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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


The comic shop in Swansea is being lazy and hasn’t posted their usual picture, maybe they’ve run out of price stickers, until they do here is the smaller selection the Big Bang in Dublin do:


Doomsday Clock #6: Half-way through and this series is still being told as if it had a lot more time to do anything. Main drawbacks still have to be Johns not really knowing what writing a mature story is…so adds in a lot of forced adult content - mainly cursing. Just feels rather shoddy. Still - Franks’ art is a joy and this does have a few nice moments or two. But damn, 6 issues left and it feels like we’ve barely broken the first act.

Also not really a spoiler, at all, but spoiling it anyway I just found it interesting that this apparently takes place after Heroes In Crisis, I wonder if he’s also accounting for Scott Snyder’s direction and whatever he plans for Shazam!


I like Bone Parish out of those covers. It’s probably a bit too generic, but it’s still a nice image (and actually more clever than I realised, on second glance).

Disappointed that it doesn’t have a price sticker, though.


Browsing Comixology, these covers stood out for me.


Okay they woke up in Swansea, price stickers replenished:


TPB cover of the week:


Looks like Action Comics #1001 (my pick for cover of the week) and Hit-Girl #6 for me today. Excited to read both. Might check out Justice League Dark #1 too.

Patrick Gleason really knows how to take a standard pose and turn it up a notch.

I really love this David Mack variant too.


While looking through Comixology for this week’s books, I reflected that the nice Darwyn Cooke vibe of this Star Wars Adventures cover made it the cover of the week for me.


Re: JLD … Do it! I know you didn’t read Detective Comics by this creative team, as you don’t have a particularly affinity for the characters on that team. But, the creative team is fantastic. And the quirky cast of this book should lead to some great stories too.


Saga #54: this is probably a good time for Saga to take an extended break, as I’d likely be dropping it after this issue anyway - so at least this way I won’t worry that I might be missing something.

With this latest arc there’s been a bit too much of seeing ‘how the sausage is made’, in that BKV’s moves are becoming a bit too repetitive and frequent to work for the book in the way that they once did. That was my main takeaway from the end of this issue and this arc, at a time when I really should have been feeling something very different.

Staples’ art is still very good, and I hope she finds something new to work on that will provide as good a showcase for her talents as this book has.

But the story of this issue is deceptively shallow and thin, and feels like it’s going through the motions, at a time when it’s striving for something much more poignant. It’s a shame as the book has managed to achieve that poignancy in the past.

I don’t really like being negative on a regular basis about books - if you’re not enjoying something, why not stop reading it? - but I stuck with Saga a bit longer than I would most other series, because it has managed to pull itself out of these troughs in the past, and come back with stronger material.

Maybe when it comes back after this break, refreshed and rejuvenated, it will be a better book again.


Thought I’d try out JLD 1 as, much to my surprise, I’m really enjoying the current JL book. I think I got about half way through before quitting. The amount of word balloons in it made it read like a bad comic from the 80’s. Neither the writing or the art grabbed me so I think it’s a good jumping off point.

For those wondering why I bought it, I looked at the cover and thought, ‘I like that monkey guy (couldn’t remember his name), Wonder Woman is okay, Swamp Thing looks cool (not really read many of his books), Zatanna is okay (as long as there isn’t too much backwards text) and it seems like ManBat is in it which could be interesting’.


See? You’ll love it, Ronnie :point_up:t3:


I have to admit there was indeed an awful lot of exposition in JL Dark. Didn’t turn me off from the book but I hope they’re only doing it during the setup.


Action Comics #1001. This is my favourite of the Bendis run so far. It’s kind of old fashioned in some ways but without going into pastiche/homage territory. It’s a nice mix of Byrne/Wolfman/Claremont style soap opera of the 80s but told in his more modern style with some funny lines.

As with those comics he’s also piling in a lot of subplots too with the various supporting characters. It doesn’t quite go with the title that he’s said Action will be the more Clark Kent/Daily Planet centred book but never mind, I liked it a lot.



:joy: :joy:


Woah woah woah! Hold the phone! WHAT THE FLUFF!

I Hate Fairyland #20 is the last issue… while it was clear the storyline was getting to a natural ending point I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so abrupt.

I’m actually quite disappointed as it had been such a fun ride and so different to everything else currently on the market.

While I mourn this loss I’ll get caught up with the rest of my pull list. Hopefully WicDiv #37 will be nice and cheerful.


