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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


For me, I liked the effort in doing that. I love the cadence in the original stories.
I didn’t mind the by the numbers thing - it’s a lot like Groo: Friends or Foes which was meant to spotlight Groo’s supporting cast and actually just retold stories Aragones had already done…since this isn’t meant to be a new chapter, just something for Orion, I liked how it worked as a self-contained little outing.

A newcomer would totally be able to know the basics of Orion after it.


I like it better when he’s drawn like a heavyweight shot put thrower or even The Mountain from GoT than Mr Olympia.


The last issue of Superman was awful, but I gave it a pass as a one off issue…Nope, turns out it was a two parter, and today’s issue was just as bad.

I like Scott Godlewski’s art, he’s got a fun cartoony style, but the writing is some of the most clunky heavy handed tripe I’ve seen for awhile. Hopefully the next arc will be better.


Agreed. The one in the back is I guess the new Hulk but he’s too handsome and looks too much like a regular muscleman.

MY Hulk is more of a monster.

McFarlane got this too.


Really, really dislike smiley-ass Millennial Hulk.

No More Marvel.


Make Mine Monster Hulk


Okay, I have to ask, because I don’t know if I’m just getting old (which, probably, yeah) or if anyone else is feeling this too. I started picking up Batman again after dropping off relatively early into the New 52 era. “The War of Jokes and Riddles” seemed like an intriguing premise; the idea of the Joker and Riddler going to war with each other was enough to entice me back to check things out.

Does anyone else feel like it’s way too dark and violent? Or am I just really out of touch? The constant references to how many innocent civilians are being killed in the crossfire of this war is… disturbing.

I don’t expect the Adam West version here, but, man, isn’t there a point where you go so dark with Joker and Riddler that you’re kind of missing the point of these characters?


We actually had this same discussion the DC Comics thread. Someone posted an article with the synopsis of Kite Man’s origin and holy fuck was that dark. I thought we were pulling back from the grim-dark days and into the light. What I’ve read about this story almost seems like Killing Joke levels.


Glad it’s not just me…! I’ll jump over to the DC thread and check out the discussion there. Thanks!


I have not read the newest issue but it is quite dark and violent—that has come up a few times here.

Nothing new with the Joker of course, but seems unnecessary and out of place with the Riddler and Kite Man.

It’s all very well told but off putting. Overall I feel like I keep waiting for Tom King to turn the corner with this Batman run but it hasn’t totally happened. Giving guys like Kite Man the grim-n-gritty treatment is just getting in his own way. People don’t really want that, it’s a poor read of the audience.

Brilliant storytelling at times, though.


Injection is nearly finished with it’s third arc. Each trade focuses on a different main character from the group of smartypants people that played around with the world. There are five of them, so the book should end up five trades long. The first two trades are out so go get 'em. I think you’ll especially enjoy the second one as that focuses on the Sherlock-type character. But that’s not any excuse to try and read the story out of order now, you hear me!?


That sounds some kind of hunky-dory to me!


I’d caught up on the War of Jokes and Riddles and while I would agree that it’s dark and violent I would omit the word ‘too’ from that description, but I suppose everyone has their own threshold for that?

I think that it is all very much within the context of the story being told by Tom King. I think that there is a fear in Batman’s narrative when he is recalling this to Selina and I think that overall it is a very effective approach that King has taken.

I always wince a little when I see people apply prescribed parameters to comic books or characters, these characters have been around for 75 plus years, over that time there has been dozens of versions of them. There’s no right or wrong here.
We can’t praise Tom King for his ability to reinvent on one thread (see Elmer Fudd thread) then criticise for the same thing on another, it’s a bit hypocritical.

In the real world these villains would be horrible, scary guys with massive egos, whose only motivation is to serve themselves and their own whims. Other people don’t come into it. They are a plaything for their own amusement. Meaningless.
It’s all very deliberate from King. These villains are assholes. I remember reading the first couple of issues and thinking, I really fucking hate the Joker and the Riddler here, and that was the main reaction it pulled out me. And I think that’s what I was supposed to feel. I enjoy hating them. It’s bringing a strong emotion from me. And King has taken the time to illustrate that those being caught up in this war have lived like me and you. He really emphasises this at times, a memorable example being the goons who are caught up in the crossfire. Well these are bad peaople right? No, they have lives and loved ones and their own troubles like they rest of us. They just happened to end up on that side of the tracks.

