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multiple man # 1

Madrox is back from the dead, it’s not jamie Prime it’s one of the dupes, the beast tells him he is decomposing and his organs will fail, he smashes a globe over bishops head (took me a while to figure out that’s what was going on the art is so bad in that panel) and steals his time travel tech, travels into the future, appears back, then some future versions of some marvel characters appear, including an older version of madrox

I once had to do a critical evaluation of the merchant of Venice in 3rd year at school for English.

I couldn’t be bothered and ran out of time.

During the 15 minute interval before class, I skimmed through the book and quickly scribbled down 2 and a half pages and handed it in to my English teacher. The last line read, “in summary, I don’t see what all the fuss is about”.

It resulted in me getting a letter home to my parents.

I think I spent longer writing that cricitcal evaluation than Rosenburg spent writing this issue.

It reads like he’s recalled a bunch of xmen comics from his past and tried to approximate them. It’s a pile of shit.


I just found a Newsarama article about it and it has this absolute gem of a turd:

Rosenberg squarely punts Madrox’s marriage from this series, saying that Layla Miller will not be in Multiple Man.

“As for Layla [Miller, Madrox’s wife], she isn’t in this one. We’re focussing on Jamie for now and getting him back on the board before we can get them back together… If we get them back together,” said Rosenberg.

“But some other X-Factor folks are definitely going to pop up. I’m using a bunch of them in my New Mutants series already (shameless plug) so I didn’t have to ask for a lot of permission to bring them over,” the writer continued. "And that’s really what it’s all about. Not asking for permission.”

Get. Tae. Fuck.


Typically, I liked Multiple Man 1!

I have no idea who Layla miller is so not bothered by her omission. (Well, i do know her name but not read any books she’s i …I think)


Marvel have put some good new books out, but I don’t think Rosenburg and Cates are the best writers to be handling as many of their books as they do. That’s a few things I’ve tried by both of them and they’ve all felt rushed and a bit throwaway. I’ve no idea what the reception of their stuff is or how it sells, but while most of it is readable, it’s not solid enough for me.

Speaking of some of the better books Marvel are putting out. The Sentry # 1 was excellent.

I’d say if you are a fan of Lemire’s work then you’ll definitely want to pick this up, there’s some parallels with Black Hammer, so doubly so for fans of that series.

He’s taken the concept of The Sentry and put his own twist on it. I’ve never heard of Kim Jacinto, but his/her art is perfect for this book, with the downtrodden characters and general air of despair.

Has anyone else read it? Lemire just keeps knocking them out the park, I don’t know how he does it.


He seems to have found a great place in his work. His initial Indie and then Vertigo work was very good from the start but his ‘mainstream’ Marvel and DC work was often lacking. This last year or so I’ve just realised I’ve liked pretty much all he’s put out even though it’s quite diverse in tone and genre.


Or, well, it would be fun if the action was any good. Which it ain’t. And if there was any energy behind them being taken out other than “here’s a flatly evil version with no flair”.
At least for the first 6 issues. I keep checking the series out, twice now, based on comments that it’s jumped in quality and each time it has been exaggerated.


My feelings exactly about his career.

I did like his Animal Man run outside of the Rotworld crossover, but I felt he just kinda drifted though his other books. Possibly editorially mandated work and interference that was the problem.

Whereas I don’t think he is beholden to that now as he’s probably in a place he can pick and choose his projects and writes them with freedom.

This is my take on it anyway.


With Lemire, I have found myself getting bored very quickly with his series. They start off really well - all of them; I’ve yet to read a Lemire book that I didn’t enjoy (if not outright love) from #1 - but by the time I get to #6 or 7 I’m over it. This happened with Black Hammer, which should have been a home run with me. It’s happening right now with Gideon Falls. I can’t quite pin down why either. It’s weird.


I think that could well be a part of it, the fact that he works across pretty much all the major companies suggests he gets to pick exactly what he does now.


Have you read #7?


And like I said…I probably ain’t. Given the series way more chances than I have any other.
Just wanted to play some devil’s advocate on a point that Ben made that I felt was a bit too much of an umbrella statement.


And, that’s fine. But there is a huge jump in quality between #6 and #7 (and I say that even though I liked the first six issues). I don’t know why, as the creative team is exactly the same. But, everything you complained about has been addressed in the last few issues. Even the horrendously sloppy art looks much better now. The action scenes in #8 were awesome too, btw.


A bit more on Lemire…

Vik, have you read Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows?

It’s a 4 issue Black Hammer spin off, illustrated by Max Fiamura.

It tore me up. I’m talking streams of tears. Bit of a life lesson in there when I’m sitting reading comics instead of giving the kids full attention.

I know you have kids Vik, I found it really powerful, you might too. There’s a definite end. 4 issues and done.


Doctor Star was brilliant.


Doctor Star caused a sudden dust swirl in my house that required me to use several tissues to wipe my eyes. It’s a dangerous comic.


Has Bendis been able to include his typical letters columns/hype columns in his Superman comics?


It’s kind of interesting to me in a couple of linked respects:

  • One, I’m pretty much immune to outrage over this area due to reading too many of Mr Ennis’ anti-superhero polemics.
  • Second, part of the reason Ennis likely got away with those is he also made them very good to read. Just throwing the concept in isn’t enough, it has to be executed well.

Devil’s advocacy in response to a devilishly mischievous post? Surely not.


The! The! The!

Translated from the original German, this famously surprise-released book from this week garnered an order from me on the strength of Chris Burnham’s name alone. I’ve loved his Batman and Nameless work with Grant Morrison, and I was interested to see what he could bring to this series.

While his artwork is very good, I’m not sure it’s worth buying the book for alone, as he’s not really called upon to illustrate anything particularly impressive or dazzling here. However, he does well (with a fairly panel-heavy script in places) to keep the story moving even during scenes when there’s little action.

The concept of the book is mostly a fairly simple one, involving murderous agents hired to ‘go after the real bastards’ in ways that don’t garner too much public attention. There’s a very enjoyable centrepiece scene that works backwards up a causal chain to decide upon a particular target, and Burnham handles ten panels a page in places to pull off the complex and recursive, repetitive sequence (in my mind’s eye it’s edited by Edgar Wright) in a very limited space.

But other than that, it’s actually fairly bland stuff - secret organisations, gory violence, swearing and sex, and a final twist that felt quite arbitrary and meaningless to me.

I’ve seen some people describe this as Kirkman’s attempt to do a Millarworld-style book, but actually the comic it reminds me of most is Kaare Andrews’ The One % - there’s a similar sense of inchoate rage at the injustices of the world that are perpetrated by those in high places, and a similarly bold approach to crazy action and violence.

But this lacks the satirical edge of that book, and without that it doesn’t have the kind of depth that makes me want to come back for more.


With the final issue of Snagglepuss: Exit Stage Left I’ll make my last appeal and recommendation for y’all to read it.

It’s haunting, devastating, beautiful, bittersweet and as relevant for our times as the era it is set.

The collection is released in August, I can’t recommend it highly enough

Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles


RRP £12.99 too - Should be a cheap buy, so worth the gamble.