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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


There’s no “KER-THAAAT!” in that panel. :-1:


Don’t worry dawg, Bug spends the entire miniseries talking the shit out of Orion.
I mean, it is a sequel to Cosmic Odyssey and Orion was for some reason racist in that.
So there’s something for everybody.


I haven’t read the book so I don’t have a dog in the fight, but Tom, spending this much energy trying to convince people that something they like actually sucks is kind of a drag. At some point just agree to disagree.


I mean, I had already done that when this issue had already dropped.
I conceded and stated peacefulness with Ronnie because, well, we were always notably at odds with this series. You can check that up above.

But Tony brought it up again and I kinda just felt like discussing it some more.
I’m not trying to convince anyone really. Just speaking my thoughts.

I mean…I’m sorry for being a drag I guess. I didn’t mean that.


Don’t worry about it.


Uh, I was apologizing to Robert.
I mean, you and I were just discussing a comic.


I haven’t read Mister Miracle either (I plan to pick up the trade), but I actually enjoy seeing debate like this - it seems like there’s some interesting stuff to unpack and discuss in this series, and seeing such a variety of reactions makes me more keen to get around to reading it.

In general, I kind of wish we saw more of this kind of civil, reasoned, in-depth discussion of comics where there’s enough substance to support it. As long as no-one’s being rude or offensive it’s all fair comment.

Anyway, now that Mister Miracle is over, I think we can all agree that Ronnie and Tom need to find a new monthly book to disagree over. :slight_smile:


I meant it in the sense that you seemed pretty affected by his comments, and that I personally wasn’t upset with you over what we had been saying to each other.


On Mr Miracle.
I was pretty ambivalent about the overall story arc and the allusions of life/afterlife/anti life.
But what I enjoyed the most was the slice of life stuff and everyday banter between Barda and Scott. It threw me back to the first few years of Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man and the normal moments within the absurd.

There isn’t anything else like that on the shelves at the moment with the exception of the Digital First Jessica Jones story Arc that finished a few months ago.

Any recommendations of where to look to for more of this type of stuff?


Only read two issues so far:

Heroes in Crisis 3 : This is an interlude issue, and we go back to before issue one to get some characters moments (that were really needed back in issue 1). The casualties list keeps growing, with some Titans joining the dead or presumed dead: Hotspot, Lagoon Boy, Commander Steel, Blue Jay, The Flash (Wally West), Arsenal, Poison Ivy, Gunfire, Tattooed Man, Gnarrk, Red Devil, Solstice, Nemesis and… PROTECTOR??? Seriously??? THE “JUST SAY NO” PROTECTOR? .

Oh, and Nemesis being in Sanctuary, master spy and of disguise and all that, there may be a plot thread there.

Archie 1941 3 War time Archie continues, drama increasing. A little bit of racism here, angst there and there.


Yes, of course.
I was actually having some sort of fun really digging into my own reasoning with this and trying to parse down what I found lacking - or what I though had some potential.

I’m glad I didn’t overstep any bounds with you.


It’s one of the things I really loved about Tomasi and Gleason’s Superman run. Some of the best issues for me were actually the ones that were about the Kents.


I didn’t buy a thing today.
Walked in had a chat.
Asked for recommendations and Danny just shook his head.
Appreciate his honesty and cursed the £2.20 I just chucked in the parking meter.

Weird times


Only thing on my list today is Stray Bullets.
I have zero clue what is going to happen in this series now. And that’s exciting.


Didn’t mean to insult Tom or stifle discussion, just wanted to keep the only positive comic book thread on the internet relatively free of an ongoing “I liked this…no you’re wrong it sucks” debate.


I didn’t think it was like that at all.
But, let’s let bygones be bygones.


Already moved on.


Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #40: As stated above, I don’t know what to make of this series anymore. I am still really enjoying it but Lapham really is jumping right into this supernatual element and I don’t know if that’s altogether a good thing. It’s more or less a narrative trick to get the sprawling subplots back together again, but it feels so out of place and whether or not it disappears after this arc or becomes more prevalent - neither sounds that enticing to be honest.

Fantastic Four #4: This issue is a bit of a lull. Most of it is set to bringing everything down back to basics and it has to juggle that sense of nostalgia and also cutting off characters and beats that could have been really interesting to play with. But it doesn’t. And so it feels very conventional when it didn’t have to be and that lessens much of the impact of it. It still has a lot of the same small pings of soft humor that the series has had so far, but it’s a little more bittersweet.


I went to my LCS this morning to purchase Hellboy and the BPRD: 1956 #1. While I was there I decided to give Image’s The Warning #1 a try.


Was my recommendation not good enough for you??? Serves you right. :wink:

Looks like Action Comics #1005 and Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1 for me today.