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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I re-read all of the Action Comics issues prior to the new one, #1004, and then read the new one.

I like this book quite a lot. It’s the best thing Bendis has written in quite some time, including his little mini-revival at Marvel in the last 5 years. He’s really adding layers to Metropolis, and building it out in a way he hasn’t done with a city since his Daredevil run—but he’s clearly building it around the Superman character and doing a cracking job, filling it with nice little details and playing on tropes from the Silver Age and Donner films. This new one is a Lois-Clark romance issue, but he breaks out every trick in the book to make it innovative, engrossing, and moving. He was doing some great stuff at Marvel a few years back, but it’s been a while since his creative juices were flowing like this.

I am also caught up on the “Witching Hour” story now. Sad to say I’m liking it less as it’s going on—as is the case with most comic events, it starts off very intriguing and then it’s just loud noises by the end. There is also the problem that, in my opinion, Alvaro Martínez Bueno (on JL Dark) is just a MUCH better artists than the others. His issues feel epic and incredible, while the others are merely passable. I like the story’s use of DC lore but I’m looking forward to the story being over and digging into the repercussions after.


Action Comics #1004 - I’m a bit conflicted about this issue. One of the things I really loved about the Tomasi/Gleason run was how great the family aspect integrated into everything. Bendis is stretching that a bit now. Not enough to totally turn me off but just enough to make me uncomfortable. From a story perspective, I don’t think that is a bad thing as he’s doing a masterful job. Parts of this story feel like safe, familiar Superman tropes but it also feels like a story I’ve never read before and that Bendis is making bigger changes under the hood. Ryan Sook on art was incredible and I still love the desk a the beginning of every issue with Lois being the feature for this one (see below). It’s so great to have a superb Superman book to look forward to month in and month out.


Did anyone get Moon Knight 200?


Coming soon … for the Hero Initiative!

I do have a query in to Bill regarding the belt buckle. It sure looks Masonic.


I’ve mentioned before that I was a huge fan of the John Ney Reiber/ Gary Amaro/ Peter Gross/ Peter Snejbjerg Books Of Magic series. It was one of those gateway books that opened my eyes to books beyond capes, cowls, and giant robots. Timothy Hunter was such a great character, and the affection I had for his world is the main reason I had a knee jerk adverse reaction to Harry Potter back in the day.

That’s the long way round to my saying, I read this week’s Books Of Magic #1 with a mix of trepidation and hopefulness. As a brand new comic, it is very good. The story is immediately engaging, and the artwork clean and easy to follow. The colour work is superb, btw. A really rich, well rounded, almost painted palate.

The problem, however, is that the series is “brand new”. It’s a reboot of the aforementioned 1990’s series. Picking up anew from the end of Gaiman’s mini series, jettisoning all of the character’s prior trials and tribulations. Which, is kind of irritating, and also leaves me with a horrid feeling of deja vu.

In the end, it’s a good book. Just not for me.

Lucifer #1 on the other hand, was by far my favourite debut of the four Sandman Universe titles. It’s a great read, that hooks you from the first page … okay, second page, as you are re-introduced to the titular character in a rather unusual setting. And, from there, the mystery deepens. It’s well written, and beautifully drawn by the Fiumara brothers, who deserve to be more widely known than they are. Definitely on board for more of this one.


If you didn’t look at the brutally abbreviated previous volume, consider doing so, it’s a good 18 issues that could have become far more.

And yeah, the Fiumara bros are excellent.


Much like Ronnie, I’m not sure I actually care for the events of Action Comics #1004. It’s a beautifully illustrated issue, from the amazing foil enhanced cover, to Ryan Sook & Wade Von Grawbadger’s gorgeous interiors. But, this “not a normal relationship” thing that Bendis is peddling comes out of absolutely nowhere, and doesn’t jibe with the last two - three years of DC Rebirth at all. I’ll cut him some slack, but this is the first time I’ve been disappointed in Bendis’ choices as Superman writer.

Any idea why Action Comics still comes with a free digital code, four issues into Bendis’ run, but no other DC $3.99 title does?

Scarlet #3, on the other hand, presents an opposing ideological point of view to our heroines, making for an interesting turn of events. There are one of two clunky scenes, where the storytelling gets a little difficult to follow; probably not helped by what seems like misplaced lettering and the odd spelling mistake. That being said, whilst the book isn’t as daring or as revolutionary as Bendis thinks it is, it is still an entertaining read, where I want to find out what happens next.


I’m reading it in Unlimited so I won’t get to 200 for a while but I’m liking this run quite a lot.



Looks like possibly Doom Patrol #12 (though I still need to pick up #11) and Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 for me today. Nothing on my definite list, must be a fifth week.


Just Wild Storm for me.

Didn’t realise there was a new Wytches issue out. One to stick on the Comixology wishlist for later I think.




Yeah, it’s a collection of the Image+ run with an extra few pages added on.


Heroes in Crisis 2
Sonic boom… bwahahaha, this comic is self aware about how ridiculous that whole thing looks

Batman Secret Files
This should have been actually called an xx Page Giant, it is basically an anthology, no profiles, extras, etc like the old Secret Files & Origins


The Wild Storm #18: A raucous end to this arc. While it doesn’t go into as much as I would like, that would make it feel whole, it does bring together so many other threads together - all culminating into what seems like a riot of a final arc. I seriously cannot wait for this to start back up in January.


Totally forgot there was going to be a break. Felt like an issue dedicated to set up the chess pieces for the finale, and a nice little hint of old friends.


Spoilers, please?


I hear they killed Wally again just to watch grown men cry. :wink:


Here we go:

  • Harley seeks refuge with the Penguin.

  • Batman is performing an autopsy on Commander Steel, with WW & Superman, and he finds that Steel was forced to swallow one of those chattering teeth toys. WW & Sup keep asking Batman if he built a secret recording or back access to Sanctuary, because he is Batman.

  • Skeets find Booster, who is still unbalanced and wants to solve the crime. He goes to meet The Flash, casually mentioning to him that Wally is dead (also Ivy). Flash leaves to check it out and returns and punchs Booster.

  • The Trinity tracks down Harley to a crikey warehouse, but she says it was all part of her plan to talk to them (he knew the Penguin would talk), accuses Booster, hugs Wonder Woman, steals her lasso, uses it to force Batman to tell her how to beat Superman (he is of course carrying kryptonite) and escapes without a trace. This scene incudes Batman saying to leave Harley to her, because if the other two move at super sonic speeds the warehouse will colapse…

  • After all that Superman sees the Barry/Booster fight and goes to it.

  • Harley says goodbye to Ivy by throwing a rose and giving a short speech from the top of a bridge.

  • Lois Lane at the Planet receives, via a whisteblower drop, the Arsenal confessional, with a message promising more to come.

  • We get confessionals for Ivy, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Harley crashes the Ivy one somehow being at Sanctuary.