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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Funny, my copy of the trade arrived today.

I have the trade, expect a review in a few days.

Guess what - I’m waiting for the OHC. It’s Remender, he likes doing those big hardbacks later.


i had a slow week. MY LCS gives 20% off if you spend $20. Normally i would until wait unitl I had enough but I went anyways. I was one book short so I bought GA#45 which dealt with Roy’s death. It was very well written and made me realize something. I am in the 5 stages of grief over the Titans. As I read about Ollie’s reaction to Roy’s Death. Slugging Supes because, in continuity, he created Sanctuary helped me because I would love to do the same thing to the creators outside of continuity. But nothing comes from it. it doesn’t change anything. Much like the witches from The Witching Hour telling young Diana white lies to calm her down, they tell Ollie white lies about Bats hunting Roy’s killer. You pick up Batman though and he is hunting Dick’s shooter not Roy’s killer. heh.
I guess i’m still in the anger stage of grief. If I don’t get to acceptance soon, maybe I will dump all DC continuity consistent comics. During The New 52, all I read was Grayson which was very continuity lite.


Y’all just keep bargaining.


I’m in the denial phase. I still don’t believe that Wally is dead.

What happened to Roy is disappointing, but I kinda made my peace with DC’s treatment of Roy years ago. My Roy is still alive somewhere with Lian. I never developed a connection to the current incarnation.

I am annoyed about Nightwing, but suspect that’s ultimately a temporary affliction, and will revert to some semblance of normality soon.


Excellent, thanks Ben

Not a bad tactic. Especially with that art.


Here’s what I read yesterday.
Murder Falcon 1 like @ChrisS said is pretty bonkers. The good kind of bonkers though. I’ve not got around to reading Extremity but I might check it out based on this. The only black spot are the tones of a darkish back story which reminded me of pretty much every Remender book in it’s potential depressing nature.

Gideon Falls 7 was a great addition to an already great series. There’s horror in them there barns and it wants out!

Oblivion Song 8 continues the slow burn that this book has seems to striving for. To be honest, not much has happened and even worse is the fact that I have no real idea what the overall driving force of the plot is. It’s a good read but becoming less essential with each issue.

These Savage Shores 1 was easily my book of the week and more so, book of the month. Fabulous stuff by Ram V and co. The plot, scripting and art would be at home in any European album style book and I can’t wait for the next issue. It’s published by Vault Comics by the way. Plus refreshingly it’s a full 28 pages of story.


If you liked Murder Falcon and haven’t checked out Daniel Warren Johnson’s webcomic, Space-Mullet, you should definitely give it a shot.


Will have to keep an eye out for the trade, that art is excellent.


It reminded me of Long John Silver from Cinebooks.


Which is no bad thing.


I dig that Judas Priest Painkiler homage cover on Murder Falcon.


A little behind but here are my reviews for last week.

Hit-Girl #9 - I really love seeing other creators share their take on the Millarworld characters. It’s been so fascinating to see the different iterations of this tiny Punisher. The globetrotting aspect of the stories is very cool too. Can’t wait for more.

Justice League #10 - This was a fun lead up to the upcoming Drowned Earth storyline that will be going between Justice League and Aquaman next month. The focus is obviously on Aquaman but Snyder really works the whole team together in a great way. It’s hard to be Manapul on art as well. I’m usually not a fan of getting sucked into crossovers like this but I might give this one a shot.


What day is it?

Looks like Action Comics #1004 for me.


Anyone reading the current X-O Manowar book? I have a light week and thought about picking up the issue that has just dropped in price. I like the concept a lot and the stories have been decent just never grabbed me to the point where I have to read the next issue.


Did anyone pick up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Macro Series: Michaelangelo comic this week?
I thought it was a really good addition to the storyline that is building up in the main series. Michaelangelo is truly the heart of the brothers and this was really well told.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Macro series: Michaelangelo


Lodger #1: While it still has Lapham’s great mood and tact with surreal crime stories…it’s also a bit jarring. There’s no apparent narrative or character thread. It just wafts in and out. Even with Young Liars - Lapham’s most plot-fluid work - that came out running with its brash themes and hooks from the starting gate. This…just felt like a random snapshot. There are good moments within it - but nothing to leave you really satisfied or curious.


Two things for me today:

Cold Spots #3 – I enjoyed the first issue enough to pick up the rest of the first arc. A good horror story from Cullen Bunn.

BPRD Hell on Earth Vol 3 hc – containing some wonderful art from Laurence Campbell, James Harren, Tyler Crook and Peter Snejberg.


Halloween Man - Hallowtide

meet Spring-Heeled Jack.


That cover is radical, dude


Has anyone read Abbot by Saladin Ahmed?
Really tempted to pick it up, the collection is out this week in digital - but can’t bring myself to pay £7.99 for a digital book, so looking for recommendation if it’s worth picking up in trade.

This week -

Action 1004

Books of Magic 1

High Heaven 2

Justice League Odyssey 2

Lodger 1

Titans 28 (drowned earth)

Wonder Woman 57 (witching hour 4)

I think I’ll wait on Aliens Dust to Dust appearing in digital sales before picking up the rest of it