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The five Dark Horse comics this week all feature a female protagonist. Interesting!

Dynamite (5 Items)

Dejah Thoris
Vol. 1: The Garden of Mars

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  • Red Sonja Vol. 4 #21
Red Sonja Vol. 4
Issue #21

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  • Red Sonja: Worlds Away Vol. 3: Hell Or Hyrkania
Red Sonja: Worlds Away
Vol. 3: Hell Or Hyrkania

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  • Vampirella/Dejah Thoris #1
Vampirella/Dejah Thoris
Issue #1

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  • Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #8
Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4
Issue #8


Such empowering costumes!


That’s Dynamite not Dark Horse


I have to remember to eat occasionally …


Justice League Odyssey # 1 was better than I expected it to be. Sejic’s art is not as good here as it was in Aquaman, but its still more than good enough, even if I prefer my Starfire to sport less clothing.

I’m a big fan of Williamson’s Nailbiter and I also like most of Birthright. His Flash run started well for me, but I got a bit fed up with it. I plan to read it again at some point.
He’s on good form here. It’s suitably cosmic. It’s a good, interesting mix of characters and its paced really nicely.

Decent start. A good DC cosmic book always goes down well with me.


It’s heavily implied that when she says “Bat” she in fact means “Batawang.”


I accidentally clicked on that Vampirella one and it led to the Comixology page for it. Knowing Comixology that cover will now be in every targeted ad on my computer, my wife’s, and my work computer. Time to break out the “I don’t actually read comics myself” defense.


I’ve decided that I’m not going to lose my shit with DC for what they pulled today. I’m upset, yes. But, it’s only the first issue of a 9 issue story, involving a time travelling superhero. I’d be jumping the gun if I did so. I’m not spending a single penny on this though until it has been put right. I’m one of your core market, DC; I’m a true blood DC fanboy and I am not buying your big event of 2018/19. That’s how much of a misstep this is. Congratulations! That’ll teach ‘em.


Is Heroes In Crisis something that King has come up with himself, spinning out of his other books? Or is it a more editorially-driven event?

I haven’t really followed it that closely, but from the reactions and recaps it sounds like DC are aiming for an Identity Crisis-style controversial event again.


Seems both, King wanted to tell a story about heroes dealing with mental issues and PTSD, and Didio/editorial wanted a murder mystery akin Identity.

So merging both resulted in Heroes in Crisis


Of all events it does seem to echo Identity Crisis the most, definitely.

I agree with Chris I found the first issue went very fast. I liked it though and am intrigued at where it goes. I have to say that unlike Vikram I don’t really hold any great affection for most of the characters, they weren’t ones I ever read much.


JL Dark:

I loved the bit with Zatanna’s childhood, and I hope it’s a mainstay of the book, looking at each character’s childhoods before the story kicks in. As for the story…

I think that is the fastest any villain has gone from invincible to easily defeated. I’d complain about a deus ex machina but this is clearly the beginning of the story, not the end.

I also got Action Comics. There isn’t much to say about it—I have a feeling this book is going to hum along with sturdy, consistent quality. I liked seeing Bendis’ pitch for his big DC event on the desk of Perry White. Anyway, this book is very good. It feels like the regular Superman title will be BMB writing Superman as a blockbuster movie, and this book will be more like a prestige TV show.

(I edited this post because my spell check changed “deus ex machina” to “dues ex machine”)


Action Comics #1003 - Still loving this book. The stories are interesting and handle the Clark Kent as a reporter angle as much as his job as Superman with (a) new villain(s) that crossover into both. I hate to compare but it’s a bit like Jurgen’s 90’s Superman work the way Bendis handles the characters and the serialization of the story. Another detail I enjoy is that they continue to begin each issue with someones desk that has little Easter Eggs placed throughout. This month it’s Perry’s (see below). Yanick Paquette doing art on this issue was a nice surprise. I love his work and happy when I get to see it. As always, I will be looking forward to the next issue of this comic.


I tend to agree, I’ve admired the craft on this book all along, this issue seemed a bit messy. There was also more of the silly aspects creeping in like baby Bubastis has the power to summon Doctor Manhattan using a green lantern or something. The point in Watchmen is nobody had any super abilities outside of the Doc, Mime also seems to be able to shoot bullets magically from his fingers or something.

