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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Me neither (I don’t think I’ve seen any of them, they’re just not for me) - but I vaguely remember him getting some stick for a Batman/Batgirl sex scene in that adaptation. Maybe he was just an advisor if not the actual writer.


Yes. He did write it.


That whole prologue was superfluous.


Batman: Damned #2 - Lee Bermejo’s art is still fantastic and the real draw here. I’m loving the appearances from the DC magic realm especially Batman’s interaction with Etrigan and The Spectre in this issue. The whole thing still feels a bit verbose and I’m not sure I always quite understand what is going on especially when the more film version of The Enchantress shows up. I also am not real keen on the portrayal of Thomas and Martha Wayne in this series. They both really come off as scumbags. What the fuck was Harley getting ready to do to Batman before he started fighting back? There is a lot to love here but also a lot to make you scratch your head. I’m curious where it’s all going.

Hit-Girl #11 - This issue gives the origin of the villains in this storyline. It’s perfect Hit-Girl violence and mayhem. Albuquerque and Scavone have the character’s voice down so perfectly that it’s hard to believe the Chief isn’t writing it. Looking forward to more of this book.

Magic Order #5 - Just when I think I have @Mark_Millar figured out, he surprises me again. I seriously didn’t see the twist in this issue coming. Even when it was telegraphed early in the issue, my assumptions were much different than reality. So excited to see the wrap up of this series. I honestly can’t tell how it’s going to end.

Superman #6 - Wow! I’ve been kind of cold on this series for the last few issues but this issue was amazing. The first half of the issue is one of the best uses of double page spreads (even in digital) that I have seen in a long time. It’s very reminiscent of Superman #75, the final issue of The Death of Superman storyline. There is then an abrupt change in the story that changes the layout of the pages in a very real way. Bendis is really at the top of his game here and doing things only possible with the comic medium. Reis is really killing it too. The last half of the issue and final page cliffhanger have me pretty excited about the questions they are asking. Can’t wait for more.


I finally got around to last week’s books.

The FF Wedding Special- There’s a story about Alicia’s bachelorette party (by Gail Simone) and one by Slott about the Thing going to ask the Puppet Master for his daughter’s hand in marriage, with Fred Hembeck painting around the edges with Fred Hembeck stuff. It’s all nice fluff, and I’m a sucker for this stuff, although $4.99 seemed a little rich for it all.

Batman the Damned #2 - I am pretty sure this book is terrible and I’m pretty sure I love it anyway. Azzarello is a little out of control with his narration (sample: “The Sounds of Violence…Hello Dark Knight my old friend”), but I feel like he’s taking the piss a little more than we’re giving him credit for. Love all of the portrayals of the magic characters, although the darkest stuff is probably the stuff with Bruce’s parents. Let me see if I have the ending right: It looks like Harley has drugged and is about to rape Batman, but he recovers from the drug and starts strangling her (but maybe also fucking her?) in a scene that calls back to the Killing Joke’s finale, with the Enchantress lurking around. Very dark and weird. The draw, of course, remains the art.


Yep, I think that’s exactly what’s happening with the ending. I also thought Harley’s autopsy incisions and staples that she revealed when she unzipped her outfit were a bit weird. Were they trying to imply that she had died and been revived?

I’m not so sure that this is Azzarello being self aware as much as it might be him once again trying to show his disdain for superhero comics. This book makes me curious to read Bermejo’s solo outing, Batman: Noel, which I had previously passed on but now have in my reading queue.


I forgot about that detail.

I also forgot to mention that there were a lot of f-bombs in this issue, which weirdly seemed more out of place in a Batman comic than any of the graphic stuff.


Batman: Noel is awesome. It’s one of my favorite Batman stories of all time.

My take on the Harley and Batman scene was similar to that of Robert and Ronnie. I’m not sure Batman was fucking her, though. From what I recall he was choking her before she raped him.


I think that this portrayal isn’t real; it’s something that’s being done to mess with Bruce.


See, this has me tempted. The last Marvel comic I bought was House of Hem, for the half of it I didn’t already own.


Love me some Hembeck, but resist the temptation.


So far:

  • LOEG Century 03: The amount of references almost overloaded my brain, including one to South Park of all things, Moore goes really for it and includes different styles, including one I really wasn’t expecting. Have your 3d glasses at hand.

