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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Honestly, I feel like both sides are kind of right on this one, in that I think people have largely made up their minds by now on whether Morrison is for them or not.

So that means that readers that like him might be willing to tolerate a level of indulgence or esoterica that they might not put up with from other writers. And readers who don’t like him might be quicker to jump on his weaknesses and try and point out that the emperor has no clothes.

I’m a Morrison fan but I don’t think everything he touches is gold (that recent Sideways annual was pretty poor, for example). What I have appreciated is that he’s branched out in a few interesting directions lately, with projects like Wonder Woman Earth One, his Heavy Metal output and Green Lantern all feeling quite different to one another.


Well he did say he wanted to read new X-Men comics, so I helpfully suggested something new even though every fibre of my being was screaming against it.


Yeah, I can get behind this. He’s a writer I’m not immediately pulled to; he’d have to be doing a character or team I have interest in for me to buy. GL definitely isn’t it but if the reviews are good I’d consider getting the trade.


Mister Miracle #12

What can I say about this issue that I haven’t about the rest of the series? It’s a lackluster, blunt, and deceptively shallow ending to a series that was nothing more than a sequence of events and beats that were nothing but wannabe showmanship. It tried for emotional complexity and character depth, but failed and stalled at every turn. Making for a book that was both aggressively boring to read, but also fascinatingly disastrous.

And it’s over. So, that’s all folks.


I feel like GL might be a conscious attempt to go for something accessible and light (after becoming known for weird, complex and arcane stuff over the years). It’s a very breezy, fun read.

That said, I think his Batman run shows that there’s a way of taking his dense approach and still making it work as a fun romp (where it didn’t matter if you picked up every historical allusion or back-reference - I certainly didn’t). It seemed to be one of his universally popular projects of recent years.


Without reading it I assumed his GL was supposed to be a lighthearted attempt to bring a UK style Dan Dare book to the big two. And that it wasn’t going to be something layered and complex like Batman or Doom Patrol.


It’s a bit like that, yeah. A bit 2000AD too.


It has a very 2000ad / European feel to it. Not so much Dan Dare in execution (which was a very straight-laced strip) but probably in concept with the emphasis on the space adventure. On the evidence of the first issue it struck me as very atypical of US big two comics, moreso than most of his work for DC actually.


What I meant with my original comment is I feel that when Morrison writes just a standard, solid comic book, many are expecting something much more from him - and because he doesn’t meet some of those expectations, he can sometimes be judged more harshly than his peers.


I was looking forward to this before. Now I’m really looking forward to it.

That was my take on the book too. I’m pretty hit and miss with Morrison and really enjoyed the first issue. I’m hoping they can keep that momentum.

So it looks like Mister Miracle #12, Superman #5, Wonder Woman #58 and Hit-Girl #10 for me today. I’m also tempted to check out Uncanny X-Men #1 as I always want a new direction on that book to be great (but am usually disappointed). A writer’s room approach sounds like a great idea and was essentially what was happening during the Mutant Genesis era anyway.


Well, when you’re done, I wrote a fuller review on my twitter.
Wouldn’t mind you giving that a looksee, for old times sakes.
https //


Bleh…Twitter? I only use social media centered around pictures. :wink:

Heh heh. I’ll try to get to it after I’ve read the issue.


I’d also add Liam Sharp is a big part of that too, his artwork has upped the ‘weird’ in this compared to his recent DC work.


It really worked for the story.


Wonder Woman 58

This is the start of G Willow Wilson and Cary Nord’s run on the book.
Nord’s art really is great. I think the comic is well written enough, but it’s no doing enough for me story wise to want to read on.
In full fairness to the writer, Wonder Woman is a really hard sell on me, I’m just not very interested in the character or the supporting cast - the only reason I’ve read so many Wonder Woman comics in recent years is because of the calibre of writer DC have had on the character with Azzarello, Rucka and Morrison.
All of whom could write anything and probably make a good job of it for my personal tastes.

I’d imagine Wonder Woman fans will enjoy this well enough.


Quick question. Uncanny X-Men #1 is $7.99 and 289 pages on ComiXolgy but they are calling it a “Director’s Cut”. How much of that is actual, new story content and how much is filler?


And have they also released a non directors cut?

I’m not really interested in reading the scripts etc


Not that I can see. Though oddly you can pre-order the next 10 issues and the annual.

Same here and I definitely don’t want to pay more for it.


It’s coming out weekly which explains the pre-order for 10 issues. It’s really the usual 2 months or so in advance.

The print solicitation says $7.99 for story 72 pages, I have no idea what’s padding it out to 289 on the digital version.


Maybe the digital version includes all the variant covers. :slight_smile: