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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Most analogies of that type break down fairly quickly if you try to fit everything in them. It’s just a rough way of understanding the character. Same with Superman and the Messiah parallels.


Oh yeah, which is why the Fourth World sorta rides a thin line because it’s a huge mix - making one more important than the others really is a bad idea to go with it.

I mean, I know Grant Morrison had mentioned the Jesus parallel in one of the forewards to the Fourth World Omnibus, but it’s never really been played with and for good reason. But that’s no issue with base story is what I meant at the start. Just King’s handling of the property.

Capes are a fluid comic property in any matter.


He hasn’t killed any kids to make a lame character more rad in this series yet. So I’m still in for another issue. :wink:


I dunno man, having Scott slit his wrists on page two without any sorta build up to get me to care runs around the rim there.

A little more content toward there would have done wonders toward some investment.


I don’t disagree. He’s an adult though. His reasoning (or at least the one given) is a bit odd but it’s an action that fits in my world.


Oh, his reasoning makes sense and there are hints of something more - but since this is meant to be the sorta “Rebirth”'d storyline for the character and all that - is just such a blatant thing to start out with if there’s no real tether to the character at first.


Yeah, it felt more like a FCBD #0 kind of thing to me. And I’m sick of the 9-panel thing already. King had better smarten up for #2. This the the second of my three favourite characters from the 70s to get a major reboot this year, and I’m not to happy with Mr Ahmed at the moment.


Mister Miracle 1: I like the art and the story looks like it’s setting up some cool things. But I think I’m going to wait for the eventual 12 issue trade for this. Tom King has hit a spot for we where he’s almost a parody of his own work. Everything is so deadly serious, and his use of repeated narration/dialogue is just a bit annoying and obvious at this point. Not bad, but not something I want to read every month.


Anyone know if plans for this issue of Action Comics changed at the last minute for some reason? The solicit on reads -

‘EVE OF DESTRUCTION’ part one! Superman finds himself side by side with Lex Luthor once more, but is his former foe truly committed to being a hero, or is it just a ruse to gain the Man of Steel’s trust? As world events point to something dark on the horizon, the mysterious Mr. Oz makes his final move against the Man of Tomorrow.

The actual issue is titled “Only Human” part one, and while the Lex Luthor part is (more or less) accurate, Mr. Oz is nowhere to be seen. The cover and writer/artist credits for the issue are correct.


I thought I’d share this since we were talking about The War of Jokes and Riddles and whether or not it’s “too dark”…

Check out @RickCelis on Instagram and twitter. He does recreations of Batman comic book covers in the style of Batman: The Animated Series. Personally I like this one in TAS style better than the real thing! LoL :slight_smile:


(This is the cover it is referencing, in case you haven’t seen it.)


Detective Comics was brilliant this week. I’ve never really liked JP before, but this story made me really care for him.



Mister Miracle?

The. Art. Is. Blowing. My. Mind.


I love that. The coloring especially looks straight out of the cartoon.


Youngblood #4:

This is still a very fun teen team book. Honestly, one of my preferred reads every month now.


I was thinking about Mister Miracle this morning and it finally occurred to me what book it most reminded me of, Supreme: Blue Rose.


It reminded me a lot of a Vertigo miniseries from when they would take old concepts and rejig them.

Blue Rose, for all of its departures, still played by the rules of the background. It’s actually pretty fun how you can go from Moore to Blue Rose and Youngblood…yet they all feel cohesive to each other.


Blue Rose was a personal favorite, and the most I’ve been able to get into Warren Ellis (may I be stoned for blasphemy). I agree with the comparison. These are both superhero books that deal with the person before the heroics, although they’re clearly still superheroes, because otherwise the story would make no sense.

What’s brilliant about King’s Mister Miracle is that it’s like he took a look at what Grant Morrison was doing with the Fourth World in the pages of JLA (#14, the refrain of “Darkseid Is”), combined with what he was trying to do with Shilo Norman in Seven Soldiers of Victory, and somehow ratcheted it up considerably. That’s what I love about Tom King.


Super Sons #5 wasn’t very good. The fill in artist’s style was similar enough to Jiminez’ for visual consistency, but the story wasn’t up to much. It’s the first time I felt too old for this book whilst reading it.

Jiminez was back on Super Sons #6, and immediately elevated the book (his Lois Lane is gorgeous :heart_eyes:). I really enjoyed seeing the boys hit the town, before the Teen Titans showed up and things got a little more sinister. Looking forward to the next part of this arc this coming Weds.

Superman #26 was a fill in issue, and I really should have skipped it as I was originally intending to do. Lee Weeks’ cover was amazing, and it was great to see Jonathan Kent Sr. back, but everything else in the issue felt lightweight and inconsequential.

Superman #27 & 28 - this two part road trip story was a distinct change of pace. To a non- American I found elements of it really interesting, and others saccharine sweet. But, I liked it overall. It was nice to see the Kent family just spending time together.

A couple of more general points about the last three issues though: (1) the artwork is by far the worst this series has seen to date (the artist can draw rings round me, and this isn’t his fault, but he really suffers in comparison to Gleason, Jiminez and Mahnke); and, (2) I really don’t want to see the Kent family move to Metropolis. The rural setting of Hamilton was such a big part of the charm of this series, and I’ll miss that. If Hamilton is no longer a viable option, following on from “Reborn”, why not make the move to Smallville proper?


I found Mr Miracle technically excellent, in both art and writing. I must say though it reminded me more of something more recent, Lemire’s run on Moon Knight. It works on a very similar premise of him being hospitalised and then you aren’t sure what is real or not.

I trust it will spin off in different directions as it goes along.