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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


The youthful voice he tried giving it felt really forced and generally got tiring.
The storylines weren’t none too interesting either.

But I like Archie in general and would like something to dig into.
Someone on my feed said this was a reboot and wanted to check if it was.


I can see that. I found his Champions run really difficult for exactly those reasons.

I don’t think it’s a complete reboot. #699 was effectively a “previously on Archie” recap, so I think it’s a continuation. Just a brand new creative team and a new storyline.


That’s just the best, Vik. My dad passed when I was 13, and by Christmas things were looking dismal. Overall, I go hit with depression and a very real existential crisis. While Christmas shopping with my aunt I bought a couple of paperbacks by Robert Heinlein, Stranger In A Strange Land and Glory Road. With most existential crises, the core question is “Is this all there is?” Usually that comes from pain and feeling alienated and alone, and I sure was. All I’d read of Heinlein before was The Rolling Stones, which was definitely not about the band. The topics indicated so much more, and opened up worlds of possibility. I have a hunch you may be feeling closed in a bit, and I’m really glad you found literature to take you beyond that!


Pretty much. The last page of 40 is like a forced entry point into the crossover, feels tacked on - but you’d get all you need from that run in 1-40 plus the annuals and Mera mini series


I’d say yes but I haven’t read Waids stuff before it.

It kicks off with everyone returning back from a summer break and if it was referring back to previous run it never felt like it to me, it felt like setting a new status quo for the full cast of characters.


Brilliant Vik, it’s amazing the power of a good story teller and strong character. I’m glad it’s giving you that comfort or therapy.


It’s what I’m here for :wink:

Seriously though, it’s a great book. Reis’ artwork is gorgeous - I’ve never been his biggest fan before, but it suits the big guy very well. The plot, so far, is pretty exciting in a superheroic blockbuster way, albeit not exactly revolutionary. But, it’s all built around this message of hope that is hard to deny.

Clark starts the book in a pretty dark place, and stuff happens that just makes things worse. But, the book’s filled with life affirming messages that ring true even if you can’t leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

Lots of people love Bendis’ Action Comics run, and that’s a fantastic book too, but I think his Superman book is the perfect distillation of everything that makes the character resonate. His humanity, his selflessness, and his belief in the best of us all. As Chris said; it makes you want to be a better person.


Good to hear it’s an accurate adaptation!

(the comment above is partially in jest)


I’ll check it out then.


It’s that day again. What’re you picking up? What’re you reading?

Looks like Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #3, The Green Lantern #2, Justice League #13, Prodigy #1 and possibly Martian Manhunter #1.


Forgot Green Lantern #2 was out. Looking forward to that.


The Green Lantern #2: While I was tepid on the first issue - this one brought me more on board. Just a great use of some really solid concepts for both humor, drama, and just outlandish fodder. It all really works, and feels just more naturally outgoing than the first did to me. Solid stuff and I can’t wait for the third now.

Shazam #1: After five years we’ve finally gotten a sequel to The Curse of Shazam. And it’s pretty damn good. It feels so easily like a definite continuation without any excess baggage of, well, the greater DCU that has gone down during the hiatus. Even by Johns’ pen. The Shazam Family are all pitch perfect and it exudes light hearted and fun heroics. My only complaint is that the solicit lied and a particular subplot isn’t mentioned at all. But hopefully it continues.

The Wicked + The Divine #40: Can’t believe the end is on the horizon. This issue does have a steady foothold as an “intervening issue”, a lot is set up but it’s more or less a sidelong glance. Gives everything, and sets this last set of issues off with, a grander sense of scale. Some good lines here and there and definitely keeps the momentum going where it counts.

Die #1: Way too long to set up but the final pages have me interested. Art is fantastic but I was glazed over very early on.

The Immortal Hulk #10 and Defenders One-Shot: Both are solid intro volleys to their respective arcs. #10 is a bit more of a standard punch-em-up and blase dialogue for the most part. It feels like they were going for a domino effect of chaos sort of thing - but it doesn’t quite gel together. Plotwise it works, and I appreciate what it does, but it’s so stiffly and uniformly done. The Defenders One-Shot is a pretty good intro to whatever this turns out to be. It feels right at home with early Immortal Hulk. And the use of original Hulk panels to highlight emotional states was pretty great and lovingly done. So, they balance out.

