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I am following the cosmic Marvel story Infinity Wars and #3 came out today. SPOILERS at the end of #2 Gamora had gathered all 6 stones together and reunited with her aspect that was trapped in the Soul Stone.
In #3 we see what she does with the stones. Loki shows up warns here about another universe where the heroes are fighting desperately against an unknown threat. He says he saw it in the God Quarry. She leaves to investigate the Quarry. But to prevent people from following and to keep the monster in the Soul Realm busy she creates a new world in the soul realm called Warp World and throws the heroes into it after she combines them.
“Your father once cut the number of souls in the universe by half,” Loki points out, “and now you have done the exact same thing. But much more creatively, of course.”
She tosses Loki in after them

If you read the upcoming solicitations you know there are one shots coming out with the combined characters called Infinity Warps.Cap/Dr Strange, Thor/Iron Man, Ghost rider/Black Panther, were among the ones trying to stop Gamora and got combo’ed for their trouble. In a happy coincidence (done for possibly marketing purposes) Moon Knight pops in and gets stuck with Spider-Man. To make it less a sausage fest, Duggan combos Scarlet Witch and X-23 for the ladies.
the best part is when Loki goes looking for help against the Soul Stone monster, He ends up at Xaviers school and meets Doopool and Logan Frost

The issue is almost entirely expository but is amusing none the less. Duggan is writing a captivating story and combined with Asgardians of the Galaxy which came out last week, Marvel Cosmic is headed back to where it was when the second iteration of GotG came out: some out of the world humor, bizarre ideas, and just enough danger to keep things tense.


I’m trade waiting Cemetry Beach. I think the creative team is fantastic. But, I too, am slighlty peeved about Trees.


I had heard it was still in the works, it’s good to know.

Given my experience following Trees in singles, though, I’m inclined to wait until their future projects together are done before reading them.


It’s a 7 issue mini so at least it won’t be kept hanging like he’s done with other projects …


Good to know, thanks.


Fantastic Four #2 has some cool art and I’m glad to see the Future Foundation back, but it’s also starting to show some of Dan Slott’s negative traits—the way he underdevelops villains, and how he feels the fanboy-isn need to rope in too much Marvel lore in lieu of telling a story. Still, the last page is kinda neat.


Not enough Bentley - 0/10 :wink:


why am I not surprised? Your persona here strikes me as a very Bentley sort of person. I did enjoy the return of the foundation. Sue’s thoughts about Val’s new boyfriend were classic.

i understand this but I was OK with it because she is one of those Cosmic personifications. Most of them are surface level personalities. I am interested in how he deals with the new Immortal Hulk.


Oh, I don’t like Bentley because I relate to him or something.
Just that I like the kid dynamics that he, Val, and Franklin all had during Hickman’s run. It’s classic stuff.
It’s early, I know, but that whole front felt very “wallpaper” which would be a shame.


Batman: White Knight #1 - I’m huge Sean Murphy fan with his writer/artist work, Punk Rock Jesus, being one of my all-time favorites. However, I’m a bit tired of Joker stories and this was a limited series. So I had planned on just picking up the trade. Then, this free Batman Day issue came out and I thought I might as well try a sample. I’m pretty impressed by how much (even in the first issue) Murphy was able to invert the Batman/Joker relationship. In the past, there have been times where it felt like the Joker had convinced people that he had gone straight but this seems to be building toward him actually being something better while Batman is spinning out of control. I’m definitely picking up a trade on this. The question now is do I just pick up the current version of the trade in digital or wait for the hardcover/director’s cut trade. Has Murphy indicated what will be included in the altered version? I know there was something about some more adult scenes. If it’s just more boobs and swearing, that doesn’t matter so much to me but if there are scenes that make it more of an OGN than the issue to issue release similar to what he did with PRJ, I would be up for that.

Superman #3 - The first issue of this book was such a great read and packed so much into a single issue. By comparison, the last two issues haven’t stood up that well. There are a couple fun moments like Superman just telling looters to “Put it down!” and “Cut it out!”. Then, flying off leaving them to do what he says. That Adam Hughes cover was incredible too (see below). I’m not quite ready to cut this book out of my list but am hoping Bendis is building to something satisfying here.


That’s a great Superman cover.

I felt similarly to you about Batman: White Knight Ronnie - it’s convinced me to pick up the upcoming trade version after all, and worry about what is or isn’t in it later once an alternative version is available.


Good choice, guys. As I said elsewhere it reads really well as it is. I really cannot tell where any “censorship” happened other than in the one sex scene.


I see posts like you two and wonder why they don’t give first issues for free or cheap more often.

I’d argue that it’s killed Vertigo. Unfollow and Clean Room would have found audiences if more people read the first issues.


Nah, Vertigo killed Vertigo.

They practically taught people to buy the trades, people did so then on Unfollow and Clean Room they decided not to apply that rule and killed the books off. So, due to that confidence in the model collapsed - why wait for the trade when Vertigo won’t give the series the time to develop? In fact, why bother when the series has already been axed so early none of its plots can go anywhere?

This really hit the last Lucifer series - it could have been a fantastic, epic tale but Vertigo got cold feet so they changed the team, and axed it.


That’s fair Ben. There’s a lot of truth to it. My counter would be that the Vertigo brand was too diminished then, and they needed to inject it with enthusiasm once more to even lure the trade waiters back.


Perhaps, for me all that was needed was to give those series time.


The cleverness of trade-waiting is extinguished once the list of trades needed meets or exceeds what used to be a maximum monthly pull list.

  • Miqque’s Musings, #1,742


I think the that hurt Vertigo most was running off all of the A-list creators, and turned the imprint into a farm team for the superhero line.


I don’t think they ran them off. The model was usurped by Image when they started publishing material in the same vein where the creators keep 100% rights and all the profit after costs. You can’t compete with that and offer a better deal.

I also think the A List is rather seen in retrospect. Most of the writers on classic Vertigo books were less established than Simone and Rob Williams when they got the gigs, Gaiman was unpublished, Ennis had only done 2000ad work, Brian K Vaughan, Jason Aaron and Ed Brubaker had very little out or maybe even nothing before Vertigo called.


Yes, but most of the guys like Ennis, Morrison, and Gaiman (and Moore before it was even called Vertigo!) left Vertigo for greener pastures after they made their names.

I sort of recall that Vertigo made the terms on their creator-owned contracts less favorable at some point in the late 90s, which sent folks like Ellis and Ennis to Wildstorm, who gave better creator terms.

I also think Vertigo was putting out too many high concepts that floundered like The Minx, Crusades, Operation Knockout, and Outlaw Nation in a calculated effort to find the next Preacher or Sandman, and got stuck in that mode for nearly a decade. They sort of hit with Fables and Y The Last Man, but in the early 90s those would have been b-team titles and not the flagship titles they became.