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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Ah great, thanks for that.


The Wild Storm was great again this week. As before, the centrepiece here is a two-hander that conceals (and gradually reveals) considerable tension underneath the facade of a civilised conversation, and it’s handled masterfully by both writer and artist.

Also, this issue is a great reminder that Ellis really does know how to choreograph panel-to-panel action and when to sit back and let his artist carry the story.

I don’t mind the very slow progress in the overall plot when the individual issues are this good.


Another cracking cover for by night #2

This was genuinely laugh out loud funny. Like hilarious. My worry was after a great first issue it would slip into predictability. It really didn’t. There’s nothing bettter than being surprised by a great comic that you’ve taken a punt on.

There’s some world class dialogue in here.

batman 51

With a truly original Batman idea and some of the best sequential art you will ever see in any comic, published at any time, issue 50 is not a good time to jump off of this series, for those who were thinking of doing so.
It was superb.


Lee Weeks is awesome.


It’s Millar Time! Kick-Ass and Magic Order.


That’s great to hear. I did indeed it drop it in single issues with #50, particularly in light of the price hike on a bi-monthly book, but I do intend to keep following it when the Comixology sales pop up at the end of the year.

The industry better watch those deeply discounted sales don’t train readers to avoid the monthly. I also am waiting for those sales with Hawkman despite enjoying the first issue (I also want to wait to see how long Hitch actually stays on the book).

My other motive however, is to take a few weeks off from monthly titles entirely to get caught up on my growing backlog. I doubt that break will last long with Tynion’s Justice League Dark next week and Slott’s Fantastic Four the week after that, however.


I enjoyed Hawkman a lot as well, I hope Hitch is sticking around on it because his art was a big factor in that


I enjoyed it as well. It seems like they’ve finally figured how to reconcile his mish-mashed origin and made him a compelling character.
My only gripe is I picture Hall as much bigger; a Conan with wings as Johns put it.
But that’s a minor gripe.


I did it with some things for a while but ended up picking up the stuff I really want to read day and date. The discounted stuff ends up being books I’m interested in but not enough to follow month in and month out.


Yep, I think everyone has different books that sit at different levels - some that you want to read straight away and some where you’ll happily wait and read later at a discount price.

Sales have definitely trained me to wait for things to be cheap to read them. But for me, it’s hit my trade buying as much as singles. For example, I was planning on reading Bendis’ Man Of Steel in the upcoming HC in a few months, but with the latest DC Comixology sale I can get the whole thing today for seven quid (it’ll be double that for the HC).


Looking at the moment due to SDCC it looks like pretty much everything is on sale. The other element too is because of the retailer margins, distribution costs and printing costs and the risk of returns, DC will almost certainly make more money off your digital seven quid than from the HC sale.


That’s an interesting way of thinking about it.

You can see why retailers don’t like these deep digital discounts.


Just read it and agree, it’s very interesting way to look at Batman’s state of mind post the events of issue 50. The cliche would be all internal monologue but they do the opposite and give us none. Great art from Weeks as ever.


Given how up and down King’s run for me has been, disappointment with the wedding and thinking Mr Freeze is one of the dumbest villains (second to the Ventriloquist) I intended to drop this book. But with Lee Weeks on art I figured I’d give it an issue to state the case and I’m glad I did.
The art is as I’d hoped and the story is actually interesting, something I didn’t think I’d ever say about one with Mr Freeze.


To be fair he’s pretty incidental to it, they could have used any almost villain for the purposes of the story. Well maybe not the Joker as he’s nuts but anyone that could be forced into confession.


It’d be an interesting story even with the Ventriloquist as the defendant. :slight_smile:


Yeah it was a really intelligent and creative way to deal with the aftermath of the previous issue. Very pleasantly surprised.


But will the writer and artists?

My understanding is that they are paid a percentage of sale price on reprints, not a percentage of profit. So DC might make a bigger profit on a digital sale but the creators will see less of it.

(If my understanding is wrong, then never mind. Go on buying digital :slight_smile: )

(Or, even if I’m right, go on buying digital anyway. It’s DC’s job to sort out fair remuneration for their creators, not yours :slight_smile: )


Justice League #4 - I’m loving this book. It feels like a properly modernized Super Friends/Justice League cartoon with higher stakes. What we’re getting here is a lot of what I had hoped for in Dark Knights: Metal, there are properly bonkers concepts but with great story follow through. Jorge Jimenez is the new artist to watch. I enjoyed his work on Super Sons but this feels like a whole other level. This book comes with one of my highest recommendations.

Kick-Ass #6 - I loved the idea of someone picking up the Kick-Ass mantle after Dave put it down. I underestimated just how well @Mark_Millar would execute that concept and give us a character so different and even more interesting than Dave. This issue was a great wrap-up to the opening arc. The whole thing was so well executed.

Magic Order #2 - Wow! Another amazing issue. This book feels a bit like Empress to me where there is at least one scene in every issue that just kinda blows your mind. The castle hidden in the painting was that in this issue. Loving this series and can’t wait to read more.

The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion Ashcan - I’m so glad this book is coming back. It fills an odd X-Men sized hole in my heart. Way and Ba are just so perfect on this series. I can’t wait for more.


I have one issue of Kick-Ass and 1 1/2 of Magic Order to read this weekend. And the Halloween Man special.