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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


No, I genuinely haven’t read any other LoSH comics at all. There was an arc in the Johns/Frank run on Action Comics that featured them quite heavily, I seem to remember, but that’s about it.


If you’re interested I’d give that run a try. It’s genuinely good stuff, and seeing Copiel’s evolution as an artist on the page is pretty exciting. I think DC just released a bumper TPB of their run recently, so it should be easy enough to find.


Mister Miracle #10 - This book continues to be a masterpiece. I never thought a book about superpowered gods could feel so thoroughly authentic when approaching topics like depression and loss. Scott’s meet up with drinking buddies Booster Gold and Blue Beetle was just icing on the cake. The central problem that he is ruminating on feels so wrong at first glance but on closer inspection is central to the New Gods’ mythology. I’m anxious to see where this book will end up but will be sad to see it go.


It’s that day again. Looks like Superman #2 for me. Anyone read the new Fantastic Four #1? How is it?


Before I get blamed again, I don’t know if Diamond UK are on ‘go slow’ again but no photos from my usual sources yet.


Fairly slow week for me, so I’m going to check out the new Sandman Universe issue and see how it is.


Now I have one:


I would never have imagined saying this, but Power Rangers wins cover of the week.


Sandman Universe eh? I remember The Dreaming…
Hummm. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


The Dreaming is being relaunched out of this book.


Well, I guess it might be good this time?


We shall have to see (I agree I found the first incarnation very bland).

The following are the new comics in the Sandman Universe:

  • The Dreaming , written by Simon “Si” Spurrier ( Motherlands ) and illustrated by Bilquis Evely ( Wonder Woman ).

  • House of Whispers , written by Nalo Hopkinson ( Brown Girl in the Ring ) and illustrated by Dominike “Domo” Stanton, a graduate of DC’s Talent Development Workshop who previously worked as an illustrator on FX shows like Archer , Chozen , and comics like DMC .

  • Lucifer , written by Dan Watters ( Limbo ) and illustrated by brothers Max and Sebastian Fiumara ( Four Eyes ).

  • Books of Magic , written by Kat Howard ( An Unkindness of Magicians ) and illustrated by Tom Fowler ( Rick and Morty ).


Yeah, I’m not really intending to pick any of those up, but if this taster issue is promising then I could be convinced.


I’m buying the one-shot. Outside of Si Spurrier (who’s work has never enthused me much) I don’t know what any of the others are like so will keep an open mind.


It’s all about the Sandman this week for me.

Some great comics out but that’s all I can think about

I’m only a third of the way through my re-read so I now have a big decision to make with regards holding off until I finish the Marathon or jump ahead and read the special today

If anyone wants some more info on the books I posted a lengthy info dump on the new books a week or 2 ago in the dc thread that may or may not be helpful to you


So hold on, Sandman Universe is a one-shot, not a mini? Is it a single story or an anthology of the four titles that are spinning out of it? And will it be required if you’re then picking up the spin-offs, i.e. will it be effectively the first issue of their ongoing storylines?

I know I ought to know all this, but I took my eyes off the ball somewhere between the initial annoucements and the comic appearing :confused:


It’s a one shot then there’s 4 minis coming out of it

Here’s some info here David


I read Justice League 5 today and I’m struggling with it a bit.

I feel like there’s ode to Grant Morrison happening here, but it’s not quite resonating in the same way with me. It’s almost like a sequence of ideas thrown at the page rather than a story and the lack of charactersation or at least some grounding in character is making me feel quite cold about it.

There’s too much going for me to follow and it’s a bit too verbose for it to be enjoyable.

Maybe I’m just not it the mood but I’m starting to get that Metal vibe again from this, where I feel it’s trying to hard to be big, high concept and crazy - and I also feel they are pushing that element of it too hard.

Wind it in a little bit.
I don’t know if I can keep reading this in single issues. It may need to be one I come back to once it’s done or the tone is brought back down a notch.


I feel like that too. Snyder has gone from his kind of dark and moody horror tinged early work quite suddenly to this style of throwing a hundred ideas out at the same time. It does seem quite ‘Final Crisis’.

There’s a LOT going and it is quite some work to keep up with it. I’m still liking it enough to stick with it but I am afraid of it ending up like Metal where to be frank I had no idea what was going on by the final couple of issues and just enjoyed Capullo having fun.


Metal definitely gave me that impression. I’m not sure Snyder’s skills as a writer are best suited to that kind of story unfortunately.