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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Joëlle Jones has done a good job on catwoman 1. It’s a very sophisticated opening issue to the series.

Due to the very nature of the type of approach she has taken, it will take a few issues to get a full handle on this - but it bodes well.

The art is great, as I’ve come to expect from Jones.


I finally read Batman #50 this weekend. Actually I just skimmed it as it seemed to be 80 pages of talking about their eyes. The art was gorgeous and I loved seeing former artists doing the pin ups. The final scene does have me mildly interested in seeing where it goes, but I’m not at all interested in a Mr Freeze arc. Lee Weeks on art may make me change my mind, though.

Did anyone else read Cap #1? As with Batman above I loved the art but am not sure I care to read more of it.


I’ve got it here. Not got to it yet. I do like the cover though.


The story wasn’t bad at all, it just didn’t grab me like I was hoping it would. I’ll give it another issue or two but if it stays mediocre to good, I’ll drop it.


The Quantum Age #1
Jeff Lemire / Wilfredo Torres

I’ve enjoyed Jeff Lemire’s DC work but I hadn’t read any of his Black Hammer stories, so I wouldn’t have looked at this series if it wasn’t for a Black Hammer story in a FCBD book that featured “The Quantum League”. A group of heroes from the 31st century, the Quantum League features a massive team of characters like “Laser Lad”, “Storm Girl”, “Furnace Boy” and the super-intelligent “Archive V”. Ok, you can see what this is, can’t you? :thinking:

So, Quantum Age #1. It’s not a follow-on from the FCBD cliffhanger. It’s not really what I expected at all. Opening in 3041 A.D. it features a dystopian future where Earth is under martial law and a young lad is covertly searching for … something.

Flashback to “25 years earlier”, and the Quantum League are fighting a hopeless battle against alien invaders.

Back to 3041 again, and can you guess what (or who) this young lad is searching for?

I won’t say any more about the plot, I’ll just say “Five Years Later”, and either that phrase will be enough to make you interested or you probably wouldn’t care for this series anyway.

The flashbacks to the Quantum League action are plotted like a Paul Levitz story, and in just a few pages Lemire gives his characters enough depth that you already feel you know them. Jeff Lemire is basically a great writer of characters, as I already knew from his other work. And the mystery set up in the “present” scenes is interesting enough to make me want to read more of this particular series.

Wilfredo Torres has a very uncluttered art style, characters drawn very simply, large panels, and minimal backgrounds, but it’s very dynamic and presents great, clear storytelling, which is something I miss in many modern comics. I don’t get much sense of a future design aesthetic from him, which is where I would wish for more detailed backgrounds, but his character designs (human and alien) are great.

Overall: this is the comic I’m most looking forward to picking up again next month. Highly recommended.


Great to hear. I may wait for a Comixology price drop (as the Black Hammer books seem to be almost permanently on sale one way or the other) but I’ll definitely be picking this up.


I’m happy as I recommended Black Hammer as a comic I thought would be to David’s tastes months ago. He obviously ignored that but at least took the plunge after the FCBD issue and I was proven right eventually. :smile:




Unnatural by Mirka Andolfo is now being published in English, under Image comics.

It’s an 11 issue series, from the Italian cartoonist, which has been published in a few countries and has a pretty interesting, if pretty on the nose premise.

The characters are semi anthropomorphic and both same sex and different species relationships are outlawed.

The art is fantastic and it grabbed me pretty much from the off. It’s sexy, fun and well paced wth a few little mysteries dropped in to keep you reading on, including a great cliffhanger.

Similar in tone to Snotgirl almost, which I really enjoyed.

I recommend checking it out.


Hi will, I got to captain America 1

I thought it was ok, I’m not desperate to read on.

I think Coates writing has improved a bit from his initial Black Panther issues, which I enjoyed but they didn’t flow very well. He’s a smart guy though and he’s obviously improved his craft pretty quickly since then.

I feel he’s done a good job continuing on from the events that have transpired before with the Hdyra stuff - he’s picked up all the threads and run with it, which makes it a respectful transition for those who are following the character over the years. He doesn’t just wipe it clean and start afresh, which would have been a lot easier for him to do.

The book initially feels relevant for the current political climate, in America and the UK. That can be both a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you want escapism or political commentary.

I’d quite like to read on, but it doesn’t feel like essential reading to me. I like Cap well enough but he’s not a character I’ve followed too closely or have much emotional connection with, probably because I didn’t read Marvel comics in my formative years, aside from the Punisher.

