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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I would recommend this. The format of the book is beautiful, and a lot of fun to read, and the binding is thick enough that you can put them all on a shelf with your trades if you so desire.

It’s good value, too. It costs less than two comics and takes about that long to read.


If you like the magic side of DC (and who doesn’t?) I heartily recommend trying out JL Dark while it’s still early in the run.


I’ve read your reviews and am going to pick the issues up next time I’m at the LCS; forgot to do it this time as it wasn’t on my list and was in a hurry. Thanks for the reminder.


This reminds me, who is the current Dr Fate? Do they say in JL Dark?


Here is your answer Will but if you are going to read the story it is a big spoiler so think twice if you want to click on itNabu, and he had the Dr Fate from Earth 2 imprisoned in a vase so he is not on the side of the heroes.


The Dreaming #1 - continues from where the Sandman Universe one shot left off. Do not read this without that earlier book; you will be deeply confused if you do, as things continue to descend into chaos following the events of the earlier book. Spurrier’s script is a little over written and pretentious, in a similar way to the classic Vertigo books of yore (that’s not a good thing, btw). It was still nice to spend time with these characters and setting again. Nostalgia isn’t going to be enough to keep me interested long term though, so he’s going to have to establish the book’s raison d’être quickly or lose me. The artwork is lovely though.

House Of Whispers #1 - the prologue for this book in the aforementioned Sandman Universe was by far my least favourite of the four vignettes. This debut issue was much improved. But, unfortunately, I really don’t care. I always struggle with the mythology of New Orleans, voodoo, and all that ilk. I don’t think I’ll be picking up anymore issues of this.

Batman: Damned Book One - I was going to trade wait this series, but the few actual reviews of the book I have seen tempted me to pick it up here & now. I’m glad I did. It’s a fantastic book.

The format of the book itself is brilliant. Much better than I expected it to be. It’s like a high quality magazine, or glossy brochure. Very nice. Not sure I even need a deluxe hardcover instead of this.

Lee Bermejo’s artwork is astounding. Very cinematic. The storytelling is so clear and easy to follow. There are some really imaginative segues between scenes, and amazingly one or two effective “jump scares” too.

Azzarello’s story, likewise, is a really creepy and effective blending of the world of Batman with the supernatural. Constantine being the narrator of the book adds to the disorienting feeling as you read it.

This is a great start to the Black Label imprint.


Yeah, the format looks great. It’s one of the reasons I’m keen to grab a hardcopy if and when I can.


I’ve just messaged my LCS to see if they have any copies left. If they do I’ll try to grab one for you. May be a long shot, but worth a try.


Wow, thanks Vikram, I really appreciate it.


Sorry, Dave. They’ve got none left either.


No worries, I think at this point it will be the same story all over. Thanks for trying.


Black Science #38 - Grant and Sara make it to the centre of “the onion”, and finally get some answers that turn everything upside down. Just in time for it all to blow up. Four issues to go.

Adventures of the Super Sons #2 was a great issue. Tomasi quickly provides pathos into the villains’ backstory, turning them from a throwaway joke into something far more memorable for Jon & Damien to face off with.

Justice League #7 - damn, Jim Cheung brought his A game to this issue. It’s beautiful! The League manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as expected. But, lots of questions left unanswered by the end. Love this.

Justice League #8 - another “Legion of Doom” interlude, this time showcasing the Batman Who Laughs; who is clearly being positioned as a lynchpin in this whole affair. Really looking forward to the forthcoming mini-series.

New Challengers #5 - a slight improvement from last issue, but still the absolute worst comic I’be read in years.

Immortal Men #6 - disappointed that this series was cut short, just as it was getting going. Unfortunately the two issue wrap up felt rushed and inconclusive.

Michael Cray #11 - the penultimate issue in the arc, and the series, promises a pretty spectacular showdown next issue.

James Robinson is clearly not the writer he once was, but I keep giving him a chance in the hopes that he will recover that magic. He doesn’t manage it in Detective Comics #988, the first instalment of his six issue run. But, it’s the start of a perfectly serviceable Batman story. Damning with faint praise.

Superman #3 - the artwork here is phenomenal; Reis is on fire. A couple of double page spreads are jaw dropping. The writing, on the other hand, is a little lacking this issue. It has little of the charm that the last couple of issues did. Maybe deliberately so, given the circumstances. Great cliffhanger though - no idea how Clark is going to get out of that one!


I still think Sgt. Shirley did it better.


A bit late getting my reviews up but this was an amazing week for comics.

