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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Thank you, sir. Maybe I’ll wait for the trade. I don’t think I’m that curious.


I read the first page of X-Men and I think I’ll just wait until the next relaunch. I assume it will be next year sometime.


Let’s have a contest: How many times do you think Marvel will relaunch between now and the next Game of Thrones novel?


It looks not that far off that. This seems to suggest it’s quite a lot of filler: Featuring action-packed extras including a Cover Gallery, Script, Inked And Color Pages and Character Designs!

Saying that $7.99 is okay 72 pages on a value per page basis and I have moaned for a while that publishers really don’t take advantage of the fact that extra pages don’t cost more in that format, over 200 pages seems excessive but in a way I’m glad someone has noticed it. Up to now it’s mainly Valiant that add 5 pages of pencils or designs to get a ‘digital exclusive’ designation.

I’ll read it on MU anyway for the flat price but in some ways I approve of them trying that out.


Valiant upcharges for their Digital Exclusives though, don’t they?


I think at least two by the next Game of Thrones season.


No, they’re the same price but looking at Comxiology today they seem to have ditched that category anyway.

To me it was always a sneaky way to get your books onto the front page of the website or app. It’s not really what I’d consider a ‘digital exclusive’ to tag on 5 pages of filler at the back of the same book that’s also out in the shops.


I liked Wonder Woman #58. I think it’s a stronger launch issue than Rucka or Robinson’s ones. It was a little slight though, finished rather quickly, but I’l be picking up the next one.

I probably have more time for the character than you though, my first introduction outside the Lynda Carter TV show was George Perez run which helps because it is one of the few highly regarded WW runs, there aren’t many.


Did anyone pick up Avengers #700? And if so, care to spoil it?


I haven’t read it, but there’s a write-up here:


Fantastic Four had a promising first issue but I’m already not feeling it. The same problem as the JL Dark series: they started with the stakes too big, vanquished the villain too easily, and now it feels there’s nowhere to go. Slott is good in long form so I’ll hold on, but it already feels bloated, shallow, and somewhat maudlin. And this is before we get to the inevitable Stan tribute that is surely coming (they are no doubt scrambling to change some of the pages in the upcoming Ben Grimm wedding issue right now).


I’m enjoying it.
But in a very bare and basic sense.

I wasn’t expecting much and this doesn’t provide much. But the little humorous odds and ends are up my alley.
Completely agree with you in spirit though. This is shallow.


Sounds like it’s time for a change. Coincidentally, the latest issue of SAVAGE DRAGON (#240) is out next Wednesday; so is the first issue of the latest Mignolaverse title, CRIMSON LOTUS.

No need to thank me. :slight_smile:


Quantum Age #4

This was another fun issue. I’ve said enough times now that I think Lemire is doing great stuff with the Black Hammer books, but I don’t think I’ve ever given Wilfredo Torres the praise he deserves for making the latest mini look so good.

He’s one of those artists where I can’t decide whether he’s actually getting better or I’m just tuning into his style a little more. I liked (but didn’t love) his work on Jupiter’s Circle, I enjoyed his Moon Knight more and now with this I think he’s hit a new high.

I just love how clean the images are here, and how bold they are. They really pop off the page.

The colour helps too - Dave Stewart is always great, and picks a perfect palette here. There’s a consciously retro style to the book, and the bold colours play a big part in that.

It’s interesting to see this mini start to weave lots of different characters from the main Black Hammer series into its narrative. Given what’s going on in the core series at the moment, I’m intrigued to see it all come together.


And it is hilarious, it is:

“Popping his claws, Wolverine bursts into a massive storm of flames.” Yep, they actually went with flaming claws. They might as well have had Logan drink a crapton of beer and then let rip with a massive fart, which he ignites with the claws due to a spark here and there. After all, he’s the best there is at what he does but it isn’t very nice!

(Celestial: No shit you stinking mortal, what the fuck did you drink?)

Just… insane.


From the picture it looked like the Phoenix force.


It was.


Isn’t it fun typing in “spoilers” format?!


Meh. Whatever. Rosebud. Also, Blade is joining the Avengers.


This week had a really great load of comics.

Hit-Girl #10 - Still loving the opportunity to see other creator’s take on @Mark_Millar’s tiny terminator. The globe-trotting setup is also perfect to see her out on her own. Rafael Albuquerque’s Roman adventure continues to fit the character perfectly. He really has her inner voice down. Great stuff. Can’t wait for more.

Mister Miracle #12 - It’s been no secret that this has been one of my favorite books month in and month out. This issue is no different. I love the wrap up. It answers some questions while leaving some things a bit open for interpretation. To me, it seems that Scott Free was trapped in the Anti-Life equation at the beginning of the series and instead of trying to escape, embraced it because of the life it gave him with Barda despite the horrors of war. Even though everyone around him (except Barda) thinks he failed, he got exactly what he wanted and chose. The appearance by Funky Flashman and the first words we see out of his mouth (see below) were a bit timely with Stan’s passing this week. I really loved this series and probably need to give it another read. I’m kind of glad it’s finite though.


Superman #5 - The last few issues of this series have not been my favorite but this issue feels like it’s back in the groove. The sequence with Zod at the beginning and the other Earth expanding back to normal size with Zod and Adam Strange falling into it were great. The throw down next issue looks promising. Hopefully at some point there will be a bit more backstory to Rogol Zaar and why he destroyed Krypton.

Wonder Woman #58 - This was far from an objectively bad issue and has a decent enough hook for the story but it just wasn’t for me. Some of the Wonder Woman characterization just felt off for me. I hope this team does well as I like them but I won’t continue.