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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


If Mark ever pulls he plug on MW I’d throw some cash in for a Robert and Chris S review site.


So, I’ve read the first part now, from the Witching Hour Special 1

I have to agree, it feels like a direct continuation of JLD. In fact anyone reading JLD probably really should read this.

That took me a while to get through, it was a dense read. But definitely not in a bad way, it totally sucked me in. 100% gripped. I’m not a bit fan of dense or overly verbose comics, mostly because the majority of them don’t have enough to say to merit the word count, but that was not the case here.

It was excellent. I actually feel that this could be a main DC event of its own, in the days where there was one big event a year, and it would be justified.

I pretty much agree with your whole post on this, it was pretty creepy - something that doesn’t come across that often in comics, especially not Big two comics and there is real gravitas behind the threat.

Now I don’t feel so bad about Tynion’s Detective Comics run winding up because so far this feels like this going to be it’s equal.

He has a knack for making you give a shit, especially to give a shit about characters, even characters you’ve never really been liable to give a shit about before.

Oh, and Wonder Woman and Zatanna make for such a great pairing.

There’s a bunch of little subtleties here that elevate the book further, like, and without being ‘spoiler-y’;
Hippolyta giving the witches a roasting after Young Diana walks out of ear-shot,
The fact that you can zoom in if you read digitally and read what Hecate whispers into Hippolyta’s ear, and again later
Diana taking her hand off her lasso when telling a bit of a porky pie to the JL members
The reflection of Hecate in the window as Diana and Zatanna are chatting after leaving the rest of the JL

(The latter maybe not that subtle as it had a couple panels devoted to it, but it was pretty creepy, especially given that only you, the reader is there to witness it and you are helpless to do anything to warn them)

This is almost full on horror in places, probably pushing it quite far for a non mature title.


Immortal Hulk 7

Ever read a cliffhanger and wonder what the hell they are going to do in the next issue to resolve it?

Another great issue


I just read that Hulk book. The last page is definitely the best of an otherwise fairly bland, generic issue. I’d say this current run is somewhere between okay and good. I’m definitely not as high on it as others.

As a comparison, of the 6 Marvel books I’m reading (how the hell that happened I have no idea! I wasn’t reading any Marvel books 6 months ago) my current order of preference in terms of what I’m enjoying most is:

  1. Iron Man
  2. Thor
  3. Dr Strange
  4. West Coast Avengers
  5. Hulk
  6. Black Panther


I was really enjoying the series - but the last two issues have been kind of disappointing.
Just very by-the-numbers and bland stuff.


I figure it is late enough to be a little spoiler-y for Witching Hour story. I loved it and I love Tynion’s grasp of DC History. Using characters like Witchfire , Manitou Dawn, Black Alice, and Tracy 13 was great. The story about young Diana was also so well told, even down to telling young Diana a fairy tale to console her. IN JLD and here I am loving Tynion’s characteristics of Man-Bat, Bobo, and Constantine. They may be background characters but he makes them come alive nonetheless.


Hear hear :+1:

Bobby and Tom on Hulk however… :nauseated_face:



Looks like Justice League #10 and Hit-Girl #9 for me. Looking forward to both especially the start of a new arc and creative team on Hit-Girl.


Only Stray Bullets and Captain Ginger for me.


Gideon Falls new issue, absolutely loving that book. Should be checked out, I think the first trade is out now.


All-Image day for me:
Cemetery Beach #2
Gideon Falls #7
East of West #39
Savage Dragon #239


I concur, I’ve caught up with it recently in digital sales and it’s very good. Creepy, with some wonderful experimentation in the art.


Yep, I’ve checked out all the Ahoy books so far and this one sounds like fun.


Gideon Falls #1 is free on ComiXology at the moment.


Yeah, the TPB’s out this week, I have it ordered from The Big Bang.


Captain Ginger #1: A weird mix of cute, brutal, exciting, and funny. A cat alone in a used future trying to keep his crew, ship, and life together in a universe that is quite literally out to get them. It doesn’t entirely gel together - but it gets the job done and is decent entertainment. I can see it going in very strong directions.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #39: This series has been solicited up to #42 so we have a long way to go yet. But this issue, and the solicit covers, make me think that Lapham might be trying to retcon some stuff from earlier in the series. Would explain why it’s been taking the long way.


The Section Zero hardcover arrived today (got the digital copy weeks ago)

Glad to have contributed to kickstart this one, one of two Gorilla Comics I was sad to see gone (the other was Empire, btw)


Go get it!


Picked up;
Aquaman 41 - ‘drowned earth’ kicks off

Batman 57 - very cool take on KGBeast continues

Captain Ginger 1 - really enjoyed the first 3 issues of the Ahoy stuff

Cover 2 - by Bendis and Mack, first issue was really good

Exorsisters 1 - is a slightly reluctant pick up, from Image by Eisner award winning writer, Ian Boothby

justice league 10 - is a ‘drowned earth’ tie in

justice league dark 4 - part 3 of ‘witching hour’ yaay. Quite enjoying the weekly nature of this storyline as it will make it easier to follow

lucifer 1 - is probably my least most anticipated book from the Sandman relaunch line, but I’ll give it a try

nightwing 51 - I picked up 50 on a whim and it had me interested enough to read on for a bit

Few noteworthy bits and bobs
Black Badge 3 is out but I’ve decided to switch to trade on this one

Black hammer i have been reading entirely in digital, but it’s been a bit stop start, so I’ve decided I’ll wait until it’s finished and pick the rest up in a digital sale - issue 6 has art by rich tommaso

Bonehead volume one is out in trade this week, from Bryan Hill. I’m going to get his in a sale. Anyone been reading?

Death or Glory volume 1 from Remender and
Bengal is out, looking forward to this arriving in my box at start of Nov,
**gideon falls volume 1 ** is also out, massively looking forward to this after the amazing first issue,