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My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies HC

I’ve been looking forward to this book for months and it didn’t disappoint.

Most of all, I was happy that the experimentation with the format of this latest Brubaker/Phillips collaboration - this is their first book to be released straight away as a single hardcover comics ‘novella’ - allowed them to provide a different reading experience to their monthlies.

Without the concerns of the single-issue format, the book is free to adopt a longer-form structure that allows a gentler pace during the earlier sections, fully setting the scene and building things up gradually, rather than having an episodic story in which every 20 pages must be filled with incident.

The art style reflects that sense of openness and calmness in the opening pages too, with some lovely sections early on that feel brighter and more airy than most Brubaker/Phillips books tend to get. Jacob Phillips’ vibrant colours certainly play a big part in that too - they add a real freshness to the look of the book that help it stand out from previous works.

Of course, as we learn more about the book’s key players we see the darkness gradually start to creep in, with some effective twists and gradually-revealed details that eventually help to move the tone of the book closer to what we might expect from a Criminal story.

There are also some great flashback sequences throughout the book, which not only illustrate character and flesh out plot, but also allow Brubaker some nostalgic musings on music history, which make for enjoyable and atmospheric interludes.

It helps that they’re accompanied by some of the best art in the book - I loved the full-page illustrations from Phillips that we saw in the slower and more thoughtful sections of Kill Or Be Killed, and we get a return to that here.

You’ll notice that in talking about the story I haven’t touched on specific plot details or even character elements in any great detail, and that’s intentional, as the book works best knowing very little about it going in.

But what I will say is that it’s another great Brubaker/Phillips collaboration, and one that immediately earns its place alongside their other excellent Criminal books while also providing a distinctive flavour of its own, and offering a noticeably different reading experience by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the OGN format.


Two stories wrapped in up my current favour DC titles at the moment, both strongly

Aquaman 40 wrapped up the excellent crossover with Suicide Squad.
Sad this book is reaching its end under Abnett.

Issue for issue it’s been DC’s best book of Rebirth. Both writing and art have been outstanding.

Justice League Dark 3 wraps up the first arc which has been a blast and looks like being another top notch team book from Tynion IV.
Some of the panels in here were really impactful and creative, especially what happens to Swampy, Detective Chimp and JC during the stand off with the Big Bad.
Then there’s the whole pay off of having Wonder Woman in the team which went from a terrible idea to fully justifying the decision, she’s obviously got a huge role to play here.

Speaking of which, @RobertB, have you read the Witching Hour stuff yet?


Action Comics #1003 strangely doesn’t pick up from the huge cliffhanger ending of last issue, choosing instead to further the mystery of what’s going on at the Planet. Regardless it was a great issue, with a fantastic guest appearance by the guy in the cape & cowl. I hope that we eventually see Bendis write a full on “World’s Finest” title or storyarc, because he’s got a great take on their relationship (so long as he doesn’t go all Civil War on us; these two aren’t Tony and Steve).

Under the lovely foil cover, Superman #4 was another action packed issue, as Superman stepped up big time to save Earth from the army of Kryptonian criminals descending upon it. Great flashback scene with Jon too. Reis’ artwork wasn’t as polished this issue, but I suspect that’s in part due to the two inkers. This is perhaps my favourite Superman since Busiek and Pacheco’s “Camelot Falls”.

Action Comics is a great Bendis book; Superman is a great Superman book. Period.


I just saw that Rob Williams is leaving Suicide Squad too in a couple of months. I wonder what both of them will do next for DC (they certainly aren’t short of work elsewhere).


I don’t think I know what you’re referring to here.


A Justice League Dark/ Wonder Woman crossover. Five parts, all by Tynion, coming out weekly this month.


I really hope they both have something lined up at DC, for DCs sake.

I’d like one of them to take over Green Arrow


This one nearly went under the radar…the first part is in a ‘witching hour WW/JLD’ special, 2nd part in WW, 3rd in JLD 4; 2 issue’s of each…all written by Tynion IV

I have parts 1 & 2, should have then read in next day or 2.


Huh, even though it’s all one writer I can’t say I’m a big fan of having to buy a bunch of books I wasn’t planning to buy just to read the series I was enjoying, which is not even on issue #4 yet!

I don’t have much time to read comics this week but I’ll look into it.


So the JLD trade for Volume 1 will just collect only JLD then.


Now I’m not actually sure

Looking again it’s;
A special
Another special

They could pack it all up with JLD 1-3 for the first trade maybe?


That’d be the smart play but DC haven’t been very smart on crossovers when it comes to trades.


