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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I fully agree this was too early in the run, and they should have spent a bit more time building to it, but it didn’t hamper my enjoyment of it.

I suspect the series is going to go even bigger from here. It isn’t my preference, but I get the sense it will.


There was something rather ‘Golden Age’ about it I think in the characterisation. It’s a bit flippant.

Hal has gone from test pilot to delivery man - ha ha never mind says Hal and generic girlfriend. Hal has had his battery taken away by the Guardians, trouble comes, never mind it’s all okay now, back in action.


The Green Lantern #1 - Wow! This reads like DC signed the character over to 2000AD for a run and just let them go with it. It feels new and original while firmly rooted in the DCU. If I’m honest, I’ve not been interested in a GL book for while. This is truly exciting and feels like a Must Read. I can’t wait to see what Morrison and Sharp take it.

Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #2 - I really love Gerard Way’s writing. Sometimes I think he tries to be too clever and lets that get in the way of telling a good story. I understand that he’s leading to some reveal here but this issues just doesn’t feel satisfying. I’m definitely in for a few issues to give him time due to all the good will he’s bought with previous issues in this series.


As a non-JLD-reader, I liked it, and I appreciated how it was self contained and everything made sense even without being a regular reader of the title.

What really bugged me was the issue numbering of the bookend issues, though. I was convinced my LCS had given me two copies of the same comic with variant covers, until it finally clicked that the titles (printed in miniscule text, because who needs logos to help identify a title on the shelf, right?) actually said:

Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour 1
Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour 1

Now come on, I know that #1 issues sell better, but that’s just stupid.


To be fair, “that’s just stupid” could be the tagline for a significant chunk of Marvel and DC’s initiatives.


They probably should have just done “Witching Hour” as a five part miniseries or threaded it through biweekly WW and JLD issues.


They’re doing the same thing with the current Justice League/Aquaman crossover.


One question from last week’s The Green Lantern #1.

What was the thing at the end of the issue that appeared to be some kind of cyborg clone of Hal Jordan? A new character or something that’s appeared before?


I had the same question. I assumed new, given the setup earlier in the issue. But knowing Morrison it’ll be something pulled from an old Silver Age issue or something.


Isn’t just an Anti-Matter Hal?
Doesn’t seem more than that.


Ya. But I thought it had something to do with the Weaponers of Qward. The way it was shown was like some big reveal that we should know.


I’m guessing it’s just that they’re back in play. Especially after Forever Evil.
And wasn’t one origin of that whole lot was that they were just retrofitted Weaponers?


re: GL: What’s scarier than a Weaponeer?


For those of you who have been admiring mark russell’s work on The Flintsones and Snagglepuss, I recommend the Green Lantern\Huckleberry Hound crossover issue.

It stars a Vietnam War era John Stewart and HH and as usual has a lot to say, relevant to back then and still today.

Difference between Russell and many others on the soapbox is that he has the ability say it in an intelligent and skillful way.



I’m in the mood for reading some new x-men comics.

Is there something that leads into this Disassembled storyline that would be worth reading first?


The approach is interesting. They’ve decided to go with one book and a ‘writers room’ type approach so they can keep to the schedule. It could end up being bland but a lot of our favourite TV shows do that and it works.

I only read Marvel on Unlimited but I am rather more tempted by that model, the last ‘colour’ round I’ll be honest I got bored and stopped reading (which actually has happened on all the relaunches since Bendis was on the books).




David’s gone a bit modern for me. You really need to start here.



I tend to agree with Robert on this. I feel Morrison gets a pass from a lot of fans. When a story of his came out flat, the old line his fans gave was “maybe you just didn’t understand it.” Now it seems to be “dense comics aren’t for everyone.”
And that’s correct, they aren’t. But sometimes Morrison goes up his own ass. To be fair, though I’m not a huge fan of his and have always found him hit or miss (although his hits I really love).