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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Would it be worth my while reading this again from issue 1? I do feel the biggest problem for me is that I’m finding myself completely lost each time I pick up a new issue, although part of it is all the nonsense about energies and whatnot.


I think it’s worth a re-read, Chris. Tempted to do one all the way through myself (skipping #4). If for nothing else, just to enjoy the brilliant artwork.


Few quick comments on the week’s books

Unnatural 3 took things up a level, opening up a few new mysteries with things not going in the direction I expected. This reads very well in single issues, in part due to the strong cliffhangers. Although monthly I find it easy so far to pick the narrative up again, which I’m convinced is deliberate but I can’t quite put my finger on how she does it when so many other experienced writers fail to.

Bordertown 1 got off to a good start. It does have a Vertigo feel to it, of sorts. Bit of a Frank Quitely/Steve Skroce influence in the art, blended with Manga when the artist takes the notion for it. If I remember right it might actually just be characters of a certain race that he does that with.
Not quite sure that the structure or pacing is quite right for a first issue, it is a little bit over the place, but I enjoyed reading it. I’ll keep reading as long as my interest takes me, probably in digital monthly as that seems to be important in order for these books to survive and I’m not sure I’d be able to re-sell the trade anyway, most recent Vertigo/Image stuff is hard to sell on eBay and I’m not sure this is a series destined to remain on my shelves for years to come. But I’ll enjoy it for what it is just now - which is ‘topical’. It’s a bit heavy handed and maybe also a bit heavy on the stereotypes & cliches (maybe deliberately so), I think id maybe be rolling my eyes if I was from Arizona.
There’s a few fun Easter eggs inside; bane, what looks like Morpheus’ helmet, a poster of Zatana and Constantine.

Batman 54 I got a bit fed up with this issue. King’s dialogue ticks do grate at times. I usually ignore that as best I can, but I couldn’t this issue and I think it was down to the constant jumping back and forward which resulted in really disrupting the flow of the book and underlined his annoying dialogue. I like King a lot but this was not one of his better issues and I wish at times he’d stop with the gimmicks and structural fucking around and just tell a fucking story.
Also, as good at it is to see Wagner, his art is variable here, from great to like someone getting their break in comics. It really does vary, like some days he was feeling it and other days he couldn’t be arsed.
The plot itself basically bounces back and forther between Bruce and Dick present day and past events. None of which really add much new to the mythos. The jokes also fall flat.
So this issue didn’t work at all for me, but it’s just blip along the way. It’s allowed.

bully wars 1 this is skottie young’s New book and although it’s all about the art, he is the writer and has unearthed a gem in the form of Aaron Conley.
It’s a book aimed at younger readers and reminds me of the sort of fun I used to have when I was younger just starting at Mad Magazine and Bash Street Kids art and guys like Sergio Aragones. The art is very ‘cartoonish’ in style but it’s fantastic, the pages are full to the brim of a sense of place or just incidental details that makes the world and the characters within seem fully realised.
There’s a whole 3 pages devoted to the act of someone spitting gum and it’s a perfectly constructed introduction of one of the Bully’s.
Young clearly showing his understanding of the visual side of things by getting the most out of this very talented artist.
Highly recommended, edging Unnatural 3 as my book of the week…at least that was until I read

cover # 1 by bendis and mack
Ok. This is some top level bendis with Mack on full on experimental mode. If neither of those things are selling point then this book is a bit of insight into comic book artists and the industry, all wrapped up in a spy story.
A comic about comics, and spies, by two top creators.

I’ve not read Immortal Hulk or The Dreaming yet, but the week just passed had some good stuff come out.


Sorry I’m just remembering to respond, Chris. I’m tempted to reread too. I’ve enjoyed the opening arc but feel a bit like I was drinking from the fire hose. That’s not necessarily a bad thing to me.


Ive downloaded all 7 onto my comixology on my iPad to remind me I plan to do it, I’ll get round to them in the next week or so and then I’ll be able to judge better how much I’ve enjoyed it. There’s is a LOT going on and I can’t pretend to grasp or or understand it all.


I felt the exact way about Batman. I wanted to really enjoy the story and have it show just how much Bruce and Dick care for each other as true family but it just felt forced.


Thumbs up



Good week for me this week. Seeds #2 is out (not last week as I had thought - it got pushed back a week), as well as the second issue of LOEG: Tempest and the first issue of The Wrong Earth from Ahoy.


LOEG Tempest #2: Moore really took heart ot the whole Bond beign a blunt instrument thingie, didn’t he. A nuke for you, another for you, etc.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot, poor retired american superheroes


Looks like just Superman #3 for me today.


I don’t see LOEG #2 on any UK lists. The first one was late as well. Is this do do with it being distributed by Knockabout in the UK?


Maybe so - I’m getting my physical books from Forbiddenplanet (.com) at the moment and I see they’ve just put their expected date back to the 19th. I think you’re right that a similar thing happened with issue #1.


Batman: White Knight #1 is free on ComiXology today in connection with Batman Day later this week.


Great! Thanks Ronnie.


Picking up
Catwoman 3
Hawkman 4
House of Whispers 1
Suicide Squad 46
Superman 3
The Wrong Earth 1
World of Tanks 5

Interested in hearing if the following are worth picking up if anyone reads them -

Cemetery Beach 1 (Ellis)
Detective Comics 988 (Robinson)
Low Road West 1
MCMLXXV 1 (Casey)


Sean’s back to rocking the visuals, and the first dozen pages or so of Batman: White Knight were good. And ya can’t beat the price! (Thanks, Ronnie!)


I hadn’t even heard about this. I just looked it up.

Reteaming with Jason Howard is a bit of a double-edged sword for me - I liked Trees but the fact that they’re moving on to something else is slightly disappointing, given how they left that book hanging.

Also, given Ellis’ usual style these days I’m not sure a single issue will be enough to get the measure of it (what’s the betting it sets up some interesting groundwork then stops suddenly with a “to be continued…”?), so I might wait until more is done and check it out then.


Ellis said a few months ago that he’d started writing Vol. 3.


The Wrong Earth #1: This was a fun start. It’s a great little premise and is immediately recognizable and familiar in its atmosphere and feeling. It’s also nicely solitary, which is always a plus. This is going on the pull.