Prodigy #1: I love Albuquerque’s work…but this character is just kinda off-putting. Tries really hard to highlight that he’s a super-genius that it feels tiring, dragged out, and a tad annoying. The arc plot they’re trying to set up is really fun sounding - but I don’t really feel like following this character into that sort of story. Hope others can enjoy it though because there’s still a lot to enjoy here - especially on a set-piece level which Chief’s artists always do well. And this is no exception.


BPRD: The Devil You Know #11: The ongoing Mignolaverse storyline will be done in a few months, and Hellboy and Abe Sapien have returned to the BPRD team to be part of the final battle to save the world. This issue has two covers, both by Mignola, so…

Prodigy #1: It’s Mark Millar; of course I’m buying it.

Will also check out Die #1 to see if it is something I might be interested in.


Martian Manhunter #1: Probably the best thing by Orlando I have read since his Midnighter minis. It’s got some lax parts, I won’t deny, but it has a definite amount of set ideas and an actual sense of how to execute them. After his last few outings I was very concerned that he would fumble on that end - but it does, more or less, come together as a introduction to his own unique version of the Martian Manhunter mythos and backstory. I hope that continues because it could be a gripping read if these things do get developed with the same sense of impact and natural flow.

Lodger #2: This should have been the first issue. It really should have been. Lapham is no stranger to scrapping issues/plots/pages and this that’s what should have happened with #1. This is much more up to par with his other works that it leaves #1 leagues below in the dust. There’s an actual sense of grounding, some well-done atmosphere of time and place, and with the characters and their interplay - that lets the winking nature of the blog breathe and effectively contrast more…plus it lets the “weird” elements seem much more vibrant. A person could read this issue alone and be completely brought up to speed with the characters, their plights, and the premise/hook much more competently than they would otherwise. I really enjoyed this and I was about set to write this series off. This renewed my faith.


If Doomsday Clock moves any slower, it will come to a complete halt. It’s 8 issues deep and I swear it’s still essentially a prologue. Johns is writing a story that is, at its heart, a cosmic one, involving time travel, a blue God futzing around with the structure of multiple universes, continuity being rearranged, etc. Conflicts and concerns of that level have been teased for damn near two years now. What are we getting with this series? Waaay too much time with some metahuman conspiracy(or something) involving Russia. This latest issue was essentially an overlong Superman comic with great art. Decompressed storytelling at its most drawn out and naval-gazing.

The issue ends with`Ozymandias saying “it begins.” Great, bro. 8 issues later and it finally “begins.” Super. A couple of years of buildup, 8 issues of poorly paced filler, and we end up getting like 6 pages of Doc Manhattan, some Russia plot featuring a few d-list heroes, a Harley Quinn rip off and her mute husband, a whiny Rorschach who I can’t bring myself to give a damn about, and a mutant kitten who is apparently very important.

I hope this series is being enjoyed by someone out there, because all it’s doing for me is testing how far I can roll my eyes back into my head every three months. At least the art is pretty.


Agreed. The last…4 issues or so have been doing almost nothing interesting.
Kitty Bubastis is cute though and will remain so.


By comparison, issue 8 of Watchmen is when Laurie and Dan bust Rorschach out of prison and Hollis is killed by Knot-Tops.


On the other, other, hand this issue shows The JSA in an old timey newsreel…so it’s a bit of a toss up :wink:


Prodigy #1

I agree with this. but the story is intriguing and the CIA agent looks promising. The family aspect of many of Mark’s books interests me here because it appears that Edison may run up against his father(part of the authority structure Rachel mentions). Edison seems to have some social difficulties which may be as a result of his extremely high IQ so that flaw will be interesting to see play out. I especially liked the 3 part covers showing Albuquerque’s take on various Millarworld characters. I picked up the middle one with SkyFox, Chloe, Empress, and Prodigy & Huck’s elbows.


Mammoth week and I’m ridiculously excited about reading some of these books…

Batman 60

Die 1

Doomsday Clock 8

Immortal Hulk 10

Immortal Hulk: best defense 1

Justice league 13

Martian Manhunter 1

Marvel Knights 3

Namor: best defense 1

Prodigy 1

Self/Made 1

Shazam 1

The Dreaming 4

The Freeze 1

The Green Lantern 1

The Wrong Earth 4

Unnatural 5

I’ll probably put up some reviews from a few of the books, but if anyone is wanting to know about any of the above in particular, let me know and I’ll focus on those when I do put some comments up.