Batman: The Damned Book One - Azzarello and Bermejo have hit gold here. The story really hits the ground running with Batman on a rough night. There is a moody and atmospheric feel to the book that is aided by commentary from a mysterious narrator. I’m a huge fan of Bermejo’s designs especially costumes and things in the comic world. He makes them feel like real things that could work in our own reality. The format is really great in digital. Where most comics have black bars on the sides of the pages to fill the gap, the art on this book went edge to edge. I’m really excited for more of this book and more of the DC Black Label line.

Justice League #8 - This was another issue focused on the Legion of Doom. It really uses the Man Who Laughs and Starman to great effect. The Joker’s reaction to the former is a bit fun too. I really think this series is telling some great stories. I look forward to more.

Mister Miracle #11 - The set up to this issue feels wrong at first but then you realize that the premise is at the heart of the Fourth World mythos. The awkward banter and strained relationships are handled in an amazing way before everything twists. At the end, there is an even bigger twist that may be the key to this book. I’ll be sad to see this book end after the next issue but can hardly wait to see how it all wraps up.

Hit-Girl #8 - I never thought I’d enjoy a Hit-Girl story written by anyone other than @Mark_Millar. However, this last storyline has really showed the genius and the Batman level of flexibility that Mark built into the character. Lemire and Risso did an incredible job and I can’t wait to see more teams take on our favorite tiny executioner.


Dropped by Midtown Comics today (to pick up magazine bags). They are now selling Batman: The Damned Book One for $40, limit one per customer. In fairness to them, the book was selling at face value last week, but still…


Maybe this was a plan from DC concocted at their retailer summit, after all Batwang was never in the digital copy from the start. If comic shops are struggling a little why not give them a $40 book to sell. :smile:


It really is disappointing that an outline of a cock that is or isn’t there is what is being talked about. It really was a great book and the format was pretty incredible even in digital.


Looking forward to Superwang, Hawkwang, and the Green Wangtern next. (The Flash and Elongated Man would not need to change their names)


I’m really looking forward to reading it in hardcopy as the format looks great.

Luckily, since my disappointment at it being sold out in my locals, I’ve been able to avoid the scalpers and pick up a copy for not much over cover price - it should arrive in the next few days.

I still think DC have ballsed this up completely by immediately rowing back on a ‘mature’ element of their new mature-readers line. But at the same time, after the last week of nonsense I can see why they just want to avoid the whole thing in future - like Ronnie says it seems like a shame it’s become such a distraction.


Pretty packed week this week - the biggest in a long time for me.

Here’s what I’ve read so far:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest #2: The standout book of the week, for me. It’s impressive that the book still manages to be this good after so long, but from the very first page - with Bond humming his own theme tune - there are delights that can’t help but make you smile. I like that Moore and O’Neill are still filling out their fictional world with such a broad range of characters and ideas (my favourite here might have been the reference to President David Palmer from 24 fighting his own “birther” movement from Infinite Jest’s Johnny Gentle), and there’s a big cliffhanger at the end that certainly gives this series an air of finality and climax for the League series as a whole. Plus, there’s a fair bit of extra material, including a fun backup strip and an interesting mini-article on Frank Bellamy (that includes a not-very-veiled dig at Frank Miller for drawing on elements of Heros The Spartan with 300). Good stuff.

The Wild Storm #17: A reasonably slow issue, but still a very enjoyable one. The one-on-one conversations between John Lynch and his old team have been some of my favourite parts of this series, and this is one of the best. Plus, I like the way the book gradually seems to be building towards something bigger and more Authority-like, especially with the introduction of the two ‘new’ characters at the end of this issue.

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #5: Recent events in this series have marked quite a radical shift to the status quo, and this issue spends quite a lot of time explaining the background to that shift and filling out some of the wider backstory of the series. That means it’s not a great issue in terms of exploring the individual characters and character relationships (which I think is my favourite part of the book), but it does provide a lot of big answers, so will be appreciated by readers who have been waiting for those.

Terminator: Sector War #2: After a great first issue that set everything up nicely and added a few wrinkles to what we expect from a Terminator story (while still sticking pretty closely to the original template), I have to admit that this second chapter was a bit of a step down for me. It’s more action-heavy than the first issue, which I think is something a Terminator comic needs - but it comes at the expense of really developing the story and moving it into a more interesting place than it was left at the end of issue #1. I have a feeling this series might read better once collected, as this is a much-needed burst of action after the initial setup, but on its own I didn’t find it quite as interesting or substantial as the first chapter.

The Devil In Disguise #4: This was a very decent wrap-up to an enjoyable series. There are some good twists here that I didn’t see coming, and I really enjoyed the ‘voice’ of the book in general - a good balance between dark moody urban superheroics and something a bit more fun and subversive. Great work, @mattgarvey1981.