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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


My list is:
Witchfinder #5
WildStorm #17
Hit Girl #8
Savage Dragon #238

and possibly:
Batman Damned #1


For me:

Return of Wolverine Variant #6
Return of Wolverine Variant #13
Return of Wolverine Variant #15
Return of Wolverine Variant #19
Return of Wolverine Variant #23


Just picked up Batman The Damned. I hadn’t realised it was large format. The art looks terrific


I’ve ordered paper copyright of The Damned but I was going to read this digitally as I need to wait a month to get the first issue.

Question for anyone who has picked it up - would I be best holding off for the physical copy rather than waste it by reading digitally?


A couple of catch-ups from last week.

The Seeds #2

Like the first issue, this second is fairly heavy on symbolism and metaphor and relatively light on plot. That’s ok though, because the ideas that the book gives us to think about are quite provocative, and stick with you long after you’ve closed the cover.

There are still details of this book that remain frustratingly out of the reader’s grasp, with the broad strokes of the world of the series given to us fairly clearly, but a lot of the connective tissue absent. So this is not a comic for people that like to have a story laid out clearly and conventionally - and even for those who are open to something a little more abstract, it can be a bit oblique sometimes.

But Nocenti’s writing and Aja’s art come together to create a tone and atmosphere that makes the book incredibly readable in spite of this, with a sense of eerie dread throughout that gives way to some disturbing scenes by the issue’s end.

One of the metaphors used in the story gives us a particularly cold idea of how humanity might be seen by an alien ‘other’ and it puts the romance subplot in such stark relief that its significance is much more keenly felt here than in the first issue.

Surreal, abstract, monochrome books about aliens visiting a future earth on the brink of societal apocalypse might not be for everyone, but for me I’m enjoying the uniqueness of this series, which is like nothing else that I’m reading. I have no idea how it is all going to play out, but I’m enjoying the ride.

The Wrong Earth #1

This is kind of a 180° turn from The Seeds in that it gives us a very cleary-told story that relies on ideas that will be very familiar to readers of superhero comics, brought to life with very conventional art.

But it brings these elements together in a way that works well, with a fun central premise (camp Silver Age superhero swaps places with his grim-n-gritty equivalent from an alternate Earth) that is set up nicely in the first half of the book, and provides some fun moments and a bit of intrigue in the back half.

Tom Peyer’s script is knowing and tongue-in-cheek at times, featuring plenty of nods and winks that will make his heroes Dragonflyman and Stinger feel familiar to fans of Batman and Robin. And Jamal Igle’s art captures a nice sense of Batman '66 and DKR (which seem to be the main touchstones for the two Earths in this book), without ever pushing the pastiche quite so far that it feels like an outright parody book. As well as being jokey and silly at times, this is still a story you can invest in.

As the first comic from new firm AHOY, this issue works hard to sell the whole line, with what seems to be a focus on added value in the form of backup features. So there’s an extra short comics story in a retro style, a text story by Grant Morrison that mixes alliterative pulp prose (think his Batman/Joker prose issue) with some likeably absurd touches, and there’s also a single-page cartoon and a nice afterword too. The production quality of the book is decent enough too (the cover stock feels a bit thin but that seems to be increasingly the norm lately).

I’ll likely check out some other AHOY #1s on the strength of this.


I read The Wrong Earth the other night, I had actually meant to post on this. I agree, I thought it was a really good idea, well executed. The whole book was a great little package.

Peyer is so underrated.


Personally I’d try and hold off but I think this is bi-monthly so you may be waiting a while.


Thanks Rob, I generally get my Previews orders at the start of each month or second week in, it will be about 3 weeks. I can wait. Just means missing out on any chat as it comes out.


I think I’m waiting for the HC.


I know it’s got a long page count but at £4.99 for a digital issue I’m going to wait for a collection.


Managed to abstain, without some considerable effort, from buying Batman: The Damned # 1 in digital. Physical copy will be here in a few weeks and that’s a fiver saved.

I’ve also decided to get the trade for Black Badge so not picked up issue 2, issue 1 was strong enough to make me want the first volume - just worry sometimes that trade waiting these books might harm their chances of running as long as they were intended to.

Aquaman 40
Batman 55
Burnouts 1
By Night 4
Immortal Hulk 6
Mister Miracle 11
Terminator Sector War 2


Didn’t realise this was out - I need to pick it up alongside Wild Storm and Black Hammer.


Both these titles have been part of my recent cull to cut down on spending - I do plan on reading them both later though.

I’ve lost the plot with Wildstorm, so I’ve decided to wait until it’s finished and then I’ll hopefully picked up the rest of it in the sale.

Black Hammer seems to pop up in sales a lot as well, so I’ll catch up with that next time the issues are down to 69p on comixology.




Here’s a better look at it…


I wasn’t planning on picking up the Damned until the hardcover but as soon as I saw the magazine format I had to. This is by far the best-looking book I’ve read in some time—huge and cinematic and detailed and gritty.

Beyond that, the book itself is all I could want from a comic: completely immersive, pulpy, using some cool corners of DC in surprising ways. Azzarello at his best is my favorite writer in comics, and while it remains to be seen whether this one will count among his best, it’s great to see him writing Constantine again. (I think his Hellblazer run is very underrated, and the best swing at the character by an American writer).

Any, big, big recommendation from me.

As for the Bat-penis—I had heard about it before I read the book and was surprised that it was in not one but multiple panels. To be honest, however, it fit the tone and nature of the book perfectly (it’s an R-rated book, it’s not like this is Superfriends) and I don’t really see what the big deal is. At least now it is canon that Batman is circumcised.


The art is so beautiful that it’s worth the money. Plus, Azzarello is firing on all cylinders and hits the magic side of DC, which I’ve always been fond of makes the book that much better.
This is easily the creepiest Batman story I’ve ever read.

Edited to add: the art has this grimy, visceral, almost dirty feel to it and captures the bad side of Gotham perfectly.


I would still wait for tpb. But I trust Azzarello. He never dissappointed me. Broken City, 100 Bullets, Filthy Rich, Europa, El Diablo, Joker… He is king of crime comics! Ofcourse, Bermejo’s always hyperstylized. As for Bat johnson, I hope it’s not gratitous (this is Batman after all and I don’t want to have nightmares :grin:)


It sounds like it’s worth picking up a hardcopy of the Batman book - I’ll check my LCS to see if they have any left this weekend.


I have no idea why this popped up in my head this morning as I was rising, I shall think hard on the subject until I come to some sort of resolution.