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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve only got like 2 issues of this so I might check that out now and see how much it is!


Scooby-Doo Team Up continues to be my favourite title of the month. #41 features Penelope Pitstop, and normally I’m disappointed when the guest star is another H-B cartoon character rather than a DC chatacter, but in this instance Fisch perfectly nails Penelope, the Hooded Claw, and the Anthill Mob, and the absurdity of accepted cartoon conventions (“Can you imagine wearing the same thing every day?” Daphne asks when she sees that Penelope’s luggage consists of dozens of identical outfits (Daphne wears the same outfit in every episode too, in case the joke needs exlaining)), and had me laughing out loud at several points.

Solly Fisch is a genius. There might not be a better writer at DC at the moment. I am totally serious.


In honor of the ongoing new comics thread, I wanted to mention that yesterday I bought a book that had a price tag on the cover. When I tried to peel the price tag off it took the cover with it. (I am returning it today)

What is wrong with people?


It’s both a comic and an entertaining test of skill!


So what is on everyone’s list this week? For me the most interesting book is the second issue of The Seeds, I’ll be keen to check it out after the great debut.


Good catch, Dave.


Looks like Adventures of the Super Sons #2 and Justice League #7 for me. Really looking forward to Justice League wrapping up its first storyline especially.


The Seeds #1 was very intriguing but so much cryptic set up that I can’t easily pronounce judgement until something concrete happens (hopefully in #2).

But annoyingly I picked up my comics on Monday this week and I won’t go in again this week.


True, it holds a lot of promise but it’s too early to pronounce the whole series great yet. Good start, though.


Leviathan #2
Elric: The White Wolf $1


Batman 54 (matt Wagner on art for this one)

**Border Town 1 **(Vertigo series that saw the writer get shit on social media for that I’m buying in digital and paper form just to get the sales up - encourage others to do likewise if they have a spare few bucks this week and want to try a new book at random

bully wars 1 (skottie young writes)

cover 1 (new bendis and Mack series)

Immortal hulk 5 (more Ewing and Bennett brilliance)

justice league 7 (plan was to drop this and pick up in a sale and read in one go, because I’m struggling to follow it - but cheung is back on art)

the dreaming 1 (first full issue of the sandman relaunch. Hoping spurrier manages to write in a voice that doesn’t complete disrupt the flow of this comic, because he can be a pain in the arse with his dialogue at times)

Unnatural 3 (it lays it on a bit thick at times, but Mirka Andoldo’s series translated to English for Image has been a real pleasure to read, and look at, so far)


Looking forward to what y’all think of NuGaiman 52.


What is the internet issue with Border Town?


Border Town #1: This is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is very blatantly author insertion to a high degree. And that’s something that can be a rocky intention to maneuver through. Esquivel doesn’t do the best at it, the preeminent example being a mid-issue credo. It’s eye-rolling. The rest though? It’s a serviceable kid-gang type monster adventure so far. Unlike something like Marvel’s America - the author facing focus doesn’t get in the way of having a plot/beats…yet. I can see that maybe happening later on, but so far…it’s aight.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #38: Lapham is continuing on with the most interesting issue yet. Given it’s prequel status it seems he might be taking the genre and the text into a more metaphysical direction. Strange…but I’ll see where it goes.


It seems to be an immigration allegory from the press releases and seemed quite sympathetic to their cause so some interwebs people attacked it without having read it as you’d expect.


So it’s like Superman?


Cunts getting their knickers in a twist over the thinly veiled commentary on immigration I think


Just PAPER GIRLS 24 and WALKING DEAD Vol 30 TPB for me.


Planning on picking up the final Hellboy omni this Friday when I gots da time.


From somewhere around issue 5 of Leviathan - if I’ve got my timing right.


Adventures of the Super Sons #2 - I’m not generally into fill-in the gap type comics for things that are already passed but this book is filling a Jon Kent sized hole in my heart. I love what Bendis is doing with the main Superman books but miss Jon and the family aspect of the previous run. This book helps fill that hole.

Justice League #7 - Wow! Such a great issue. In a similar manner to Dark Nights: Metal, this first arc left my head spinning a little. On the upside, Snyder is just starting a longer run and this storyline was definitely not meant to wrap everything up. The Tynion villain issue was a nice touch too. I can’t wait to see more of this series especially with Jimenez and Cheung on art. Both are doing stellar work here.