The Joker and Riddler are sick, mentality ill, scary people and there’s innocents getting caught in the crossfire and to be honest I drew a real life parallel with world leaders & religious fanatics who care not for the collateral damage for the lives they destroy without a second thought - and I think the Joker and Riddler here also share a similar mentality as those who are going about murdering innocent people in God’s name. Just a fucked up, self obsessed person who cannot be reasoned with.

This is a fucked up world we live in, so none of this really shocks me at all.

Millarworld does surprise me at times when I see the odd comment about something containing too much swearing, violence or sex - not the first time there has been discussions like this on here. I don’t know whether I’m just desensitised to this stuff but it’s. It not really something I have a problem with, unless it’s done in a nasty and mean spirited way - I always remember feeling the Kick Ass 2 movie was pretty horrible in the way they presented violence and it really put me off the movie, so I do have my limits.
I mean I’m not going to show this to my kids, right? But I’m an adult and this is just words and pictures, I’ve seen worse on the news.

My biggest reaction to the War of Jokes and Riddles is how good it has been. Like every issue I’ve finished I’ve taken pause to feel satisfaction at how good it was. I think the writing and art are absolutely fantastic and I don’t think it’s that common any more for us to get such a great storyline as part of the ongoings and I applaud DC for making the decision to keep it within the main bat title. There’s a decent probability they are going to get something ‘evergreen’ out of this anyway.


Im thinking about this more and it kinda bugs me a wee bit.

I mean, the key word here is war right?
We know Tom King is a pretty meticulous writer, he doesn’t write in a wasteful manner. If he’s used the world ‘war’ here then he used it deliberately.

Bearing in mind his background and time he spent in Iraq, his idea of war is going to be closer to the real thing than most people reading the book.

War is dark and violent.
War destroys innocent lives.
War is disturbing.

I know this is a comic book but he has not used the word war casually.


I agree with you on this. The war between Riddler and Joker is supposed to be horrific. But I disagree with you on his reinvention of Kite Man. It was an unnecessary step in an otherwise good arc.


Regarding the violence, everyone has different parameters for this stuff as you said. I’m pretty consistent in saying I don’t like the murder and/or torture of kids and dogs in superhero stories. I have said it with the Marvel Netflix shows, and have said it with Revenge of the Sith (which I consider the worst Star Wars film for that reason), which are two things off the top of my head. Not only is it unnecessarily violent but also a cheap emotional shortcut, to me. So this Joker/Riddler story qualifies too.

I have other problems with it though.

It’s all tell, not show. All of the violence is in blurbs, there is a lot of exposition and not a lot of action. I don’t even know how all of these villains decided to join up with either the Joker and Riddler in their war against each other. King never explains it, and it doesn’t really make sense. Also, King isn’t doing much with the Joker or Riddler. They could be any crime bosses. They could be the Kingpin, Dick Tracy’s Flattop, or Tony Soprano, or anyone. Aside from telling the occasional riddle, it doesn’t matter. He’s not being particularly inventive with what is a great premise.

Overall, there is some brilliant storytelling, particularly in the use of time, and nicely dense. I have to admit I was expecting something a lot stronger, however, especially after the first issue or two.


My take on the kite man origin was “you work with Psychos, be prepared for them to turn on you”.

I just finished JL 26 and I liked it. The start was be traditional and used before Heroes kids come from dystopic future with Evil overpowered Supervillain but I have faith in @bryanhitch to deliver a great story and i loved that Aquaman’s daughter is nicknamed Dory.


Yeah, that was showed how he was used to cross, double cross and triple cross everyone. Didn’t need to have his child murdered.


That’s a great point. The violence is mentioned in a sentence or two against a splash page of the villains facing off against each other. I assume the Kite Man reinvention was to show just how psychotic Joker and Riddler are but that issue would have been better served showing them building their armies and actually fighting.


it is right there in the word “Psycho”. do psychos need to do anything? no… They do it because they want to do it.

edit: I realize there are a lot of dads on this board and that might hit closer to home for them and I am not trying to make light of a child’s death. but like @ChrisS said about War holds true for Psycho.