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From the colour scheme used on the title design and Alex Ross’s wonderful painted covers, the compressed storylines that are a throwback to the era that this book is going for, the quotes from classic literature that open each issue to the general genius that is Al Ewing’s ability to find a hook for each series he does, Marvel have hit on their next classic run with The Immortal Hulk.

This is just great comics and something most of us have been shouting for from Marvel for a long time.

This needs to remain standalone and word of mouth will hopefully start to travel.

Anyone looking for a great current comic book from Marvel, this is where your attention should be pointed. Ewing is mining the styles of the past which will hopefully provide wider lessons for the present.


Wonder Woman #51 took me by surprise as James Robinson was replaced by Steve Orlando. I have liked the odd thing he’s done but never loved any of it and didn’t like this. It was really heavy handed. It’s basically about Wonder Woman visiting a criminal regularly over several years until she breaks her down and gets her to repent. That’s kind of a spoiler but it’s blatantly obvious that’s where it’s going from page one.

A gimmick in it, as I think was pointed out in the costume thread, is it goes into the future and shows WW wearing an increasingly bizarre set of costumes. I hope DC just forget that happened, it doesn’t really make sense as the woman she’s visiting doesn’t seem to age much over the unspecified period and it means therefore they’d have to introduce these costumes every 6 months or so and they mostly look terrible, especially the one that has wings for no apparent reason.

I believe G Willow Wilson will be taking it over in future, I think I’ll bow out and wait for that.


Wonder Woman has worn the winged armor a couple times. The Most notable is probably Kingdom Come.

I can’t find a good image of it but here’s one of the action figures from that line.


Okay but I’m still searching for the ‘apparent reason’. :smile:


I assume it’s linking her to a point in DC’s future possibly just before the battle near the end of Kingdom Come and also a wink wink nudge nudge to that book.


Why does she have wings in Kingdom Come? She can fly anyway.


Why does any superhero costume have anything? Because it looks cool, Gar. It also has some kind of magical properties too.

It’s been used several times over the years. Our Worlds at War is the other big one I remember.


Seems to have been used very briefly over her history, I assume primarily because it makes no sense. I like Kingdom Come a lot but Alex Ross does his fair share of poor costume designs. The Bucky Shiny Cap was dreadful.


Whereas hotpants, a tiara and a cape are ruthlessly practical items.


If anyone else is reading Dan Abnett’s glorious Aquaman run, then Mera, Queen of Atlantis is pretty much essential reading.

Issue 6 came out last week and it has rounded off the series nicely. 6 issues of quality character work (it even made me care about Orm ffs) politics, action and tension and I actually found myself kinda holding my breath at times reading this issue unfolding.

Nothing beats trial by combat!!

I’m going to bang my drum again but this was a really solid little mini that compliments the main series well. Abnett handles Mera superbly - I was almost punching the air at the end - and has a bit of a Game of Thrones vibe going on with the Aquaman ‘universe’, which works extremely well.

If they collect this run in omnibus format I’ll find it very hard to resist. My idea is to have at least one run in a collected format for most ‘big two’ characters, sitting on my shelves for whenever I decide to stop reading comics monthly and reduce my weekly pull list down to almost nothing. This epic run ticks the Aquaman box wholeheartedly, and they need to include the Mera mini, it’s as good as the main book and fleshes out a few key players a bit more.


I have a very similar way of thinking. Stuff like King’s Vision and Lemire’s Moon Knight are filling that gap nicely at the moment.

(For Cap it’s Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and Iron Fist it’s the Fraction/Aja (and Brubaker for IF) runs, for Iron Man it’s Extremis, and so on. Runs that capture the essence of the character and tell a great, self-contained story about them.)


This all brings me to Aquaman 38, what a storyline this has been and the artist who has picked up the baton in bear last few issues is every bit as beautiful as Sejic before him.

This comic has run some of the best art in mainstream comics recently. I don’t know what Riccardo Federici has worked on previously, but his detailed pencilled style has the potential to progress right to the top of the game. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Some of the best drawing ability I’ve seen recently and matched with the ability to tell the story well with a variety of compositions and layouts that very much suit a comic set mostly under the water. Which must be so difficult to do when it comes to character posture and poses.
He’s my next Jon Davis-Hunt. Someone should give Mr Millar a nudge on this chap.

DC have quite a few of these guys working for them at the moment, fairly under the radar and I’d be working on getting them all on exclusive contracts.

Rather amazingly, Dan Abnett has expertly wrapped up this epic story line and immediately laid out the path for the next one. He’s totally in his stride just now on this. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Just one thing though… poor Dolphin :frowning: I get the feeling the seeds sewn there will play into things further down the line.


Yeah this is exactly what I have in mind (even down to some of the books you have mentioned) and I hope when the boys are old enough they are interested enough to dip and and check them out.

Some characters like daredevil and favourites like the punisher I am a lot more invested in and will have far more runs of - daredevil in particular has been blessed with amazing creators over the years - but for the vast majority, one or two runs will do.


Ha, I was going to mention Daredevil. As well as the original Silver Age stuff there’s obviously Miller, but also Nocenti/JR jr, Bendis/Maleev, Brubaker/Lark and Waid/Samnee & others. All runs that I want on my shelf.

Ditto Spider-Man, I’m not limiting myself to one there either. :slight_smile:





I’m maybe 10 years off that happening…:joy:

I’ve got to hit burnout at some point


You’d at least be able to walk through a door with any of that combination.


On the not so positive side, I read Die, Die, Die

It’s about 10 years too late. Feels like it’s all been done before and done better, and without the impact to shock or awe it just comes across as pretty juvenile.



Are you still banging on about those wings? :wink:


I’m thinking now it must be a feminist statement.