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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


1-No idea

2-I didnt read it

3-Teen Titans need Superboy

4-Too much american patriotism for my like, I am australian, Tomasi Gleason had make a diferent plot


6-No idea


It may be a good idea to pay attention to the board prompts and give others a chance to contribute, Julian. Thank you.


I dont understand


When you post three time in a row the board sends you a notification that it may be time to let someone else respond. Otherwise it looks like you’re just dominating the thread with no one else responding.

We are happy you’re here and enjoy the MillarWorld books, we just feel you’ll get more out of the forums by having dialogue with the other posters.


If you instead quote a piece of a post - highlight it and you’ll get the prompt, then another - you can chain them together, so responding to say 7 people with 1 post.


These comics make my day:


2-Super Sons


5-Wonder Woman



6-Justice League

7-Red Hood and the Outlaws


To around to reading the Kite-Man issue of Batman last night. I agree that killing a kid to give a character a “dark” origin story is a bit heavy handed the issue was well put together with some amusing moments (the double/treble-crossing parts for example).


B.P.R.D: The Devil You Know #1 - picking up where Hell On Earth finished (the inside cover states this is #148 of the series), this issue is very much about getting the gang back together. Howards, Liz, and Ashley Strode being chief among them; and, I suspect Abe will be along sooner rather than later. Laurence Campbell is back on art, and it is magnificent. However, Scott Allie picks up the writing batton from John Arcudi, and the change is immediately noticeable. I don’t like his style. It doesn’t flow as well as his predecessors (or indeed, Chris Roberson’s). Excited to have this book back, and hopeful for the future.

X-Men: Blue #4, 5, 6 - continues to impress, with the series delving into the lingering ramifications of Secret Wars, acknowledging the existence of the Ultimate Universe and the differences between mutants from each. I still don’t get why Jean’s suddenly calling the shots now, when Scott Summers is standing right there (I mean, he’s literally right there, are you guys blind?), but it is a fun dynamic. And the way #6 ends brought a smile to my face, setting up some fun future stories.


Uh oh, sounds like they need a change of writer quick - Arcudi was always going to be a hard act to follow, but I think Roberson would have a better chance of succeeding.

Still, very cool to see that number - #148 issues, I don’t think the Mignolaverse gets due credit - it has to be one of the biggest independent success stories for the sheer amount of material it’s put out


You read Allie’s Abe Sapien didn’t you, Ben? The writing here is no worse than that. It’s just not really my cup of tea.


Oh, I somehow missed that it changed to Allie - does explain why the book was weaker than BPRD!



Jessica Jones and Injection for me.

To be honest I am starting to get a bit tired of Jessica Jones, I hope it injects some life into its story soon. Injection was good last issue though so I’m looking forward to that.


My list for today:

Justice League #26
Superman #28


Said this in the D.C. thread, but New Gods Special #1 is a great character one shot for Orion and really a nicely handled New Gods story in general. I don’t think the art really fit it but everything else really shows how entertaining the mythos can be.

I heartily recommend it.


Curiosity got the better of me and I picked up
Generations (The Hulks)

I’m not sure what the point of it was other than Amadeus meeting Banner.
Is it supposed to be a palate cleanser for the new books arriving later in the year?
Anyway, it wasn’t really worth picking up, probably about 2 pages of worthwhile story in it.

I am probably going to be suckered into Incredible Hulk 709 for Return to Planet Hulk though, as I love Planet Hulk. But I’ll be promptly bailing out if it’s anything like Pak’s recent work though, which is all rather meandering and unfocused in anything I’ve read of his in the past few years.

Having these two Hulks kicking about is not a good way to start getting people back on board. Get back to basics Marvel. I know DC managed to handle it well with Superman, but I don’t get the sense Marvel are going to do that here.


I should catch up with Injection. I like Ellis, Dec is a pal, and I haven’t read any. So, where are we with the story, are there trades, and for the love of Grud please help out old fart by not making me do my own research today!


I thumbed through that at the store and thought the art was pretty nice. There was that thing that comes up sometimes where the artist seemed to draw the Hulk like a very strong man rather than the Hulk, if that makes sense.


Yeah, I liked the art.

The triangle based line style reminds me a bit of Tiernan Trevallion who does work for 2000ad, it’s a style I quite like.


I read that New Gods special.

I felt the writing style was too stilted for my liking. Dialogue was like something from 30 years ago. Deliberate or otherwise it doesn’t make for a good reading experience. I didn’t finish it.
Plot wise it’s all a bit of a by numbers New Gods book.