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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Border Town #3: Awful. Like, really bad, and again falls into some really obvious pitfalls. This series would be so much better if it was somewhat more cynical and self-aware about itself. Which it really isn’t. And it backfires hard. The first two issues - while they had their flaws - there was a decent sense of story and genre. The third issue simply refuses to let any of that continue to coalesce. A plot beat does get some due, but the rest suffocates under shoddy execution. The writer tweeted about today’s issue saying that this series is not a “subtle” series. Sure, being bold, brash, raw - that can be great. But that still needs some finesse and care. Not just messiness. I can name something like Marshall Law - unsubtle to the nines…but focused and with craft. This is just awful…near America levels.

The Green Lantern #1: A bit boring but I’m interested in one or two of the hooks.

The Dreaming #3: I am still really enjoying the chaotic and darkly humorous verve of this series.

Dead Rabbit #2: The shifts in tones and energy - from sad to manic - are amazing. And one of the best new series of this year.


I weighed up getting this, added it and then eventually removed it from my basket.

What you describe is where I felt it was headed; I’ll maybe come back to this if I see it in sales but the last issue was poorly written and after reading your comments here I feel that I made the correct decision.

I feel like Ennis and Millar got a lot of their bad writing out their system before writing for Vertigo, whereas now we have a lot of writers on the new books who are learning on the job. It doesn’t make for good reading and it’s slightly disrespectful to the audience expecting them to pay full price for unrefined product.


I’m not going to drop it. But I’m definitely not going to read it for pleasure anymore.
Going to read it for the same reason why I read America, to spread the real word of how badly these series are messing up.

Like seriously - it maybe isn’t as bad as America, but the dissonance - the sheer dissonance in places is the exact same.


Thing is, I wanted to like it and like you I enjoy the stuff with the kids or at least I want to.


I was always on the fence.
The premise sounded great, and the writer and artist sounded like they had the moxie, but the first few months leading up to it they really went to bat on the “this should be taught in schools/this will end racism/this is a religious experience” type crap and right now - it’s living up to that fear.


Green Lantern 1

I had more fun on the first five pages than I have reading some 5 issue arcs of comics.

Morrison lets fly with creativity and humour and Liam Sharp meets him at the bat.
I love a lot of the incidental & background detail in the art in the early scenes.
He goes full on Brendan McCarthy in some places with the wackiness, which brings a lot imagination to the book.
There’s a lot of organic and more to the point sexual influences coming through in the art, a lot of phallis shaped objects, ejaculation of various fluids/fluid like objects, and penetration. Geiger would be proud.
Any doubt that this approach is intentional was erased on page 15. with the debris spurting down from space as Hal is baw deep in the blonde. A metaphor for the ‘seed’ that is in that space debris that causes Hal to get his mojo back
I love they got away with that.

I’m looking forward to reading it again when my floppy copy (pun totally not intended) arrives in a month or so.
I recommend reading in panel view for those reading digitally.
Lots to enjoys No real spoilers here but I’ll keep in spoiler text anyway…

  • Frank Quitely’s variant cover is awesome

    The madness on page 2 with the translucent pods, pushing bodies thru tubes, linked together by fish heads
  • the two aliens speaking in a particlaur Scottish dialect that would give fans of Chewing the Fat a laugh
  • Maxim Tox’s finger operating on its own, hopefully to return in further issue despite its owner’s demise
  • The Mekon sitting in the background in the bar
  • A flu with a power ring
  • The two Groots, I mean Geeps!
  • I love how the prologue section is broken abruptly and in great contrast by very grounded double page with Hal Jordan
  • “Bumfight Championships”
  • Has Dr Manhattan been fucking with the book of OA?

This did not disappoint.

Re the Chewing the Fat comment


Green Lantern was amusingly a bit weird. It reads and looks more like a European sci-fi story than a DC comic, reminds me of the Prophet run a couple of years back which had those influences.

Liam Sharpe is known for being able to change his style and this is quite removed from his recent Wonder Woman run, much looser and more imaginative. I’m not 100% sure what to make of it to be honest, it seems rather funnily shallow with the characterisation, but I’ll be reading on.


The Sideways Annual is out this week too - I’m planning to get that as apparently Grant Morrison is co-writing and there’s all sorts of multiversal stuff going on with the story.


Let us know how that reads, Dave, as someone new to Sideways. I’m interested for the same reason, but don’t read the regular series.


Yeah, I meant to check it out at some point but never got around to it. This seems like a good opportunity.


Can you let us know how you get on with that, I saw Morrison was involved but held off and I was hoping someone on here would pick it up!

Edit - just seen that vik has asked for the same


I will duly report back. :slight_smile:


Did anyone read marvel knights 20th # 1 ?

