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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Terminator: Sector War # 2 continues with the 80s sci fi action influenced feel and it’s a great simplistic approach. It captures the feel of the original movie brilliantly and re-establishes the Terminator as an unstoppable killing machine.

Mister Miracle # 11 was another gut churning issue. It’s weighty stuff and I was holding back the tears. No idea where this is going to go. King has delivered another classic 12 issue series to sit proudly alongside The Vision on bookshelves.

Batman 55 was a mixed bag. I enjoyed what I think is the return of KGBeast and the cliffhanger, however I did not enjoy the banter between Nightwing and Batman. I actually think dialogue, especially witty dialogue, is King’s weakness.

Burnouts # 1 by Dennis Culver & Geoffo, was terrible. Decent-ish idea but poorly executed, riddled with cliched, naive writing, terrible dialogue - just not enjoyable to read at all.
Art looks like it was drawn on an iPad using a finger.


Genuinely hadn’t read your review of this before I posted !


Ha, I think it’s definitely a comic for old-school Terminator fans like us. :slight_smile:

I agree with you that it’s a nice back-to-basics approach, and the Terminator itself is used well. Plus, those shots of the big heavy trucks and machinery feel like they’re straight out of a Cameron Terminator movie.


Given how the issue ended I don’t think this’ll be bothering you for a while.


One of my favourite books from DC Rebirth:


King’s dialogue, at least in his mind, reflects how people actually speak, rather than the idealized stuff most writers do. It’s his version of trying to capture accents and regional dialect. Personally I prefer what he does to horrible attempts at accents and regional dialect. You have to be a really good writer to pull that kind of stuff off. And a lot of writers. Aren’t.


Honestly, I mentioned my feelings about how NW’s dialogue was in the last two Batman issues in the DC thread, but if someone spoke as NW did in that issue “in real life”, someone else would probably shout to cut it out. Or throw something at him.

Gordon for sure, probably. :sweat_smile:


I’ll read it in the collection later. But I tend to his dialogue less distracting than others do.


I completely disagree with you.

I think most writers write dialogue that reflects how they think people actually speak and I don’t think King is a good example of this, compared to Garth Ennis, for example.

I find it jarring because the back and forth is cheesy as hell, not because it’s a representation of natural dialogue.

His banter between Bruce and Catwoman was birthday card pish and in no way representitive of how a couple would talk to each other.


Hear hear.


Sadly my ex LCS seems to have given up on taking the standing order photos (and all the price stickers so beloved on the board). No show for several weeks now.

This is the Big Bang one but they confuse normal people by including trades and all that.


The Man-Eaters cover is great. Their marketing is very much based on getting in faces and creating a bit of controversy and I’ve seen the covers for issues 2 and 3…I think this will generate a bit of buzz about the book

I’m looking forward to Heroes in Crisis (really impressive cover) and Stranger Things, more later when I pick the books up, looks like a good week.


Early reading before office:

Doomsday Clock #7
Well, the plot moves forward a little, finally, and Doc shows up.. It really felts that the plot is moving so slowly that the entire story could have been told in a 48 pages special up to now.

Heroes in Crisis #1
Oh boy, not going to comment, but this is one that’s going to make so much noise online.


Doomsday Clock #7: This is just an incredibly messy issue. It reads, and handles, as very jumbled up and not very cohesive. There’s some shenanigans going on that Moore was able to infuse with some thoroughlines - but Johns seems to be struggling to keep in order. Mime and Marionette get a good gag or two in, but it’s kind of a struggle to enjoy.

Heroes in Crisis #1: Well, the art isn’t as bad as Gerads at least. But it’s an incredibly baseline first issue, and has a very uninspiring handful of “gimme” moments for something that has been touted as more emotionally complex. That sets a higher standard and I don’t feel bad about holding it to that. As for it’s merits as a mystery - some real leaps in logic are made that also make that end of the plot flimsy. It’s pretty mediocre - but not as bad as Mister Miracle so far.


I wonder if they just got tired of everyone complaining about their price stickers. :wink:

Looks like just Action Comics #1003 for me today.

Damn. I was going to pass on Heroes in Crisis but with a review like this (compared to your view on Mister Miracle) it might just be the book of the year. :wink:


Ha ha, only if they ever ventured here, the Facebook posts never had any comments. I think they are just lazy. :smile:


The only thing on my list for today is Cold Spots #2.


They probably deleted those. They can’t control the message here. :wink:


Based on the first issue, nop.

And I enjoy Mr. Miracle. :wink:


Damn. Maybe I can’t rely on Tom’s negative reactions as my guide then. :wink: