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Cursed Comics Cavalcade # 1

A DC horror anthology for Halloween.

Please note, the art throughout this book ranges from outstanding to solid. The outstanding being Kyle Hotz, Ricardo Federici (what a talent, I’m almost certain this is the guy who did Aquaman recently, I can’t be arsed looking it up) and Gabriel Hardman.

swamp thing: the spread
Tim seeley & Kyle Hotz


batman: gorehound
Gary dauberman & riccardo federici


wonder woman: siren song
Vita Ayala & victor Ibanez


Guy Gardner: life sentence
Kenny porter & Riley rossmo


the demon: yellow jack
Gabe Hardman


superman: strange visitor
Magdalene visaggio & minkyu Jung

Sleep paralysis yaay

green arrow: the monster in me
Michael moreci & felipe watanabe


black lightening & katana: mercy killing
Bryan Hill & dexter soy


robin & Solomon gundy: the devil you know
Dave wielgosz & christian Duce


zatanna: halloween hayride
James Tynion’s IV & mark Buckingham



Dammit, I missed this when I was at the LCS; I’ll have to grab a copy Wednesday.

Did you happen to pick up the Avengers Halloween special?


Doom Patrol #11 - Not really new. I had initially passed on this issue as I was kind of done with the series. A lot of it just seemed weird and recursive for the sake of being weird and recursive. However, the new issue (#12) looked interesting. So I thought I’d give this one a try. My supposition about this issue was correct but it did seem to wrap up what had came before in this series.

Doom Patrol #12 - This seems to be the start of a new direction for the series. It seemed to be set up a bit like a D&D quest or RPG video game which I have a bit of a soft spot for. It was a lot of fun and really mostly stands on its own apart from the previous issues in the series. I’m looking forward to what they continue to do with this series again.

Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 - This book was a little disappointing and felt like a forced fifth week crossover. The bits with Black Manta that fed into the primary story Justice League story to this point were good but that’s about it. Everything else felt a bit odd and out of place.


Never saw this actually…


Imagine that you could travel back in time to 1993 and try tell yourself and everyone else that, in the future, Image Comics would put out a comic book that had a cover that was a photograph of a tampon.


…with cat ears and whiskers. :wink:


I came close to buying it but after flipping through it a couple of times I put it back on the shelf.


It probably would have got an Image cover back in '93 if they’d drawn tits on it instead.


The only one of the new Sandman titles which isn’t working for me at all is House of Whispers. I don’t know why, there’s nothing objectively bad I can put my finger on, I’m just not hooked by the plot or any of the characters.

#2 does have a genuinely funny moment though, after one of the characters has been possessed by a voodoo Loa: “Lord Ogun know I’m a vegetarian! Why he had to come ride me and make me eat raw chicken?”

Well, I laughed, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


And once again the best comic of the month is Scooby-Doo! Team Up.

#43 features the Doom Patrol. Silver Age Doom Patrol, obviously, because Solly Fisch understands what makes a good comic :wink: . Danny The Street, Crazy Jane and Flex Mentallo get minor roles as “reserve members” and actually fit in perfectly with the Silver Age ethic of the comic.


I’m really enjoying Quantum Age from Lemire & Torres. See if you can guess why…


The cameo of that Cyclops look-alike in the first panel


Quantum Age is lots of fun. I enjoyed the revelation of the latest issue.


What day is it?

Looks like a bigger week for me with Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #2, Adventures of the Super Sons #4, The Green Lantern #1 and Justice League #11.


I’ve picked up Batman, The Dreaming and Green Lantern.


I’m getting Green Lantern but waiting to pick up a physical copy at the weekend.


I also picked this up as it looked interesting.


Only Dead Rabbit #2 for me today. In the last three weeks, I’ve only picked up three comics and one hardcover. Maybe it’s that time…


Leviathan #3 for me. Had to see, immediately, how John and Nick managed to do in three colorists for one issue. They have got to feed Garland better!

Trade-waiting a bunch. Batman: Kings of Fear, Liam’s Green Lantern, and so forth. Really must make a list.


Hmm, wonder that one could be? :wink: