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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Iron Man 1 was a blast. I think this switch has reinvigorated Slott. He’s having a lot of fun here, I did too.


I legitimately can’t wait for his Fantastic Four title in August. I even like the preview art.


Take from this what you will but issue 1 of By Night made me not bothered to get any more whereas I thought Nancy Drew 1 which is similarish in tone was miles better.


donnie cates has been one of my biggest recent disappointments in comics.
He started off with a fair bit of promise, but his writing hasn’t improved with time, if anything it’s not as good.

He really lacks finesse. No matter how hyperactive and elevator pitch box ticking his books are, the execution is never as good as the concept.

More and more I read his stuff and I feel he’s written it in 5 minutes.
I’ve picked up a number of series now, thinking that it will be the one that fulfils the early promise and each time it’s failed to grab me. It all feels slapped down onto a page.

Cosmic Ghost Rider should be awesome.

It’s not. A couple of good ideas don’t compensate for the boring execution.

And yes, I’m just ignoring Bobby’s post above this one.


A slight spoiler for the Superman series I got listening to Bendis’ interview on Word Balloon last week (it’s not specific but on the general direction:

It looks like he’s taken Jon and Lois off the board for his run but he says they’ll feature heavily and soon. He really likes writing Jon and being Bendis who famously like to work way ahead he says he has already written 14 issues of the main titles after Man of Steel


I decided to check out Michael Cray because of your recommendation.
I don’t think I’ve seen such a jump in quality in a book before. I hated the first few issues, and even the Aquaman stuff was terrible, but once JC and Dianna arrive, the book is just amazing.

Cheers for the heads up.


So that’s from issue #? onwards?


6, I think.


Thanks, 50/50 as to whether to get the first trade that;s due in the next week or so.


If it helps, I liked the early issues as well, though it was a lot of fun to see these alternative versions being hunted down


I’ll probably bag it as it might be got for under £8 for 6 issues.


#7 onwards (#6 is the end of the Aquaman arc).


Like @ChrisS says, it’s fun to watch the alternate DC characters get taken out, and Ellis’ naturalistic SF reworkings of Flash and Aquaman are interesting as well. It’s probably best approached as three two-issue stories in which Cray takes out a twisted alternate version of a DC character, while beginning to question if he’s really making the world a better place. You probably won’t miss too much if you jump into the Constantine/Wonder Woman arc, but there is context in the early issues at least.


What I find kind of funny with a book like Michael Cray is the whole “Oh my God! They are killing not-quite my favourite DC character in a really nasty way and rendering them an arsehole” point that’s blown up. Well, yeah, that’s the fun of this.

Your actual favourite character? Is utterly unaffected. Well, until a comics writer decides to give him a new superpower where he turns his arse into a hand grenade… Relax, it’ll never happen; really, it’ll never happen.


I’ve hated that the alternate DC characters stuff since the first run of the Authority, so wasn’t very interested to see it crop up in MC, so read the first 3 issues and didn’t care for them.

Issue 6 is the end of the Aquaman arc but the introduction JC happens in this issue.
I also loved the riff on the old Helblazer page.


Yep. I loved that final page (or two), but I suppose it’s a bit much to buy a whole tpb for on its own :wink:


The Last Siege # 1 surprised me. I wouldn’t have picked it up if I wasn’t checking out all the Image first issues.

Written by Landry Walker, with nice sparse dialogue. He lets the artist, Justin Greenwood do most of the heavy lifting in terms of the exposition and storytelling, which is a wise choice, because Greenwood is a superb artist who excels in storytelling and he also very much delivers a sense of place here.

Where Walker has put in the work is the pacing and beats of this first issue and refining the dialogue. I get the sense he’s spent a lot of time tightening his script up, there’s real restraint here, it’s a talent.

This will very much appeal to fans of Game of Thrones who are looking to fill that void waiting on the last season and next book. It’s a similar vibe. Really enjoyable.

I’ll pick this up in trade.


You need to read Stumptown Volumes 3-4. (Do 1-2 as well, they’re great, but Greenwood starts on V3)



I’ve read them. They are brilliant. Is it the one with the football and the one about the coffee? I remember at the time thinking Rucka had come up with some really interesting story ideas in the last 2 arcs. I also remember the art was great.

I’d love to see more Stumptown


Yup. The Barista Mafia!

Same here.