiurama brothers cannot produce crap art


Tom King is the king of decompression. Seriously. I read the Swamp Thing Winter Special recently. It’s got a 40 odd page story by King and Fabok in it. It took me about 10 minutes to read it. And, I swear, nothing happened in it. Lovely art though.


For 2019 I’m cutting all of my monthly comics reading but Action Comics, and I think if you’re only going to read one monthly book then this is it. What a brilliant title this is! Particularly in serial form. As Bendis is going along, not only is his tapestry of characters and subplots growing richer and his concepts deeper, but he’s coming up with more and more creative ways to show Superman’s powers, sometimes inching into All-Star Superman territory. This is the best he has been in a long, long time—and I say this as someone who has enjoyed some of his recent work such as Iron Man. As it’s Bendis, you know we’re in for a long ride, too. He’s not here for 12 issues.

Anyway, cracker of an ending in this book, and I’m loving pages like this that he is dropping in:


Action Comics #1006 - Wow, Bendis continues to blow me away and I’ve been loving Ryan Sook as the regular artist. This book really highlights comics as a serial medium. I feel like Bendis continues to add to the language of comics. The layouts and combination of slow personal moments with big action are incredible. I still love the opening desk shots (see below for the one from this issue). I was going to highlight the exact page @RobertB did as a standout. There are so many fun little nods to comics and the history of the DCU that add to without interrupting the stories. If I was only going to read only one book monthly, I think I would choose this one.

Conan The Barbarian #1 - This was a great first issue. It starts with a short, couple page origin of Conan and delves right into the opening story. It really feels like a Conan story and not just a comic adaptation of a prose story. One of the great things about the original Conan books is how much they are able to skip around to different points in Conan’s life and weave a tapestry that isn’t necessarily chronological. This book takes advantage of that by starting with a story early in Conan’s life as an adventurer and linking it to his later life as a king. There’s even the first part of a short prose story in the back of the issue. I have high hopes for this book but hope that Marvel don’t ruin it with proliferation.

Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #4 - I really enjoyed the first two series of this book but haven’t gotten on nearly as well with this round. It feels like it is trying too hard to be clever and that is getting in the way of telling. This one is getting close to the chopping block for me.


Yeah, when I saw they’re doing two more books on Conan I think they haven’t learned any lessons on over-saturation.

But as with you, I enjoyed this issue. If the only thing you know about Conan is from the movies then that’s all you need to know.

With Tom King’s Batman being so hit or miss I may have to start picking up the Bendis Superman books instead.


I honestly think Dark Horse had a problem with this too. At this time, I don’t think Conan can support a whole line of books. I do think he can support one great book.

I thought it perfectly introduced Conan as a blunt instrument with a deceiving amount of intelligence and cunning. Aaron seems to really get what make Conan stories work.

I highly recommend them. Action Comics is my favorite of the two. Superman is good but doesn’t pay off as regularly for me. When it does pay off though, it’s fantastic. That’s coming from someone who was really enjoying the previous creative teams on these books. I really think Bendis’ move to DC was great for him and comics in general.

Edit: I’m also loving the covers for this book.


Add me to the choir on Action Comics. It’s so refreshing that it’s reintroduced that soapy element with subplots aplenty we used to have in the 1980s. This time with the clunky dialogue and exposition removed. That’s all that was wrong with that Byrne/Claremont/Wolfman style, they otherwise had a great balance between plot and character that Bendis is displaying here. That’s why they sold like hotcakes and so should this.

Bendis also holds back on his tic of the sitcom style patter for a more naturalistic conversation style.

Sook is brilliant, I don’t know how many issues he’ll do, I doubt fully monthly but if they rotate with a-list artists as they have been I can live with that.