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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Just quoting myself from FB.

Just finished “Leviathan #1” by John Layman Nick Pitarra and that poor Garland fellow they have chained in the basement. Full-tilt boogie emotional roller-coaster ride, from chuckles and ain’t-that-clever to Whoa Fu-u-u-u-u… That’s Layman, a very stable genius. Meanwhile when Nick isn’t pulling focus from close-up to medium to the giant widescreen required for a gigundous lizard, he’s taking us on an Epic Easter Egg Hunt. I do believe that to be a precise replication of the Presidential Bedroom. Of course, we’re only a fifth of the way there. This is kind of a warm-up. From the tease at the end Mr. Garland gets to add more colors to his monster palette. Which means more monsters, more Worst-Day-Ever, and I can’t wait


I picked up the first two issues of Bendis’ Action Comics based on the recommendations here. Pretty good stuff.

At some point in maybe the early-to-mid 2010s, Bendis became a bit of parody of himself, I thought. His tics became too familiar, and he leaned into them too hard. However, his last few years at Marvel represented a nice turnaround for him, where he was still constructing fairly dense books but seemed to have tapped into a new well of inspiration and began relying less on circular dialogue and stuff like that.

He seemingly brought this to DC. Action is unmistakably a Bendis book, but you might almost say it’s a Bendis book circa 2003. He wasted no time in dropping a bunch of new characters in Superman’s lore (I always think it’s a smart move to open a big run with your own original villain and then work your way to the classics), it’s rich and layered, and he really has a nice feel for Superman’s voice. I love that he said he would show how organized crime works in Metropolis and is really devoted to it…yet it’s one of 4 or 5 solid plots.

I’m on board for now.


I think his Superman book is worth a read too. I actually prefer it. He’s really going for the “it stands for hope” angle. And, it’s brilliant. The artwork is gorgeous too.

You can skip Man of Steel though. That mini was an extended prologue, and is recapped in 1 or 2 pages in the main series; telling you all you need to know.


I did read Man of Steel. I thought it was pretty good. I think I will check out Superman, but likely in the Comixology sales near the end of the year. I am a big Ivan Reis fan.

However if I’m being honest I actually hate the “it stands for hope” side of Superman. Stuff like that one page in All-Star Superman, Superman as a source of inspiration, Superman as Jesus, whatever…to me it is probably the least interesting take on the character.


Really? I agree about the religious under/ overtones - I can do without that. But, the hopeful aspect really resonates for me. To each his own.

Reis has really won me over with his art on this though.


I don’t mind it as a concept but I do feel right now it’s been a bit overdone. I feel similarly with Captain America, I don’t really need another story about ‘this is what he stands for’.

Quite a few of the Action #1000 stories did that (especially the first one) and while not bad stories I’ve kind of hit fatigue with it now.


It’s been done a lot and it feels meta—like writers are projecting how Superman made them feel as a kid into the books themselves, or worse, what they think the fanbase feels about Superman—and to me that’s the wrong approach to storytelling. To each his own and I know I’m in the minority on that.

I prefer a Superman (and Cap) that just rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done because he’s supposed to.


I enjoyed west coast avengers as well. I really liked Thompson’s Hawkeye run, and this is really a continuation of that so I’m in.
Thanks to all for the JL dark recommendations. I had them sitting on my wish list waiting for a Price drop, but decided to pick up issue 1 and 2 now, after the reviews here.
Glad I did. Really solid start to the series.


I get that. Too much can seem schmaltzy, and hope alone isn’t enough to carry a story. But, Superman and Captain America epitomise the (ahem) power of hope. It’s almost their only truly unique super power. We can get everything else they offer elsewhere, in other books, with other heroes. But, these two are pretty much the only two characters where hope is a legitimate emotional response.

Bendis has spoken about how he sees Superman as a beacon of hope in today’s world. And, given the stuff going on at the macro and micro level, that’s what I need right now.

There is a lot more going on in the Superman book too, btw. It would be a disservice to say otherwise. These books are crammed full of story. And, did I mention the beautiful art?


Black Hammer: Age of Doom #4 is a decent issue that brings us to a fairly big confrontation which leads to an apparently major revelation for the series. Although I’m not convinced the cliffhanger ending is all it seems. It’s an interesting twist though.


He won me over on his Nu52 Aquaman run. Boy can draw!



Ve’Nam made me chuckle.


Fifth Wednesday, that means it’s a week to catch up on stuff you have piled up.


Why catch up when you can buy another Scarlet #1?

I feel like that book’s complete infrequency made it lose it’s time and place. Maybe it has something to say about the current moment, but I’m a bit reticent to check it out until I hear some praise.


This is one of those very rare weeks where I am not buying anything. Just as well; I don’t fancy walking over to Midtown Comics in this heat.


Nothing on my list this week either. Maybe I’ll pick up some stuff in my Wish List or catch up on some stuff I have backlogged.


I feel the same. The first book started coming out during the ‘Arab Spring’ movement, which leant it a certain topicality. Ten issues (and eight years!) later, the world has moved on a lot.

(Also now more jarring is that one of the characters is called Isis.)


Comics are also only out tomorrow in the UK due to the bank holiday.

I have been catching up on some titles and I have to say I think Gideon Falls may be my favourite book out right now. It’s small town American horror done so very well.

Lemire is on a roll at the moment and Sorrentino is doing some of his best work. It’s interesting because while we naturally praise dynamism in comics and the likes of David Aja who does that so well I think with this and Burrows’ work on Providence I really like the sense of stillness in the work. It’s maybe the difference between a superhero book and a horror one. It’s not that he can’t do action, and there is some, but those still creepy images have the more lasting impression. It’s beautiful stuff.


I do recommend Judas which appears to be out in trade this week by Gar’s list.