Oblivion Song #5 - A great progression of the main story mechanic that has been driving Nathan in the issues so far.
The reveal itself opens up a whole other perspective to the way that the Transference is viewed but also of those people that Nathan has been rescuing since the event.
All of this action within the Transference is set to the backdrop of the military searching the base of operations for Nathan’s group and coming up with quite a damning piece of evidence against him.
What I found really interesting was a letter at the end of issue asking about Kirkman’s fascination with Dystopias but he was very quick to point out that this world was not a dystopia. The America is practically America of today and those in the other dimension are happy with their lives.

The Magic Order #2 - This was the make or break issue for me, I wasn’t certain at the end of issue 1.
Thankfully it has done the job and I am fully on board.
From the opening introduction of Cordelia to the many and inventive ways that the dark mages execute their foe, it is exquisite.
I am interested in how this all fits into the wider Millar-verse especially as the vault keeper is wearing a kick-ass t-shirt.
As I mentioned the inventive assassinations are great but what strikes me is the way that the Order themselves stick to protocol and despite being certain who is behind the attacks don’t move on them in case they break the rules.
I’m interested to see how this story unfolds.

LOEG: The Tempest #1 - A great opening comic for the next instalment of LOEG.
As The Chief pointed out elsewhere you very much need to have re-read all the previous material to get you back upto speed especially as character appearance isn’t enough to go by.
As always the pop-culture references are great even if they utterly destroy fond childhood memories of Jerry Anderson classics. Again I am interested to see how this story progresses and fits into the wider LOEG world.

Isola #4 - Another beautiful issue with lots of opportunities for the artists to stretch their legs with the strange hybrid animal people.
This issue doesn’t progress the story a huge amount but fills in a number of blanks that you’ve had since the start.
As with previous issues this answers one or two questions but leaves you with a load of new ones.

WicDiv #37 - As is often the case with WicDiv I’ve had to go back and reread earlier issues so that the events of this one are clear and make sense.
Due to the many reveals and twists in #36 I totally missed a massive twist which comes up again here but felt like a throwaway comment (due to my forgetfulness).
The first few pages are a brave choice but serve their purpose well especially when combined with the striking whole page image that follows them.
Overall events in the WicDiv world are progressing fast and this is another issue of big events and changes but as an observer I’m no clearer as to how these all fit together in the bigger picture.
Also a potential Deadpool (from the awful x-men origins film) reference/gag being set up.


Action Comics #1001 - Wow! I enjoyed Man of Steel but I feel like Bendis has really stepped up his game on the ongoing books. He’s set up enough material in his first issues of Superman and Action Comics to fill years worth of stories. As some have noted, this book seems to be focusing more on his relationships specifically at the Daily Planet. It’s still not short on action. Patrick Gleason is pulling art duties with some inventive stuff like the page below. I love how Superman is catch all of the bullets as the bounce. I know Bendis had previously said that Jon and Lois were going to be off the board for a little bit but the end of the issue cliffhanger shows what is presumably Lois by herself with no Jon in sight and Clark none the wiser that she’s back in town. I’ll be curious to see how this all plays out. Should be good reading.

Hit-Girl #6 - I’m extremely impressed with Lemire and Risso on this book. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about someone other than Millar writing but this is pretty great. Hit-Girl really has the potential to be Millarworld’s Batman. There are so many ways you can use the character that will just work. I’m excited to see how this story plays out along with all the other talent @Mark_Millar has lined up for this book.


Justice League Dark hit the spot for me.
There was a fair bit of exposition, but I feel a lot of it was necessary as there’s a lot of less familiar characters here and quite a bit of backstory. There’s a lot going on here and a massive cast.

That said, I would perhaps only recommend this to readers who have read a lot of DC stuff in the past and who are fond of these characters.
I could see a similar book by Marvel failing to grab me because I wouldn’t have the same nostalgia for the characters as I do here.

Tynion varies his writing quite a bit in terms of exposition, action and dialogue - for those put off by the number of word balloons I’d say aticknwith it if that’s your only gripe, once the story starts flowing he’ll cool off with it - although he does have quite a wordy style at times, it’s usually a lot more balanced.

Not big on Wonder Woman’s inclusion here. Even after her almost meta explanation for being in the book.

Overall I really enjoyed it though, I have a fondness for an awful lot of these characters due to my reading habits in the 90s. This is my bag.