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Sink Atlantis parts 1 and 2
_Suicide Squad 45 & Aquaman 39 _

Following on directly from events on the last page of Aquaman, Rob Williams, brilliant writer that he is, picks up from where Abnett left off in tone and voice of the characters - so much so that this could have been Abnett’s script (albeit, the first page was some amusing Harley Quinn craziness)
One does wish the baton was being passed from Abnett to Williams to continue on from close to 50 brilliant issues of groundwork (including annuals and mini series) and not to Kelly Sue DeConnick to rip it all up. I wonder if she even read this run first before letting her ego run wild on this, given that it’s Johns she mentions in the interview. If this was a Frank Miller or Grant Morrison coming in I could understand it, but DeConnick hasn’t produced anything noteworthy enough to merit being handed the keys to reboot with this level of freedom, especially when the current incarnation has been of a high standard.
As much as I am really disappointed that Abnett is leaving I’d be fine with giving her chance if she was just picking up from where he left off. I don’t see why it has to announce her arrival with a bang; when I used to DJ and go clubbing I always hated the guys who would come on at a changeover and play a big or attention grabbing track when they were taking over from the previous act, particularly when they were nowhere near headline status. It’s dismissive of the DJ playing beforehand and their fans - the respectful way to do it was to ask what they were ending their set with and to mix into that seemlessly rather than try and blow it out the water by playing something completely different.

Anyway, I do digress.

Atlantis has risen and wanting to avoid conflict, the president orders that no action be taken and instead diplomatic channels are used to liaise with the Atlantians and discuss the next steps. Of course, Admiral meddinghouse sees the event as a prelude to an invasion and wants immediate action. As the president has already made his decision, he instead turns to the Suicide Squad to infiltrate and sink Atlantis

This is actually a good idea for a crossover and works from the perspective of both books. I think it has been respectful to both sets of fans so that either can pick up the crossover without having read the other book.
Obviously the Suicide Squad book leans heavier on the SS characters and the Aquaman book does the same for it’s own cast, however it does so in a way that only furthers the plot of this crossover. There’s not too much fat or unnecessary exposition.

It’s handled well by the writers, but I’ve come to expect that from Abnett and Williams, who both should be given bigger roles at DC if they have the capacity to take it on.
They link this universe together seamlessly, it feels like one book. The cliffhangers are also good. I don’t know if this was an editorially requested crossover or whether the guys decided between themselves to do it, but either way it’s well handled. Really solid comics.

Interested to see what Abnett does next now he’s departing Aquaman, I’ll be really disappointed if he doesn’t get another book.


I nearly picked it up but the description and info I’ve read of it so far didn’t quite sell me, so I was waiting to see if anyone else read it first.


It sounds quite similar to both The Silencer and Kick Ass, from the elevator pitch. Or, is that just me?


Justice League 6

I’m totally lost. Doesn’t help that I’m feeling really cynical about this book, after such a good start…mostly due to the whole 7 energies babble. A strong parallel here to my experience reading Metal. Which I initially loved. Snyder relies on this too often my my tastes. 10 metals, 4 energies, 7 energies, it just makes me roll my eyes.
I’ve no idea what I’m reading just now.
I think I need to wait for this arc to finish and read it in one sitting.


Catwoman 2

I think I could grow to love this book pretty quickly. Issue 1 was enjoyable but I’m settling into Joelle Jones’ rhythm more.

The art is sleek, sexy and fluid almost complementing the character, movement and costume of Catwoman herself.
The lines are minimal. This is the work of an artist working with confidence - but it must have taken her ages, particularly the fight scenes with the multiple cat women.
She also knows when to add detail in the background and when to dial that back. So, for example we know what Selina’s current place of residence looks like, but we don’t need to know in every panel set there - that’s a very clever way to communicate to the reader. The design work is all there though, and when it is it is very good. She delivers a good sense of place and this comic is one I enjoy spending time in.

Being the writer/artist, Jones lets the art do a lot of the heavy lifting - constrast this book to the Justice League book I just read, which was weighed down with text, and this is a pleasant and slick read.

That doesn’t mean it lacks depth. The depth is there, it just flows effortlessly. There’s a nasty little undercurrent to the book, which is something I like about Geoff Johns and Gail Simone’s writing, although Jones is a bit more subtle with it.

Both Batman and Catwoman books are dealing very well with the aftermath of the events of Batman 50, each in their own way. You can feel the sadness of the characters. With Selina, here, it does feel realistic and tangible - like Jones has had heartbreak before and she’s putting it into these pages.

The plot itself is being drip fed and the tapestry is woven to reveal a little bit each issue.

I want more now.


World of Tanks 4

The first 2 pages here are such classic Ennis.
This series has been an intimate look at Soviet and German tankers and Ennis is showing off both in his knowledge of the various tanks that feature, but also in the number of things that could go wrong for the tankies within them.
He’s so intelligent in his dialogue and observation of the human condition. And so matter of fact.
I’ve always said that John Wagner and Pat Mills have had a massive influence in my upbringing and Ennis has been hugely influential on my worldview as well, from my late teens and he still does.

It’s been an infinitely interesting series and is the sort of thing, if I had more time, that would inspire me to read more material and accounts of WWII itself.

As always Ennis doesn’t take sides. I don’t know if any of you have ever heard him being interviewed (there is a terrific interview with him on the 2000ad podcast from around 2015) but I get the impression he just sees people and sees through propaganda and bullshit. Therefore theres no judgement or where you are from or who you are - just what you do. He’s always been good at this over the years in his war books. Seeing beyond those who are traditionally upheld as the enemy by fucking idiots.