I’ll maybe get round to it on Marvel Unlimited at some point.

If I had unlimited time and money I’d probably keep reading.


So, The Tempest 1, I need to reread it a couple of times, (and Century too) but the original, from the books, James Bond is back in business.
Oh, and I totally didn’t expect 67’s Casino Royale’s Jimmy Bond of all people to appear 0_o .

Oh, The Flash 50… yada yada time travel, hypertime, Speed Force, etc… and… I got happy at one of the last pages, where IMPULSE is back


detective comics 982 is the first issue following the completion of Tynion IV’s awesome run.
It’s filler.
The art by Sebastian Fiamura is nice, the story by Michael Moreci, emmmm…isn’t…

I stopped reading about 10 pages in. I didn’t realise this was the case, I thought it was Bryan Hill’s run starting.
One to skip.

Whereas, detective comics 983 is the first issue of Bryan Hill’s run and it starts off very well.
Nice art from Miguel Mendoca as well as Bryan Hill seems to be putting together a new team of Outsiders.

Not sure what the plans are here as I thought that Hill was only on the book for 6 issues, but if they are using this arc to launch a new Outsiders book from this creative team then I’m there.
Hill does a great job of writing Black Lightening and it’s about time this character got a decent run to go with the Netflix/CW series which has been surprisingly pretty good.

They nail Cassandra, Duke and Alfred as well. While not of the same standard as Tynion’s amazing run, this is still a pretty good start and enough to keep me picking the book up.

I should add that I’m a fan of Hill’s other work so I’d give him at least a few issues anyway.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest #1 is a complete delight. It takes the best aspects of the last two “main entries” and the Nemo trilogy and finds a good middle-ground. Only 5 issues left and the first sets up actual stakes, a plot that bears real momentum, and some very enthusiastic and energetic ideas. This is going to be fun!


I didn’t get it, so thanks for the review. Still broken that Tynion’s run ended. I’ll wait to read the arc in the Deluxe collection with Tynion’s last arc. Looks like Hill is only on for one arc, before Robinson takes over for an arc. There’s a rumour going around in all the usual places that Tomasi is taking over permanently afterwards.


It’s that day again.

Looks like Superman #1 and any incidentals that look interesting for me.


Are they going to package Hills run up with Tynion’s?

There may be some merit there, hard to tell, but I wish the Tynion stuff was kept separate.

I hope the don’t include that fill in issue.

I really like Thomasi but I wasn’t hoping for either a longer Hill run, or someone new and out of left field.

I’d rather they either keep the book as a team book or they go all out Detective/street level with it.

Wee bit disappointed at this as Robinson can be really inconsistent, and Thomasi has had a fair crack at the character already.


All just rumour and conjecture at the moment, Chris. Other than Robinson taking over in September.


I’m holding out for someone different - no offence to Thomasi, whose Batman & Robin, Green Lantern Corps and Superman I’ve really enjoyed - id just to see him taking on something else and someone else taking on batman - unless he’s got a great idea lined up.

I’m in the mood for another epic and I’d quite like a defined high concept for the book.


Unknown currently.

There are the precedents of Batman/Flash: The Button , Superman: Action Comics: The Oz Effect, Dark Nights: Metal and the upcoming Aquaman: Underworld OHCs for DC doing smaller, single volume editions.

I hope they do with Tynion’s final 'Tec arc.


Amazing Spider-Man 1 came out today, by Spencer and Ottley.

At first I was disappointed.

I didn’t take to Ottley’s art until near the end. I know he’s a good artist and I couldn’t fault is storytelling, it’s just initially felt a little too light on lines at first, but I quickly got over it.

As a first issue it’s a little bit too busy. Just a bit too much going on. A lot of exposition. A bit of generic action with the Avengers which I have zero interest in.

It won me over in the end and holistically it’s probably a really good start. Spencer is stripping back a lot of the scale and pressing the reset button slightly in quite a clever way.

There’s some decent dialogue and jokes, once it gets going and there’s some great character moments there also.

I’m quite excited by this run and I think I will keep picking this up in singles as I ended up doing with Slot’s run in the last 2 years or maybe more.

I think the fact that it is twice monthly will also really help the flow of the story and keep things moving along nicely.

Out of the marvel reshuffles this was definitely more of the more exciting creative team announcements and without knocking it out the park they have given it a good shot