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Seems like it’s back to Jiminy Cricket for you then, Ronnie.


Everyone gives their significant other a nickname. It stands to reason that Batman and Catwoman most relate to each other as Batman and Catwoman. King chose nicknames that aren’t cute, and they happen to rhyme, which itself suggests how closely they relate to each other despite every reason not to, which is another thing he’s pointing out. What else would you have him call each other? And if you really really want, I can even explain it as King subconsciously evoking their original designations: Bat-Man (hyphenated) and the Cat. But that probably won’t win too many points.


Over the last week I happened to find both Walmart exclusive DC books debuting original Batman and Superman stories.

Batman Giant #3 - The real draw of this book is the first part of Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington’s Batman story, Universe. I love both creators. So it was a real treat seeing them work together. The early part of the issue showings things from Batman’s POV in a very unique way that leads up to a splash/reveal of Batman on a full page. There seems to be an ongoing mystery developing that at least starts with the Riddler. I quite enjoyed this brief episode and hope they collect this once the Walmart exclusive is finished. The rest of the stories were reprints that I’ve either read or am not particularly interested in but would be great for a casual reader. Glad I found this but I think I will wait for a collection of the exclusive story to read the rest of it.

Superman Giant #3 - Like the previous review, the main draw of this book was the first installment of Tom King and Andy Kubert’s Superman story, Alice. The story is fun and a bit of a Batman story on a Superman scale as Batman tasks Superman with finding a missing child who seems to have been abducted by aliens. Most of the book is Superman trying to decide if he can leave his responsibilities on Earth while he pursues this child in space with most of these vignettes showing great little action scenes and some heartfelt interactions with people close to Superman. I really enjoyed this and will look forward to this in a collect. The rest of the book reprinted some great material that I have already read. Like the Batman book, I’m glad I found this but will wait for a collection to the read the rest of the exclusive story.


Issue #50 was so irritating I skipped most of it and just appreciated the art.


How long are the stories in the Walmart books? Are they full issue-length stories or shorter serialised strips?


I think they are 12 pages. So over 12 issues, it should be about the same length as a 6 issue story/trade.


Can someone spoil Heroes in Crisis for me?


I have had a rough morning and came here to be cheered up by pics of stickers but NOOOO…:angry:


It is just another attempt by DC to crap all over Wally West and other Titans. in short, it sucks


Let’s see, there is not much story really.

  • Superman arrives at Sanctuary, sees that everybody there is dead (both patients and robot personnel). He walks outside among the bodies of Hotspot, Lagoon Boy, Citizen Steel and others unidentified. He finds both Arsenal and Wally West dead inside the house, and is joined by Batman and Wonder Woman.

  • Oh, and among the bodies is a miniaturized Blue Jay, whose body is BEING EATEN BY CROWS.

  • In another place, Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, survivors, fight and accuse each other of being the killer.


I usually call my wife by her name and to be honest I don’t have that much call to use it when we are standing having a conversation with each other.

It’s horrible dialogue, I was embarrassed reading it.

I like King a lot as a writer, this is one of the few criticisms I have of him. That and the repeated and continual structure over story decisions he makes.

His dialogue is dodgy.


This week:

Action 1003

Doomsday Clock 7

Heroes in Crisis 1

High Heaven 1 (Ahoy)

Justice League Dark 3

Justice League Odyssey 1

I’ve ordered Man-Eaters 1 and Stranger Things 1 in physical, not going to double dip. I’ve got the feeling the former is going to create some buzz so it’s mainly a speculative purchase and the latter I really want to have in my longboxea.


I’m sure there is excellent craft, but this sounds horrible. It feels really dated too.


I like my explanation better.


Sugar puss and Batawang.


I have the issues, but here’s a nice collection. Good stuff and a fun read!



Heroes in Crisis 1

Fuck knows how, but I managed to avoid the spoilers for this series, so the events that everyone is up in arms about were new to me.

I wanted to get this read pronto as I know it would be impossible to avoid spoilers much longer.

Eduoardo has summarised the story perfectly in spoilers above, so I won’t elaborate on that.

I enjoyed it, but it felt too brief, too rushed. It drops the reader right in with very little build up and for me that lessens the impact of the events within.
I think a story of this magnitude should be 12 issues.
The 9 panel grids kinda work here, although I’m generally sick of the fucking sight of the things.

It’s a pretty big bombastic idea, however I’m not convinced all is what it seems. I will try my best to avoid speculation or any spoilers other than comments on the current issue, so I can enjoy the story.

I can kinda understand why folk are getting upset but I think judgement could maybe be reserved until it’s finished, at least in terms of the merit of the series. I can also understand why some folk wouldn’t want to read it.

Ironically after the discussion in this very thread, King’s dialogue is a lot better here. It’s actually quite funny in places.
His Booster is a lot better written here than it was in the Batman book.

The art is by Mann is great. He deals with all the different components well from the 9 panel grids, to widescreen action to Harley’s expressions and body language. Nice, clear storytelling and it’s pretty to look at.


Re Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man 310

Yeah. Chip Zdarsky deserves an Eisner for this. I’m close to tears.
Honestly he could quite possibly be my favourite writer right now.
Jammed pack with emotion and great characterisation its been an absolute joy to read.

Go Read This Book


I’m not going to like Heroes In Crisis, am I?


Art is pretty.
Story is, as the kid’s slang is nowadays, “big sleep”.