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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I agree, this doesn’t feel decompressed at all. I didn’t really follow 90s Superman to be able to make those comparisons but it feels a lot to me like the way the likes of Claremont, Byrne and Wolfman plotted in the 80s. Lots of use of supporting characters and subplots and plenty going on.


Ha, your write-up was a lot better than mine.

I agree with you on Wonder Woman. I guess I’ve always felt the superhero-myth combo to be a bit mushy (Thor and Hercules are also way down my list of favorites).

But she is pretty engaging in this book so far, as a woman who is used to being an alpha but also realizes she’s a bit out of her depth in the world of magic—set up nicely with that genuinely creepy flashback.

Also…it sounds like I need to get on board with Action Comics. From everyone’s descriptions here it sounds like exactly what I’m in the mood for with a monthly superhero comic these days…something of quality to sink my teeth into (like JLA Dark). The 5-minute reads are very 10 years ago.


I do love these. The last issue, #1001, did the same thing for Jimmy’s computer. It’s a brilliant tool to give you a little more of a peak into the characters.

Tomasi will always have a soft spot in my heart though.

I think he shows himself to be flexible like Immonen. I’m not sure about intrinsic style. He does body language very well and it turns up a notch here.

I should also mention that I’ve been down on Bendis in the past for his use of double page spreads. I read digitally and I felt like the ones he wrote at Marvel made the digital books tougher to read without adding anything tangible. I feel like it’s at a new level here and the DBS are written for digital as much as the physical comic. Really great craft here.

That’s a great comparison. It’s the old A plot with B, C and D subplots that will eventually become the A plot down the road but is being seeded along the way. It’s great for long form storytelling but hard to keep definitive arcs. I think Bendis does a great job of doing that along with writing definitive arcs that can be followed as a story.


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I really enjoyed West Coast Avengers #1. Best use of the 30-page first issue that I can remember: not only is the entire team assembled by 2/3s of the way through the story, there’s also two big action scenes at the start and end, where the team fight a group of land sharks and Giant-Sized Tigra respectively.

Thompson’s writing is good, and she does a decent job of establishing all the cast and their roles very efficiently. Caselli’s art works well on the book; I hope he sticks around.

I’m definitely on for a few issues at least.


I looked at the preview and thought it looked fun. I stuck it in my Wish List for later. Thanks for the review, Paul.


A Walk Through Hell #3 - this instalment was mostly flashback to the case the Feds were/ are working on, before they entered the warehouse. It’s unpleasant, and unnerving, like the best serial killer movies (very Seven). Classic Ennis, with great art.

Gideon Falls #6 - Lemire and Sorrentino’s debut arc concludes with a trippy weird showdown in the Black Barn. This is an incredibly well written and drawn book, with some really fantastic, and disorienting art; but, the Lemire curse of me getting bored is starting to kick in. At this point I intend to pick up the next issue in October, but we’ll see how I feel nearer the time.

New Challengers #4 - never has a comic started so promising, only to descend into complete and utter nonsense by the time the fourth issue ships. This is nigh incomprehensible. And, the art is a massive step down from Kubert’s earlier work. There’s only two issues left. I really don’t know if I can stomach them, but I’ll probably pick them up anyway. I owe that to my LCS.

Moonshine #12 - is an impressive wrap up to the second arc of Azzarello/ Risso’s werewolf epic. It’s a dramatic finale, that upsets the status quo, and promises some intriguing developments for the next arc (whenever that may arrive). I think I only just noticed this issue that Eduardo is colouring his own work here; it’s very good, and adds considerably to the mood.

Michael Cray #10 - another great issue in the rejuvenated series, as both (three? four?) sides make a play for our hero’s loyalty. And, several eggshells are broken along the way. I really need to catch up with the main book to see how the events here will tie in with that - I think next issue it will be pretty overt.

Extermination #1 - I’ve loved having the O5 in the modern day Marvel Universe since Bendis & Immomen brought them here a few years ago. And, I’ve bought all three of their ongoings to date; neither series was as good as Bendis’ original volume, and I dropped X-Men Blue a while ago when that became a complete mess. I may have given up on Marvel, but I wasn’t going to miss on this finale. And, you know what? I did really enjoy this. I have no prior experience with Ed Brisson, but his story here is perfectly fine, albeit hardly ground breaking. The art, however, by Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia is wonderful. As good as the Immomen days (didn’t Garcia work on those issues too?). I hope they can keep the art team intact for the remainder of this series, which will make it all worthwhile even if nothing else does!