There’s one aspect I was happy about, Manhattan was pretty much in character as detached from most human concerns. When Rebirth and The Button dropped their hints I was concerned that they’d have him plotting away nonsense like manipulating Blue Beetle’s costume etc. It seems whatever is going on is more abstract than that and they didn’t put any pants on his so we get the Manhattawang in an event comic, which is weird.[/spoiler]


I enjoyed Action again. I’ve decided to drop Superman as I’m not really interested in that big superhero fight stuff but I appreciate that Bendis is trying to cover different approaches in each one. I just prefer the soap opera approach here (although I still think he’s picked the wrong titles, Action should have all the action stuff).

The desk pics are fun, the zoom function on digital comics helped me read Perry White’s rejection letter from Dan Didio for his Red Tornado pitch which is funny. Aren’t the deadline dates in the wrong format for an American office? Canadian artist to blame? :smile:


Hmm. Not sure. The standard American way is MM/DD but there are specialty areas (possibly newspapers) that use other formats for various reasons.


I read Doomsday Clock 7 tonight.

It makes me a little bit sad that I’m the only person on here enjoying this.


Gary Frank is wonderful, but at 7-issues I’m getting Mister Miracle-vibes of jumbled and messy plotting/thematics.


I do too, man. Really good issue.


Batman: Damned #1: I finally read this book after tracking down a physical copy at a reasonable price, and… well, I think it falls into the category of ‘good, but not for me’.

I can definitely appreciate the craft on show here - particularly when it comes to Lee Bermejo’s art, which is as detailed and beautifully textured as you would expect. He mostly manages to avoid the pitfalls that some painted artists suffer, of things looking too stilted or posed, with some really dynamic shots of Batman in action and some unsettling panels that create a real chilling sense of creeping horror and dread. There are occasionally some slightly stiff moments, and no-one will ever get away from the fact that photo-realistic depictions of superhero costumes always tend to look a bit goofy (there are even moments when Batman’s helmet specifically evokes the Adam West cowl), but for the most part the art is really good.

It’s Azzarello’s writing that I found off-putting, and I think it’s a personal taste thing for me (and something that I’ve experienced before with his books). He regularly loads his text with Alan Moore-style clever double-meanings, but unlike Moore I don’t find his writing to be elegant or flowing, and the double-meanings aren’t subtle allusions but clunky puns that distance you from the story (and don’t really feel like they quite fit Constantine’s voice as narrator). So at the same time as Bermejo’s art is drawing you onto the page with its detail and atmosphere, Azzarello’s script is constantly pulling you off and reminding you that you’re reading something artificial and forced, and it makes for a weird disconnect.

Also, I’ve never been a particular fan of the more supernatural elements of the DC Universe that this story revolves around, which again makes it hard to get excited about the likes of Deadman, Zatanna and Enchantress cropping up in this story. Although it seems like it might all be leading somewhere interesting.

That said, there are some moments that really work - Bruce feels believably agitated and disturbed throughout, with a genuinely spooky moment in the Batcave involving an empty bat-suit that is guaranteed to give readers the willies. And the moments of gore and bad language feel mostly justified, and help to provide a good justification for the existence of the ‘Black Label’ imprint.

Ultimately, this is a well-crafted book that obviously has fairly lofty ambitions, with two cocksure creators pulling out all the stops to create a comic that feels prestigious not just because of the format (although I do love the oversized magazine approach, with the heavy cover and pages giving it a real sense of weight, and the more square paper dimensions offering a slightly different canvas than regular comics - it’s a really nice-looking package overall), but also because of the quality of the storytelling and the decidedly more adult and serious tone.

It feels a little bit reminiscent in that sense of Killing Joke (and there are even a couple of direct references to that story here, for reasons that aren’t obvious to me yet) - and depending on how issues #2 and #3 play out, it could well end up becoming a great addition to DC’s roster of perennial timeless Batman stories. I’ll look out for the reaction to those issues, and I might give it another chance in collected form.