PJ Holden is a great choice of artist for the book. He’s really got better and better over the years. Brilliant sequential artist.


Hawkman 3 was a bit lighter in mystery, heavier on action this issue, unfortunately - and this is a bit of recurring thing in Vendetti’s writing to be honest, it’s a bit up and down, which puts me off him slightly.
However, where the end of the 3rd issue has us going next has me very interested.


Cinema Purgatorio #15 was as enjoyable as ever, but at the same time it feels like there’s nothing new here now. I still enjoy every strip, and there are always several moments throughout the book that make me smile (and a generally high standard of art throughout), but it’s very samey from issue to issue, and at a fiver a pop it feels like it should maybe offer a little bit more. Maybe it’s time to wrap it up soon.


I’m a bit behind on mine but I’d hoped that they would change up the stories a bit. I’d be happy to keep the same creators but I’d have preferred variety in the stories being told.


I love the character but am not in love with the $3.99 price and am considering switching to trade. That Hickman art keeps calling me though.


Good stuff in this thread of late. I’m taking a little break from the weekly grind but still reading as much as ever. Felt a need to get caught up on the couple hundred dollars worth of books I own but have never read.


Justice League #6 - In the past, I’ve generally felt like a lot of writers’ and artists’ love of the Super Friends cartoons from their childhood has been a detriment to comics. I think those biases had a big hand in resetting the Green Lantern and Flash worlds back to the characters certain creators were used to and stunting progress that had been made. This book continues to feel like a properly modern (and somewhat insane) Super Friends book but without the retrograde. Snyder has taken the things that really worked about those cartoons like the Justice League vs. the Legion of Doom and is telling refreshingly new stories. Jorge Jimenez continues to kill it on art too. I do think it’s funny that his Joker looks a bit like Max Landis. There’s also a nice preview for Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s new Black Label book, Batman: The Damned, in this issue. I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Magic Order #3 - Another great @Mark_Millar and Olivier Coipel issue. There are a couple really brutal moments in this issue as we start peel back some of the layers of the family story. The ending of the issue really resets a lot of things. It’s the kind of surprise that I should have come to expect from Millar but usually gets me. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


I caught up with Justice League #3-5 earlier today. I still really like this book. I’m really surprised, but enjoying, how Snyder is playing up the horror angle here. You would think it’s a poor fit for such a brightly coloured title, but the creepiness works to unnerve you and helps raise the stakes considerably.

There are elements that I’m finding annoying. A few ideas that Snyder is employing, where you can see him trying to be clever, and not totally sticking the landing. Yes, the group is called the Legion of Doom; but the word Doom doesn’t have to have resonance of its own - this is the DCU, not Marvel. Just one example. The seven mysterious negative forces are also … well … forced. I do hope they don’t become the central theme of the entire run.

Artistically, Jimenez continues to blow me away with his storytelling. And, Cheung’s back next issue to wrap this story up, I believe.

The Tynion/ Mahnke interlude was entertaining, if a little obvious. I hope future instalments of this parallel story provide more substance.


Are many people reading Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-man? I haven’t seen much discussion about it.


I’m not sure many people here read Marvel as it comes out here, Bruce. I think most of us read it in Unlimited or trades.

Speaking of which I’m caught up on Bemis’ Moon Knight run (as far as unlimited has gotten). It’s not at the level of craziness of the Lemire run but I like it quite a lot so far. It’s very straight-forward, a bit Vertigo-ish. My big problem is the art, which I don’t think is up to snuff. I’m seeing a lot of not-ready-for-prime-time artists out there lately and sometimes it doesn’t matter but in the case I think it does weaken the material. I’d kill to see Steve Dillon drawing this Moon Knight run instead, god damn it all.


Yup, I think we don’t talk about Marvel much here because of that. I’ve heard good things about the first couple of issues of Spencer and Ottley’s Spider-Man so will be giving it a go when it gets to Unlimited.


I’ve hadn’t considered people using Unlimited. Three issues in and the book has been OK but I think I might use the change of team as an excuse to drop it.


I bought the first issue and thought it was quite good but I kinda forgotten about it by the time the second issue came out and decided I couldn’t really be arsed - despite thinking the creative team was a good choice.

I’ll probably read it at some point.


Checked out Pearl #1, which to answer a question I asked and nobody else did…Bendis brings his letters/hype column back in his Jinxworld books. And there’s a bonus reprint of an honest-to-Bendis previous DC story he’d done (he reports it as having appeared in Batman Chronicles #21), “Citizen Wayne,” a Batman version of Citizen Kane, and a good one at that. (Doesn’t hurt that I recently rewatched Citizen Kane, so it was very fresh for me.) Pearl itself is very reminiscent of the best of his nonsuperhero work. Good stuff.

Also had a look at Magic Order #3, first issue of the series I’ve caught. Since I recently read a few issues of Jupiter’s Legacy II, I could see parallels there. (I seem to have been experiencing just the right old material recently.)

Also read Sandman Universe #1, and that was a good push for the new comics.

And The Flash #51-52. Still greatly enjoy Josh Williamson’s storytelling in this series.

She Could Fly #1, from Dark Horse’s Berger Books line, was pretty interesting.


Ann Nocenti and David Aja’s the seed from Berger Books is definitely worth checking out.