I found it a bit vapid, but I also really enjoyed some of it, particularly the nostalgic aspect and the whole mysterious nature of the book.

If the rest of it goes well I wouldn’t mind an ongoing …


I was curious about that one, as someone who liked Marvel Knights a lot at the time.

I was a bit unclear on the story, though (it sounded a bit like an extended What If?) and the art previews didn’t grab me. I’ll be interested to hear how it plays out.


I did read Marvel Knights. It was a decent read but that kind of art style is just not my thing. Cool twist at the end, even if they made one character act out of character (imo) to achieve it.

It has grown increasingly clear in the last year how much the industry misses Steve Dillon. I feel like I keep seeing these books that he should be doing, but he’s not here.


Sideways Annual: It was okay. Really this entire arc was very muddled and unfocused. The few hearty moments from the arc in general were entrenched in the stuff about Derek’s mother and so the Seven Soldiers stuff can’t help but feel like a detour. And then the Perrus stuff feels like a detour from that. The Annual itself however tries to quickly wrap all of that and has a nice excitability to it - a good gag or “hell yeah” moment here and there - but nothing really that substantial. And I will be glad to get back the mainline plot.


Read a few books last night.

Adventures of the Super Sons #4 - I’m increasingly uninterested in this book. Honestly, the thing that sometimes made it feel redundant before is what is most missing now, the family element. I think this book worked best when Clark, Lois and Bruce also played a big role. I miss Jon in the current Superman books but am curious to see what Bendis does with it all. I’m not currently reading any of the Batman family books. Does Damian still play a big role in those? This book is probably close to the chopping block for me as it feels like it’s marking time.

Cayrels Ring #1 - Now that I’ve read this, I think I remember a Kickstarter campaign for this book’s creation. I rather enjoyed it. It took 8 stories from the same author and different artists that seemed to be separate but layered and revealed a larger tapestry by the end. It felt very European like a Moebius Metal Hurlant story or the Prophet reboot from a few years ago. So if you like those types of stories (especially the later as this book shares some creative talent with it), I would highly recommend giving this a shot.

Justice League #11 - It’s odd how two issues in a crossover can obviously be the same story but feel so different. After last week’s Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1, I didn’t have high hopes for this crossover. In contrast to the previous issue, I enjoyed this one. Francis Manapul’s art certainly didn’t hurt. This issue connects the crossover much more firmly to the Justice League storyline and leaves Aquaman properly fucked. So much so that I wonder if the upcoming creative team change means that he will actually be replaced by Mera as the star of the book. This is starting to look like a the villains win type story that changes a lot of things just recently set up but I’ll be curious to see where it goes. Still enjoying this book.


He doesn’t in Batman. Not sure about Detective. I assume he will when Tomassi and Mahnke begin their post #1000 arc, given the hints that have come out about it.


GCover from Bendis & Mack should receive a bit of hype once it’s done I think. I read the 2nd issue this morning and it’s a good idea well executed. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love how Mack still experiments with his art.
I’m usually of the opinion that storytelling takes precidence over style, but even though Mack does experiment wildly in his books, He in Bendis work in such a way that there is no detriment to telling the story itself, it actually enchances it. This only works on certain books of course, but it works here.

Lodger # 1 by David & Maria Latham.
I really like Lapham and I was glad to see he was on art in this book as well. I think Lapham is mostly lauded for his writing, but he is a brilliant comic book artist. Like absolutely top rate. His underuse is quite baffling to me. Maybe he can’t be arsed. Although his art is looser here (I think he’s gone straight to inks in some panels) he still has a classic style and it stands out here even more because this is a black and white book, which was a good decision.
He and Maria brilliantly introduce then tour the town of Blossom and immediately you get a good sense of the place, it’s rather effective as they are using the town almost as a character in itself.
I’ve not looked it up, but this town must exist, or damn near close to.
However they quickly pull the rig from under the reader’s feet as you realise that the travel blogger is an unreliable narrator, and the reason the blog is not tying up with what is happening in the panel is because the girl in the panels is not the same person as who is narrating.
I have a tonne of questions after reading this first issue, the good thing is that this is a mini series, so at least some of them will be answered - but knowing Lapham, not all of them.

Essentially the story concerns a girl tracking a murderer who she had some sort of relationship with, using his travel blogs to follow his trail through small town America.
It’s a pretty neat idea, although it may be best served up in a collected edition, unless you are quite happy having a lot of unanswered questions carrying over from month to month.


The blog itself just feels wafting in general, though. It feels incredibly generic and whether that is a stylistic choice or not - it is a chore to read.

Glad to hear it’s a mini though, I was worried about this being longform