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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Haven’t read the new issue yet but that’s the impression I’m getting from the run so far.

I was hoping it would be a lot more like his Thing series…


I can’t help but say that it was writing off Bentley so wishy-washy that turned my tide.


iPad is knackered and I’m waiting on a new screen to arrive.

In the meantime, this week’s digital books -


I continue to really dig Action Comics. Bendis has a great feel for Metropolis and the Planet, and he’s putting together a really fine serial, like a prestige TV show. I think I said this last issue but the closest comp is his Daredevil run, only it’s Superman, Metropolis, and (for now) Ryan Sook, and he’s roping in cool DC shit like the Question and the “H for Hero” dial. I know some people don’t like elements of this book but it gets a very high recommendation from me.

I also got Fantastic Four and I said to Tom above that I was hoping it would be more like Slott’s Thing. We’re four issues in and it feels like the series hasn’t started at all yet. There’s no hook, there’s no statement of purpose, there’s nothing to draw you in, no question that you want to see resolved. When did the comics industry (chiefly Marvel and Image) get so bad at starting new titles?

Also, I wanted to get Ironheart but at $4.99 I’ll wait for Unlimited.


Action Comics #1005 - Like @RobertB said, another great issue. I love how this book is so quintessentially Superman and quintessentially Bendis at the same time. I love the character development and how Metropolis feels like a character in and of itself. I continue to enjoy how the opening page sets each issue.
The reference to the larger DCU with The Question (is this is first appearance since New52 started?) and the Dial H dial was pretty fun and helped ground the story in a larger setting. This issue give the reveal of who the Red Mist is which if you’ve been reading should come as no surprise. It’s pretty much the first person I assumed it would be. The mix of Clark Kent and Superman here is just about perfect too. Ryan Sook on art is pretty fantastic too. This is probably my favorite book month in and month out right now.

Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1 - This wasn’t a bad story and the art was pretty great. It just felt like a drawn out justification for a new Aquaman status quo. I’m still in for more Justice League and enjoyed the parts of this storyline that furthered the main push of that book.


Some good reviews guys - I’m looking forward to getting caught up on Action, but waiting until the new screen arrives for my iPad as I don’t want to read it on my phone


Drowned Earth was a mess, Ronnie. Pretty pictures, but the end was too convoluted and drawn out.


It very much felt like the Justice League and Aquaman teams came in with their endpoints in mind and were meant to draft a story to get there. It moved some pieces around but wasn’t super satisfying. I did feel like the bookend issues were more of a problem than the actual Justice League issues.


I suspect that this was subject to some editorial direction with Abnett moving on


I haven’t been following Stray Bullets since it went on hiatus… What’s the supernatural element?

I can remember that the very first issue might have implied some kind of weirdness going on, though it wasn’t specific. I think the solicitations even hinted at something about the end of the world so such a development wouldn’t be wholly unexpected, and might hint that Lapham is moving into his endgame.


Lapham is not moving into his endgame and there’s nothing about the end of the world at all.

But Lapham has confirmed that Kretchmeyer’s brother Vic is psychic, that Time is a Circle, and that everything is fluid. So, yeah, whether or not it ever develops these things past this arc it does shake it hard from its really wonderful roots as a crime comic.

And, like I stated, it’s very much used as a way to get all of these subplots together. But…the can of worms is opened.


Re: Action Comics #1005 - if the Red Cloud is who it was revealed to be, how come they let Batman mug them in #1003?


I read the final 3 chapters of the drowned earth crossover.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but I admire the scale of it and overall I think there’s enough good to overcome the bad.

It felt grounded in mythology and deep within the DCU, this helped me feel like it mattered, despite my annoyance at how it derailed what should have been Abnett’s goodbye after an amazing run on Aquaman.

I really like the callback to a bunch of DC characters from the early 90s in the Snyder & Tynion books. It’s great to see Starman in the JL books and I liked that Arion was key to this drowned earth storyline.

I thought it was extremely epic but really inconsistent. Editorial should have got more involved as the pacing is a bit of a mess at times; in some places you are hit with a barrage of great ideas yet other areas of the storyline felt quite repetitive. I’d have preferred is they balanced that out better.

Fewer ideas, but explored in more detail, in exchange for some of the repetition - that would have smoothed out the story a bit better.

Overall I have to say I enjoyed it but there’s a lot of unnecessary dialogue, Snyder is often guilty of this - sometimes he drops some real clunky lines as well. This all affects the flow.

I enjoyed how they decided to resolve the situation as well, it felt quite refreshing and I guess it sets Aquaman up for the new status quo which is a clean start, which really wasn’t needed at all but it is what it is and they delivered it well regardless. Pricks.

One final note of complaint would be the artist who finished off the final chapter and his rendering of Mera to look like a 14 year old girl.
It’s fucking awful. Have a bit of professionalism and at least look at how the artists are drawing her through the crossover, or the last 40 odd fucking issues of Aquaman.

Definitely worth checking out if you are a long term DC fan, but not worth the effort if you only have a passing interest.


Speaking of mixed bags…uncanny Xmen 1, 2, 3
Written by Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenborg, Kelly Thompson

Well initially it’s readable, initially it’s serviceable…then you keep reading and your eyes glaze over as they drag a sorry, uncreative, feeble excuse for a plot, variably illustrated.

