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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


the weather man #1 by Jody Lehup and Nathan Fox I’m kinda undecided about.

I really love the art but at the same time it’s so stylistic and chaotic that the story flows poorly and it doesn’t really do it’s job of clear sequential storytelling - on the other hand if you spend a bit of time on each panel ogling it, then you absorb what’s happening anyway.

The concept is kinda intriguing but also a bit of a mess.

I’ll keep an eye on this, but I’m not sure I’ll pick up the trade or not.


Risso’s art and the colours on Hitgirl # 5 looked amazing.

Story was a bit light, but it let the art speak for itself I suppose.

stellar # 1 from Hopeless and Blevins didn’t really capture my interest at all, but if a weird first issue to be honest, I’m not really sure what they are going for with that series


Best cover? For different reasons I really like the classic Lee Weeks cover on Batman, The Magic Order is great with the juxtaposition of the mundane journey and the underwater magic, The Wildstorm for crazy impact.


Yeah, that Wild Storm cover stands out for me. Very arresting.

It also has that good combination of ‘reading’ well from a distance, while also featuring a lot of (grotesque) detail once you see it up close.


…and they actually put the correct issue number on it this time. Maybe someone in DC production is Chinese and finds the number 14 unlucky. :smile:


Yeah, there just won’t be an issue #14. :slight_smile:

I like the Archie Meets Batman '66 cover too. It captures the era and style of both comics.


The Archie cover is awesome, first one that stood out to me.

Then the Wildstorm and Magic Order covers

It’s amazing how often we collectively agree on these things every week.


It’s like a lift in Malaysia:


I remember being baffled as a kid when I visited my sister in Hong Kong and the lift went 12, 13, 13A, 15, until she explained it to me. :slight_smile:

It’s funny to see both 13 and 14 (and 4, 23 and 24) missing on that lift in your photo. I thought 13 was meant to be particularly good luck as 1 = certainty and 3 = life (so ‘certain life’), as opposed to 4 = death (so ‘certain death’).

I guess maybe the homonyms differ depending on language and dialect? And/or maybe they’re just covering themselves and accounting for both eastern and western superstitions? :smile:


The batman cover is nice but I don’t like the colours on it. And the logo has always put me off the covers since it appeared. Good time for a redesign.


This lift is hyper superstitious. :smile:

Your second guess is right. It’s not unknown in the big cities to avoid both 13 and 14 because the residents may be a mix of western and Chinese backgrounds. Avoiding 24 is very rare and 23 doesn’t make much sense but I suspect the designer/architect misunderstood how it works.


Maybe there’s a lot of Discordians? 2 + 3 = 5, after all.


What is the ‘2’ meaning that goes with 4 for death? It’s been ages since I learned the different meanings and I’ve forgotten most of them.


I don’t know, I can ask the Mrs later, but I do know that normally it’s only 4 and 14 that are avoided (as ‘death’ and ‘certain death’). I have seen 24 skipped only maybe a couple of times, this lift remains very superstitious.

My building just has 3A and 13A to replace 4 and 14. They don’t care for Western sensitivities here!

Anyway, back onto comics. I’ll be getting The Wild Storm and Batman when they appear. I kind of agree with Chris on the Batman cover but I’m a sucker for Lee Weeks, he’s been toiling away making great comics for decades without ever being a star, nice he’s on a book selling 100k +


Maybe it hates Kiefer Sutherland.


On the subject of covers (sorry to go off on a tangent on the Lifts and Lift Numbering Conventions thread) the covers for The Beef have been fantastic, but this cover for the 5th and final issue tops them all and is my cover of the year so far.

The backmatter of each issue explains the very long and complex process they went though for the cover of each issue, it’s rather impressive and you’ve got to admire their passion for this series, particularly in a era where we have some writers churning out about 8 books a month before they’ve even learned how to write an engaging story yet.


Not at all, I think you’ve elevated the conversation.


Looks like Justice League #4, Kick-Ass #6 and Magic Order #2 for sure and maybe Wild Storm #15 and X-Men Red #6 this week.


It looks like there is a free preview of Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion out this week too.


Kick-Ass: The New Girl #6: This was a great arc, first and foremost. I was cautiously hopeful when this was first announced, but this exceeded every expectation I had for it. It’s got all of the classic Kick-Ass hallmarks, but given a new, refined, filter and character focus. This conclusion to the first arc was both incredibly exciting and just a completely satisfying culmination of chaos and fresh direction. Won’t continue onto the Niles arc for now, maybe down the road if I hear good things.

The Wild Storm #15: Feels like a bit of a breather issue, but still does some neat things with John Lynch, setting up the Gens, and all of the other plot threads. After all, it’s a good choice to take some time and get a breather - see where everything stands. And this definitely feels like that sorta calm beat.

Mage: The Hero Denied #10: Not as exciting as the previous few issues, but it does take care of a hanging little plot conceit that I figure will be worth it in the long run.

The Magic Order #2: A beautiful, tense, and scathingly humorous in the way Millar can be, book. Loving it.