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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Batman: The Damned #2 comes out today. Looking forward to seeing which character gets their cock out.


My money’s on Alfred.


It’s me.


You’re Alfred?!


It’s what he calls his ‘old boy’.


Picked up the HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018 as well as the latest issues of JOE GOLEM, BITTER ROOT, CEMETERY BEACH, and a book called THE MAGIC ORDER that’s written by someone named Millar. Or Miller, or something like that…


It’s what “the damned” is in reference to.


Does anyone actually call you Willy?


I’m usually called much worse than that.


Hawkman #7: So, we’ve reached the catalyst of this entire meta-arc that Venditti has been running with this series. And it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Overall, and regarding its place in this story, it’s a pretty nicely handled one. Venditti’s run as a whole has been taking all of the preconceptions about this character and simplifying them - which has created an even-keeled and very comfy read. This issue - concerning the direct cause and origin - just seems undercooked in comparison. It’s a very standard, almost stock, origin. I feel like it could have been more complex and hard-hitting, without sacrificing any coherency. Another thing that ebbs and flows for me is that this issue is the first to create a thread to Hawkgirl…and on one hand, I think the way that Venditti aims to integrate her is very fun and plays entertainingly into the stock origin. On the other hand, it’s so standard and overdone that I hope it doesn’t only try and use her in that way. Could be a disservice. Still…decent mid-issue.

Captain Ginger #3: An enjoyably terse and tense issue that does a great job opening up the conflict and stakes. A bit of it does feel like the “joke” is starting to grow stale. It’s become a bit easier to glaze over - but the new elements do work and give the series some added dimension.

Scooby-Apocalypse #32: Well, this series continues to surprise me. Both good and just bizarre. I’m still enjoying it for the thrill ride rollercoaster of reading it. I can never know what to expect or what will come out of the characters mouths. It’s pretty amazing.

Mage: The Hero Denied #14: The penultimate issue. But it doesn’t really feel very exciting or engaging. Well, outside a few panels near the end. The previous issue felt like there was a ton of momentum - that this doesn’t necessarily capitalize on. I’m still excited about the final issue, but a lot of this final half has felt like biding time.

The Magic Order #5: This…this sold me on this series once-again. It was starting to lose me with a bit of the safe choices it was making. This totally added in that wacked and unexpected hit that I’ve come to really hope for with Chief’s books. It is…well, a very sturdy kick. Can’t wait for the wrap-up.


Looks like Superman #6, Batman: The Damned #2, Hit-Girl #11 and Magic Order #5 for me today.


Few issues from last week or two still to wrap up before I crack open this week’s books.


Action 1005 im on a major Bendis love in just now. DC has definitely given him a new spring in his step and a spark to his creativity - although to be fair, he’s always had good ideas and I’ve never read a comic written by him that I would consider ‘bad’.
I love how he’s dived right into the DCU and has elements and characters popping up here. It helps that the question and the hero dial are two bits of DC I have enourmous affection for, the former in particular.
What a great opening to the issue. I also love Melody Moore and Sook’s art is fantastic. I love the contrasting side by side panels of Moore putting her hood up, and Clark opening his shirt up to take his disguise off.
Bendis is a total pro and Sook is a deep thinker. If you ever read his comments on his layouts and choices, he puts an incredible amount of effor and thought into his pages. Subtle stuff like this elevates the comic. It’s just class comic book storytelling.


No one wants to see me like that. :grinning:


This week’s stack -
The batman who laughs 1
Goddess mode 1 (Vertigo)
Batman annual 3 (Tom Taylor)
Electric Warriors 2
Justice League dark 6
Detective comics 994 (Thomasi & Manke kick off
Hawkman 7
Superman 6
House of whispers 4
William Gibson’s aliens 2
By night 6

DC keep taking all my money…


Godess Mode 1
Zoe Quinn & Robbie Rodriguez.

This was terrible. I don’t know who is editing these books at Vertigo just now, or where Vertigo are finding the writers from - but there’s been a few of them that fail at basics, like real basics.
There’s ridiculous ton of exposition at the start that doesn’t really even serve the purpose of exposition. It certainly doesn’t make it any clearer to read. It’s like reading how I’d imagine a journal of a narcissist young adult/late teen.
Absolutely zero interest in this character or whatever it is she’s going on about.
Most of it is totally unnecessary dialogue and narrative boxes. There’s an absolute ton of dialogue. Like ridiculous amount. Just filled with shite. Honestly, I derived zero joy from reading this. My natural tendency was to switch off from it, the way I switch off when I come from work and my mother in law is chatting to me about some inane subject. I had to fight to keep reading it, to try and derive something of value. Which I never.
And Rodriguez is getting worse as an artist rather than better. He might be entertaining himself with his choice of camera angles and layouts, but it’s poor storytelling and leads to a really stuttering flow.
This is an Absolute mess. I think I’m going to need to stop my policy of reading every first issue of Vertigo books.
Fuck knows what it was about, the internet is broke or something. This won’t see past 6 issues.



Christ…I’ve just looked up Zoe Quinn and realised who she is :joy:.
I’m sure she came up in a conversation on here not that long ago.


You are now part of the problem, Chris!


Magic Order #5

And this time I read it right away! Okay, I know a bit of Millar by now, and must say I saw some Guns of Navarrone as well as Stalag 17 in there. Really liked Olivier’s car-toss splash, as those were some of the prettiest shrubbery I’ve seen in a while. Full-tilt set-up for #6, which I must assume at this point will be double-sized with an unexpected conclusion.

Dark fun!


Ahahahaha, i just wanted to put my thoughts, but you overrun me, exactly what I’d say - only detailed.

Indeed, it’s heavy on dialogue, like a prose novel and it’s so cringe and stupid to read.


Verbosity and exposition are a repeated issue when writers come from outside a comics background. Many get over it after some practice but really editors should by now know they need to give some greater guidance before they publish.