The whole thing reads like its come off a production line and it lacks passion.
A flick thru the script’s that are included in issue 1 very much underline this.

I don’t know if it’s letting loose a bunch of inexperienced writers on what should be a flagship book for Marvel, or whether playing lower page rates means they are quite happy to churn out the scripts and get paid, but this series is not going to be something fandom looks back on with fondness…unless there’s some huge uptick in the standard over the remaining issues.

I don’t know why Marvel continues to treat the x-men with such disdain but this isn’t fair on anyone; it’s not fair on the characters, the fans, the legacy or even the writers themselves.

I guess this is what you get when you don’t want to invest in your books. Maybe they should have paid for less less variant covers and spent the money on writers instead.

I think they’ve tried to replicate what they’ve done on No Surrender - which was very well received critically - but without the talent.

Let me summarise for you;
multiple multiple men pop up and start talking gibberish, we don’t know if he’s attacking or doing something good, some weird things start happening in the US, some protests against mutants, kitty pride disappears, the kids moan about the older Xmen treating them like kids,
This is pretty much repeated in the most unimaginative way possible in the second issue, Madrox - check, kids moan - check, talk about kitty being missing - check, some weird things for the sake of an action scene - check, some more protests - check

Welll done guys you’ve charged 14 dollars to drag that out and go thru the motions over 2 issues…let’s see how issue 3 is…but first there’s a page at the back of issue 2 trying to tell you how good what you just read was…only I just read it for myself and it was fucking shit…ok, will it help if we tell you that everyone involved in the book is such a big Xmen fan and the CB says it was great - nope, it just makes even more worried that the people in control and involved in producing this comic are fucking delusional and CB was not the answer.

Issue 3, more fighting dinosaurs, more fighting multiple men, Jean mentions that she’s being blocked again for the 3rd issue in a row (oh who could it be, who could it be?? I can barely contain myself at the curiousity, only I know whoever it is is going to be mundane and obvious) more fighting with the protestors

Save yourself some money and wait until this comes on MU. Seriously don’t waste $18 on this garbage it’s an insult to your intelligence as a consumer and a comic lover.


Archie 700 Spencer is made to write that book, seemed like a good fit when it was announced, at upon reading I can confirm it’s a good match.

Definitely a gap in the market for this sort of thing when it’s well written and entertaining.

Lot of familiar tropes and archetypes here, but that’s impossible to avoid really given the nature of the book they are looking to produce.

It’s pitch perfect and his sassy narrative and snappy dialogue is a notch above Riverdale’s.

Sauvage’s artwork & the colours are tonally a good match for the light and breezy nature of a fun young adult orientated soap, but she also manages to convey the mystery and suspense elements when required - which Spencer importantly includes, this is just as well because not amount of note perfect teen dialogue is going to carry a book on its own without some drama or a hook to go with it, and Spencer’s lays out one great one and one decent one in the closing pages.
It’s all blatently dne digitally though, with most bold outlines, which is not a style I’m a fan of, but it works fine here.

This book does nothing new, but then what does in this saturated market. What it does it does well and for the time being that’s enough to keep me interested until I get bored.

This book can help scratch an itch I’ve had, probably since Morning Glories finished.

the wrong earth # 3 continues to be a delight

william Gibson’s Alien 3 # 1 is a little confusing in places, but excellent for the most part, and essential reading for any Alien universe fan.

at night # 5 im going to be sad when this book ends. At least I can console myself by catching up with giant Days.
The dialogue is hilarious and it’s got a great little bunch of characters. I’d love to see it made into a film or limited tv series.

superman # 5 not a fan of Zod stories but I loved this. I found Zod’s visions to be rather emotional. I love how Bendis is playing with so many characters in the DCU. It’s always a nice warm feeling seeing characters like Adam Strange.
The art is superb and I’m really enjoying what Bendis is doing. At this rate I’m hoping he’s planning on a run on all major DC books before he retires…although only after a right long run on Superman and Action. That scene with Martha and Jonathan, a few simple words. Bendis Superman makes me want to be a better person.

Aquaman # 42
It really is a travesty that after such a great run, Abnett has to go out on this issue, a tie in to Drowned Earth. He does his best to cap the run off with some emotional content but this last 2 issues have put a real downer on the end of his turn on the character. He should have jumped off on issue 40 and told them to get someone else to do these fill ins, which were obviously just to buy some time until kelly sue deconnick and her artist had enough issues in the bag for them to take over. They should have ditched the crossover issues and just put
The whole drowned earth series in the Aquaman book from 41 onwards instead.


So if I was to just go with Aquaman 1-40 that’d work as a complete story?


Is #700 a reboot like I keep hearing?
Cause I want to get back into mainline Archie but don’t want any of Waid’s baggage that sent me away.


I’ve said it elsewhere, but this Superman book has literally been life changing for me. It’s given me exactly what I needed in a really dark time in my life. I’m not expecting every issue to have that effect, but I do hope this run continues for a long run. It’s therapy.


You’re selling me the eventual OHC Vik.


I read a few of the Waid issues early on and found them really entertaining. Very Impulse-esque. Did it go off the rails, or are you just not a fan?