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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Or she’s a massive Paul McCartney fan.


Yeah, it feels like a waste of Burnham as much as anything else. A shame as I had high hopes.


That’s what you think.

You might get to a point where a genre no longer seems as interesting as it once did, but other material fills the gap.


Oh I’ll never stop reading comics, but I don’t see me feeling the need to keep so in tune and current with what is happening at DC, and to a lesser extent, Marvel, as I have been.


Been doing that for ages - it’s pretty effective.

I’d say it’s always worth keeping an eye on the Big Two because they put out so much and every now and again you’ll find a killer book.


It’s that day again.

For me, it looks like Adventures of the Super Sons #1 (I didn’t realize this was coming out today), Justice League #5 and Mister Miracle #10. Really excited to read all 3 books.


Looks to me like Mister Miracle #10 gets the Cover Award, with Alex Ross’ Cap right behind and the fine cover to Leviathan.


An array of very interesting stuff this week.


Big week this week. The last issue of Xerxes, the first issue of The Seeds, and the second chapter of Black Hammer - The Quantum Age.

Interested to hear how Leviathan is too.



You’re a day behind, Jones. :wink:


I am not a day behind. Both my usual sources in Swansea and Dublin are a day behind!


Have you checked whether the feminists on the forum are ok with you using that kind of humour? :worried:


It got a ‘like’ from Lorcan so I’m safe.


Oh, damn. I don’t think I’ll have time to pick up my comics this week, but there are two things I want to read, and that’s actually pretty rare these days :confused:


Was there a bank holiday in the UK this week???


I don’t think so, it’s probably just laziness, I will refer you to the Irish Millarworlders on Dublin being in the UK. :smile:


Meh. They don’t scare me with their little green hats and always worried about protecting their Lucky Charms. :wink:


Ireland has bank holidays on the first Monday of May, June and August, and last Monday of October. But I was in my LCS yesterday and it seemed to be last week’s comics on the shelf still, so maybe there was a shipping delay? Most comics for sale here come from Diamond UK so anything that holds up delivery there will also effect here.


I got a chance to read a couple books last night.

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 - The beginning of this book has a small footnote that says it takes place between Super Sons #16 and Superman Special #1 and is also a 12-issue maxi-series. So this all takes place before the new Bendis’s takeover. I suspect these are the stories Tomasi had intended to continue writing before Jon was taken off the board from an indeterminate period of time. I’m glad they did. I really love the interaction between Jon and Damian and Carlos Barbari’s art is great. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series and hope there are more plans for both characters in the future.

Justice League #5 - This issue takes a step back and shows a bit more of the origin of Lex’s new Legion of Doom. It gives a little more context for Lex’s transition from SuperLex back closer to his Super Friends villain persona. It’s interesting seeing how he gathers his Legion around him. I’m still really enjoying this series and looking forward to more.


Some good covers this week. The Seeds, Captain America and Mister Miracle stand out.