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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Almost forgot that it’s Wednesday.

Looks like Superman #3 for me and maybe Murder Falcon #1.



My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies is what it’s all about this week for me.

Unfortunately my copy won’t arrive for another month :disappointed_relieved:


Me too. Can’t wait to read it - I should hopefully get my copy tomorrow.


Everyone seems to be having slow weeks but I had a busy week. Doesn’t anyone read Quantum Age from Lemire, Hawkman, or Simone books Plastic Man and Domino?


Yep, I just read Quantum Age - great issue.


Reading Jook Joint # 1

First time I’ve come across one of these


There should have been a trigger warning for those who are offended by terrible comics

I’m certain it’s well meaning and I hope that the writer felt the benefit of getting it all out. As a piece of entertainment, it’s awful.

This was basically the comic book equivalent of paying £2.50 to listen to someone rant.

You can get that for free reading my posts on here.


blackbird # 1 from Image by Sam Humphries and Jen someone. The overriding thought whilst reading this was ‘fuck me, they are reallly struggling for ideas for new series these days’

I challenge you to read this and give a fuck about the main character, who spends the whole comic feeling sorry for herself. I don’t know what Humphreys was thinking. Zero appeal to this book to me.

Image are churning out a lot of poor to mediocre new books these days, the hit ratio is getting worse.

This may haunt them in the same way the chuck everything at the wall and see what sticks approach has had poor consequences for Marvel in recent years.


Yeah, I think we’re really looking at Image fatigue here. They’ve been flooding the market with titles at $3.99 a pop, and lots of them are just really forgettable.

It has to be murder for retailers to pick a new Previews and see all of stuff Image churns out every month, not knowing what’s going to be the next Walking Dead, and what you’re going to end up eating. Even if you’re only buying a couple of shelf copies of each titles, you’re still looking at hundrereds of dollars of capital that’s just sitting there collecting dust on the shelf.


Yeah I’m finding it really hard now to spot something I’m going to like when I go thru them in Previews.

It’s ok when I know the creative team well and like them, but mostly it’s trial and error, with maybe a hit rate of one in four or five.

It’s expensive and time consuming and the they are asking a lot of the consumers.

Plus for every spend on something crap the less that is spent on something worthy of people’s hard earned cash.


Would you consider switching to trades rather than buying single issues? I don’t exactly buy a lot of comics any more, but went trade and (and more recently Humble Bundle)-only a good wghile back and found it quite liberating in terms of what I buy.


I quit after first issue. Somehow it didn’t motivate me to keep onwards.


Read some new comics recently:

Batman #56 - Being a huge fan of King dating as far back as Grayson: Futures End, seeing him play with KGBeast again is, well, huge. And of course Nightwing is involved somehow. In a way, that Futures End issue kind of made the Beast his Bane, and it’s high time someone circled back to that, even if it had to be King himself. And this is a whole issue of legitimizing the Beast all over again.

Doomsday Clock #7 - I haven’t read every issue (will come back in the collection), but this is as close a DC version of the closed-circuit Watchmen as there’s ever likely to be. Great twist on the Doctor Manhattan narrative explaining how he started messing with the timeline. There’s a huge Identity Crisis feel to the basic story, but Johns is clearly writing differently, and using a lot of moving parts. I think this will make the most sense to fans already familiar with but not wholly beholden to the original story, and I think that’s the point.

Heroes in Crisis #1 - Harley Quinn has officially graduated to being a player in a major event. I liked seeing that. I know there’s been complaints about King’s Booster Gold, but after all the work that’s been done with the character trying to make him significant again, actually taking him seriously again, for the first time since 52, is a welcome sight. King’s clearly a set of fresh eyes, as he is with everything he touches. There will be twists and turns along the way. There always are in comics, and certainly in King’s stories. I don’t personally worry about who does and doesn’t die in the issue.

Mister Miracle #11 - Funny to see Darkseid munching on a carrot stick. Only King can write this stuff.


I’ve got a bit of a weird system, which is mostly trade.

In general, I buy my DC books digitally, as I like to read them as they come out. But I also pick up the first issue Image books digitally and if I like it I put it on my trade wait list. So more or less every Image series I read, I read in trade.

Problem is, I find it hard to sell the image trades on if I don’t like them. Generally speaking I can’t get rid of them on eBay again.
By reading the first issue digitally I don’t have stuff stacked up around the house that I don’t want and it costs me a bit less to try something than picking up the first volume of anything I am intrigued by.

Dunno if that makes sense.


Superman #3 - This a bit of a return to form for this book. It really shows Superman being Superman, using a combination of his fists and his brain to solve a problem with a little wisdom from the Kents thrown in for good measure. It also has a nice little appearance from Jon Kent even if it is a flashback but I’ll take what I can get. Action Comics is probably still my preferred book but I’ll definitely hang on this one a bit longer.


This arrived today:

A really smart-looking book. I’ll look forward to reading it tonight.


I’m so envious.

I think another re-read I’d Kill or Be Killed,now I finally have volume 4, is on the cards for me in the next few days, to keep me tiding over.


Ah sorry Chris, I forgot you said you weren’t getting it until later. I wasn’t taunting you, I promise! :slight_smile:


Titans #27 - This was an exposition only issue. They spend it in a lab trying to save source wall energy victim. It was a okay told story. But the destruction of my Titans has almost completed. The opening is Donna Troy at Roy’s funeral, then Dick’s shooting, and ending with Donna drowning her sorrows in Tequila.

Two more NTT victims are also in this issue. Raven has lost her soul self and Beast Boy has lost control of his powers.

That leaves Tempest and Wally. talks about an almost total lack of any response towards the appearance of his dead body in HiC(heh, HiC, CiC both are things that I wish would go away) . Tempest is teased to appear in Titans #28 but he will probably showed as an Atlantean terrorist or something.

So unless you are someone who has cool tech powers and fills a diversity niche or a Alien Sex Symbol, being a Titan is being doomed to fail at least until Didio retires.

Does anyone else thinks this is a coincidence that Didio’s latest attack happened after Johns left Dc Enterntainment?