There will be a JLD trade of #1-6, and a JLD/ WW trade containing the five part crossover. According to Amazon. This is not as bad as it sounds; only JLD #4 will be in both trades.


I got the first two Witching Hour titles last night. Thanks to you bastards I was up until 1 a.m. reading them when I have a big presentation at work this morning.

I’m glad to be aware of them. They basically are JLD #4 and #5, continuing the plot of those books and directly returning to scenes from JLD #2 and #3. Which is weird because, why not just fold the story into the JLD title? And why wasn’t it clear to JLD readers that this would be happening and the stories should be read in this order?

Anyway I do get it: they’re trying to draw Wonder Woman readers to JLD (although starting with a one shot that WW readers may not be aware of is perplexing). And it’s a weekly horror story for the month of Halloween.

Personally I feel like it’s a bit of a chump move by DC, but cynicism and confusion aside, as long as Tynion is writing all of them, I’m on board. It’s actually a cracking story, with a great mix of characters, some nice and chilly horror elements, and a real, legit threat. The other artists aren’t quite up to the standards of Alvaro Martinez Bueno, but they hold it down.

Really, Tynion is the star. It’s funny, if you read one of his books you will come away thinking he’s not that great. But if you start to get 6, 8, 12 issues in, and you realize his real gift is long-form comics, weaving a big tapestry. He drops these crumbs that he picks up later, and he superb at giving each character in a team book small yet perfect moments so they all feel involved even if Wonder Woman and Zatanna are the main focus. If Marvel ever wanted to start taking their X-line seriously, the first step would be backing the money trucks up to Tynion’s house.

In the meantime it’s DC gain. I’ve long felt the magic corner of DC is secretly the best part, the same way cosmic is secretly the best at Marvel, and it’s great to see magic DC get some nice shine here and in Batman: Damned. It’s also probably smart to weave a genuine A-lister into this world, as they seem to be doing with Wonder Woman. We’ll see if it sticks.

Anyway, very solid, no-bullshit superhero comics here.


I think WW is also in a bit of a limbo at the moment, waiting for the G. Willow Wilson run to start.


This is an interesting observation and one that I think is very true, at least in terms of his DC stuff and the woods which he did at Boom.


border town 2
Not a particularly good sign when I go to read the second issue of something and can’t really remember much about the first. I’m sure I enjoyed it but I can’t remember. Some it it kinda came back to me as I made my way through this.

I want to support this title due to the abuse the writer allegedly got on Twitter or wherever but Im in two minds about the book.
For me the pacing and structure is off; I don’t know what the writer has written before but it feels like it’s written by someone who isn’t used to writing in 20 page instalments, the beats don’t feel right, it’s uneven and it doesn’t really add much to what happened last issue. . . . . On the other hand there’s something pretty cool about it, particularly the art. It has an 80s horror movie vibe; influences could be something like The Gate or Critters.
I’ll see how I feel when the next issue comes out.

Dead Rabbit 1 felt like a hit when I saw the solicita in Previews. The character design feels like a winner and John McCrea’s art looked like some of the best I’ve seen from him in years.

Written by Gerry Duggan , in some places it could have been written by Garth Ennis, given some of the dialogue and humour involved.
I’m not saying it’s as good as Ennis. It isn’t. But there’s a comparison to be had. In fact there’s a bit of Jennifer Blood in here as well.

It opens with a ‘where are they now’ newspiece on well kent robber, Dead Rabbit, and the answer is pretty hilariously delivered.

McCrea’s art is amazing. It’s unmistakably McCrea but he’s exaggerated his inking on the parallel lines, resulting in some very effective art in a style he seems to have been experimenting with in the last few years (a recent Judge Dredd employed a similar inking technique), that does echo Frank Miller slightly. Some of the textures and 3 dimensional feel he pulls off here are incredible.
Like every page has something to stare at and admire. Even a small panel where the protagonist is in the shower had me staring at it for ages at the water running off him.
I could probably go on about his art for a good few paragraphs but I don’t want to bore the hole off everyone, let’s just say it’s fucking great and move on.

Story wise it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a helluva lot of fun and a really enjoyable read.

Probably one of the best new issues I’ve read from Image in quite a while.


On all of that.
Except for wanting to support this cause of the abuse. It sucks, but I’m more in it because /some/ of the kid gang stuff is being done well enough. But it is definitely very janky. Similarly to the first issue.

I had hoped it was just atmosphere set-up, but I feel now that this jankiness is just a feature.


Yeah, I think is the main thing that’s got me considering reading further in terms of the book itself


Murder Falcon 1 from popular cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson.

To coin a piece of dialogue from the book

“That - - was amazing! Also, nuts!”

If I was 14/15 this would be my favourite new book.