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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Ironically at the same time Morrison’s sales pitch for his upcoming GL run is they’ll be lower stakes simpler stories after Johns basically did all the massive universe changing stuff.


Yeah, it’s quite funny that he’s claiming it’s going to be a ‘police procedural in space’ so will be more low-key and lacking in big cosmic stuff.

Of course, it won’t be, but it’s interesting that he’s claiming that. :slight_smile:


I share your suspicions. :smile:


Justice League #5 is a James Tynion IV written issue that’s meant to focus on the Legion of Doom and their formation. This one kind of bounces back in time to show some of the things that lead to where we found the villains in issue #1 namely Lex’s transition from SuperLex to a return to full on villain. Snyder has said that every so many issues of his run will take a pause like this to focus on the Legion.

To me, it felt a bit like the early issues of Rucka’s Rebirth run on Wonder Woman where they kind of flashed back to show how things got where they were in the modern day issues.


I can answer those questions properly now I’ve read it. It is one story plotted by Gaiman. The story is then written and drawn by the respective creators of the new books to introduce them, not too far from a preview issue but with a framing device.

My feelings on each of them.

The Dreaming: Despite not being too full of praise about Spurrier earlier this was my favourite in execution. It mainly sets up a new character to add to the usual cast of Lucian, Merv, Matthew, Cain and Abel etc. She’s very intriguing and this segment felt the most like traditional Sandman. I’ll be picking it up.

House of Whispers: Perhaps not surprisingly as the new title (the others all have had long previous runs in the past) this is the least familiar. We see a bunch of new characters including the lead, Erzulie, a voodoo god and this’ll be focusing on that mythology which is not something I know much about which is interesting in itself. Some imaginative ideas and nice artwork.

Books of Magic: Not much happens here, a very simple setup for Tim Hunter which is fine, it’s all decently done but hard to express much more until the first issue.

Lucifer: I thought this was a bit of a mess. I was unclear what was going on and why which didn’t make me keen to pick up the full title.


It’s sort of an event project like Before Watchmen or Young Animal.

The Sandman Universe one-shot that came out today kicks it off, and it’s going to spin off into four series: The Dreaming, Lucifer, House of Whispers, and Books of Magic.

The impression I got from somewhere is that these four series will run for twelve issues and there will be another Sandman Universe bookend to wrap it up. (Though I could be mistaken on this part; I can’t remember where I heard this, and can’t find it in google.)


I can’t see 100% confirmation of it but I’m pretty sure these are all ongoing books spinning out of the launch title.


Superman #2 - This is the big cosmic threat style Superman title from Bendis, unlike the more character led stuff we got from Action Comics last time. I don’t like it as much. It’s all perfectly fine but I think if he wants to approach it with two different styles in two different titles, which isn’t a bad idea, then I think I’ll drop this and stick with Action.


Yeah they are all ongoing books. It’s not an event


Yeah, the Dreaming was the best part for me too - solid writing, an interesting new character, and lovely art.

Lots of this issue felt almost like a Sandman pastiche to me - the flowery writing, the whimsy and so on. It was ok but lacked a certain magic without Gaiman (there were one or two moments that came close though).

I don’t feel motivated to pick up any of the ongoing series.


Fantastic Four #1 was all I could hope for, in terms of handling the character’s voices and the overall tone. Sara Pichelli draws a very nice, very expressive Ben Grimm, and her layouts are bold and exciting while rooted in tradition—loved them. The distinctly New York feel was handled well—they’re the most old-school Amazin-Mets-era “New York” characters aside from Spidey, and I liked that you could tell the farmer’s market was in Union Square, and the folks cheering on Johnny from their apartment windows. To me, this was a very, very promising start to a new era for the FF.

I didn’t love paying $5.99 for the issue, but I actually thought a backup story with Doom was required, just to give readers their bearings, as the character has been all over the map in the last ten years. And who could argue with Simone Bianchi drawing Doom and Latveria?

I also loved that I opened the issue to two double-page spreads in honor of Ditko. I’m sure it has been around for a few weeks now but as I usually only read Marvel through unlimited it was the first I’ve seen of it.


I’m kind of used to that though really, after the original series ended we had a bunch of spin-offs like this that I mostly followed. If you include Lucifer I’ve read more non-Gaiman Sandman books than ones he wrote. One ‘Sandman Presents’ book called Love Street by Peter Hogan is one of my favourites including the main run.

Ironically this time I find positions reversed, at least on this evidence, that I liked the 90s Lucifer and didn’t like The Dreaming.


Is Doom still a semi-good guy as when he was Iron Man or something like that?


It’s basically back to the status quo with Doom.


Along with Hulk, the Fantastic Four were one of my very first Marvel, and even comic, reads that have fallen by the wayside hard in recent years with me.

Slott’s first issue was very cute. I wasn’t necessarily engaged, but it was sweet and friendly. If it keeps that up I can see myself sticking by it.


Doom has always been a good guy and a just and benevolent ruler. Don’t fall for that smear campaign by the accursed Richards.


$5.99 for FF?

In a pig’s eye.

Winter reading if Unlimited continues.


I’m ok paying 6 bucks for a Fantastic Four comic. I have a large collection of them and it’s comfort food for me.


You also skipped paying for any of them for about 2 years! :smile:


Superman #2 - This feels like an in-between issue and a bit of a let down after the last issue was so great. I’m still in and will hope it’s just doing some necessary storytelling. It seems like the two books will have very different flavors. I think that’s probably a good approach but like @garjones, I think I’m leaning more toward Action Comics as the book I prefer.