  • Betty & Veronica 01 - The typical new Archie story, with the titular characters dealing with boy problems and the prospect of choosing where to go to college. Drama is incoming.

  • Batman 61 - This was bad, a sequel to the I want to be Bruce Wayne story.


I meant to come back to you regarding the past Batman arc with Penguin. Batman #60 indicates that his wife was an actual penguin but the first issue of that arc talks about her father calling and asking for her and the coffin looks human sized. It seems as if King wants us to question whether it’s a real person or a real penguin.
Maybe I’m missing something but that whole thing is just weird.


Yes, it is weird, but: what they said is that “Her father’s been causing some problems here at the bar”, which could mean one of the penguins that run around the club, as seen in Heroes in Crisis.

EDIT: In the same issue Penguin describes that others though her as small and silly, less than human…

It is just bizarre.


Ah, I knew it was something to do with her father, I couldn’t remember exactly what. And I haven’t been reading Heroes in Crisis. Regardless, can’t Penguin just be an odd looking mob boss instead of into bestiality? What’s going on here?

Regarding your edit, I assumed that meant she was previously a hooker or junkie.


The best IMO is 1969, with all those references to then counterculture, movies Performance, Get Carter, Story of O, gathering for then late Brian Jones, Michael Moorcock… I think this part is the least where I had the worries who’s Moore referencing.


Freedom Fighters #1: This is a mixed bag. There is some back-and-forth on whether this is a sequel to Mastermen. When this was first announced it was said that this wasn’t - but an interview released today says that it is. Which one that it is does change my thoughts on it. If it’s the first - then this is just a mixed bag. Because there are some nifty things about - and some really well-worn scenes. The only complaints with that view is that it simply tries to incorporate themes and tone from Mastermen and does it rather poorly. Making for a janky read that struggles to juggle the two conflicting aspects of itself. Darker, more morally ambiguous, vs. a standard rousing Freedom Fighters story. However, if it is a sequel to Mastermen as stated today - then it’s kind of so much worse. Because all of these things, and the stuff that doesn’t carry over, are faults on it. So…7/10 if it’s not a sequel, 4/10 if it is.


Have you read 61 yet?

After the big reveal at the end of 60 it very much goes off in another, initially very confusing direction.

I know Eduordo didn’t like it, but I really did. Its got me wondering how this character will play into the overall run once King is finished and keen to read the next issue.

I think at the very least King gives the readers something to talk about. He makes bold choices, some work some maybe don’t, but there’s been a lot to talk about during this run, which is a positive - I’m quite a willing passenger most of the time though.

On issue 61, I like how King has done this, with the issues coming thick and fast it give the last issue time to settle and the whole thing a bit of space to breathe. Which the book needed.

I also read the batman who laughs 1 this morning. The second half was much better than first, although I don’t think it will be as much of an issue when the whole series is read together.
One of Snyder’s better efforts in some time, it’s a pity this has to run at the same time as King’s book. I feel there’s too many big ideas going on in Batman books just now, all at the same time, it devalues the events within somewhat.


aquaman 43
Kelly Sue DeConnick & Robson Rocha

I won’t bang on about it much more. I was aggrieved at the termination of Abnett’s run on this book. The best i’ve read.
However, putting that aside because there’s nothing I can do to change it…I actually quite enjoyed this.
It’s very much a contrast to what we’ve read previously, but without going into detail, how that last epic ended allowed for this to start afresh.
This read a bit like a Vertigo book. It also felt like something written by Mike Grell or Ann Nocenti. I don’t know how to describe why that is the case, I guess they were writers I felt took risks back in the late 80s and 90s on established characters.
The art is very good for the most part and the colour palate is suitably dull which works for the tone of the story.

Aquaman, or Andy as he is known, is now part of a lightly populating island, that population being others who were washed ashore under similar circumstances. It hints at a little more than that and that there is more to these island dwellers than meets the eye.

I really enjoyed the pace of it. I hope KAD takes here time before diving back into the water and returning to the typical superhero fayre. Let’s see how this goes.




I read 61 this morning and am not a fan of it. I was hoping for resolution or expansion on the cliffhanger from 60 and instead got this. But as much as it was jarring to go from 60 to 61, I’m glad we don’t have to read more about Penguin being in love with an actual penguin.