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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Batman Secret Files

Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound

Deathstroke/ lYogi Bear

Edger Allan Poe’s A Snifter of Terror 1

Heroes in Crisis 2

Hex Wives 1

JL/Aquaman: Drowned Earth 1

JLD/Wonder Woman: Witching Hour 1

Looking forward to reading these, although Celtic game is on telly right now and have a couple of Halloween comics that I saved for tonight, so they’ll need to wait.


Wild Storm was enjoyable again this week, but I think I’m ready for the story to kick into high gear now. It feels like we’ve had endless months of this kind of build-up and now the book needs to shit or get off the pot.

It’s still worth reading for sequences like this issue’s big action scene, though. Beautifully choreographed and ‘silently’ brought to life, with such precision and detail that it feels like reading comics in HD. Fantastic stuff.




Part of me says these can’t be real. The other part? They sound kind of cool.


Finished up the Witching Hour story. I thought Tynion stuck the landing quite nicely, taking care of the villain in tidy fashion and leading to a twist that should set up a year or two of stories. For a book billed as a Halloween story there were some nice, creepy moments—some bits involving Swamp Thing stand out in my mind, and I’m going to give it a re-read to see where things stand there.

After a big weekly event I’d like to see JL Dark pivot to something a bit more low-key for a bit, but I’m not sure that will happen with some of the power levels of the characters.


Read Batman Secret Files last night and other than some nice art, it’s completely forgettable. Maybe King is setting something up with the opening short for later use but save your money.


Another really clever cover from Chelsea Cain & Co


That caught my eye on Comixology this week too. The series has some great covers.


Review from The AV Club:


I’ll probably avoid reading that because of the opening line but I thought the first issue was fantastic.


Great piece. I think Sava is one of the best comics critics out there right now.

I had no idea about the Vision-related controversy. Is there any sense of what happened? It seems very odd for Marvel to ax a series like that.


Loved the new wytches
Very good stuff.
I miss me some jock art.


It seems someone else had plans for the characters, and it somehow didn’t come up until the Cain series was written and solicited. It’s just bad management.


Heroes in Crisis 2

The first issue was too quick, this one was too slow. It feels like there are definite pacing problems for reading in single issue, I get the sense that anyone on the fence about reading this should hold off and read the trade.

I’m going to keep reading in single issues because of spoilers, however there’s a few too many Tom Kingisms here and although I do think he’s a great writer, some of his traits are starting to bug me.


BVhex wives 1
Ben blacker and mirka andolfo

This was all over the place. Really bad.
I’m not sure it knows what it wants to be, other than a half-baked analysis on misogyny, and I’ve zero temptation to read on and find out.

There’s not a single character here to root for, the dialogue is terrible, the first half of the book is a whirlwind trip though the centuries as we follow a couple of witches and their would be hunters through the ages, American Vampire style, only its poorly crammed into half an issue.
This completely jars with the desperate housewives style second half of the book which adds nothing to the story, not to mention there’s very little of interest happening. The conversations are mind numbing and cringeworthy.
Even Andolfo is hitting nowhere near her artistic standard she’s demonstrated so boldly in unnatural.
Really disappointing book.


Thanks for the review on Hex Wives, Chris. I was tempted by the house ads for that one. Doesn’t sound like my sort of thing though.


Yogi Bear/Deathstroke was surprisingly pretty good. DS is in Jellystone hunting down 3 brothers and runs into Yogi who employs him to help find Boo Boo who has gone missing.
I’m not the biggest fan of Frank Tieri, but he doesn’t a solid job here, with a good bit of humour and ultra violence chucked in for good measure.
Great to see Mark Texeira on art, who does a fanstastic job here, especially on the various animals, really impressive as are Jeremy Cox’s bold colours which suit the characters and also Texeira’s confident inks.
The back up story is part 1 of a 4 part Secret Squirrel story from Dematteis and Tom Mandrake. I’m sure it’s fine but I lost interest after 3 or 4 pages and stopped reading it.

Man-Eaters 2
This was superb again.
Chelsea Cain and Kim Niemczk have produced a very creatively put together book, together with the others who have had input to the look and feel of it.
In terms of plot, nothing really happens to move the story forward much from the previous issue, however there’s a TON of character development and it’s done mostly through the main character narrating, which Chelsea Cain excels at, because it feels like she has something to say, rather that just filling boxes with words which a lot of comics are guilty of.
So if she’s not building character she’s telling interesting little stories or facts, she feels like a real raconteur.
The art is pitch perfect throughout, as is the dialogue. It’s pared back and feels like it’s been drafted and redrafted until only the good stuff remains.
I made the decision to buy this series in floppies rather than digital, because I loved the covers. I’m glad I did because it’s such an enjoyable reading experience and holding the physical copy, with the lovely card stock cover, is part of the enjoyable experience.

This is what a comic book created with care and passion looks like.
It’s also funny as fuck.

Interested to see how this is selling because it puts me in mind of Sex Criminals and I feel that it deserves a similar size audience.


It’s the worst thing I’ve read in a while.

I’ve since gone on and read some reviews since I wrote mine. It’s been getting positive comments, I don’t know what book they read. This isn’t even a subjective thing, it’s a really badly written book. I’m not suggesting that people didn’t enjoy it and I’m not trying to be a dick here, but if they can’t recognise the issues with it then I’m not sure they should be reviewing comic books professionally or semi professionally whatever you would call it these days.
It’s one thing putting a few comments on a forum but another thing doing it for review websites.


I think we allll remember the 10/10 5-Stars that America got.
People like to give brownie points.


I didn’t want to say, but I did consider this to potentially be the case.