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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


That was one (or two) of my favorite episodes of the show. The old man version of the Hulk was so creepy looking.


I am a grown adult and I still occasionally have nightmares about the Del Frye Hulk. LoL




Noooooooooo!!! lol :joy:


re: Batman 50

I’m still conflicted as to how I feel about this issue, to be honest. I think I am okay with Selina coming to the conclusion that if she makes Bruce happy, he can’t be Batman anymore, and that the city needs him to be Batman but I don’t think I’m okay with Bane pulling the strings behind all of this.

The former, even though it’s not the outcome I wanted to see, does feel like a natural conclusion that makes sense with the characters and the tone of the book. The latter feels contrived and convoluted.

I’ve enjoyed King’s work enough so far to give it a chance to see where it goes next.








I remember that episode when the other Hulk threw the cure against the wall and Banner cried and turned into the Hulk. Bixby was really good in that role.

Thing with the series was you couldn’t get your hopes so high on him finally finding a cure or else the show would be over so every time he had to come oh… so… close…




I sort of suspected Batman would end the way it did, and I don’t know about it. I guess I’ve been around the character enough where I’m sure this was planned as a surprise, but if they’d gone through with the marriage than that would have been the REAL surprise. This feels like the very safe, predictable path, and the “broken” Batman story has been done a zillion times. Maybe that’s me.

Anyway, I loved the art and all of the pinup pages. Beautiful stuff. I think I will stop buying this title as it comes out now, however, especially with the price hike looming. I will look for Comixology sales near the end of the year though.

The other book I got was Man of Steel. All in all a very satisfying mini that lays out years worth of stories. I think I may wait for the trades from here on out—Bendis just reads a lot better that way.

Did anyone read the Catwoman title?


Yes i did earlier today. It’s set with a little time jump of a least a few weeks from Baman #50 and sets up a new status quo so it’s not really essential as a companion piece.

It’s unsurprisingly very well drawn but the writing is good too. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it too long but that’s more to do with how much I care about a Catwoman comic than its quality.


Yeah I think Jones is a sensational artist (haven’t read her writing) but Catwoman is a character that has not historically appealed to me. I even tired of Brubaker and Cooke on the character.

Who knows what Jones asked for and maybe she pitched the book but the big two doesn’t always have to pair women creators with female characters.


I suspect in this case she had fun working with the character on the Batman run, if only because the fun of the character comes across in the work, but yes it is a bit of a cliche. Christopher Priest wrote that he left comics for a few years because he was only ever asked to write titles with black characters, he came back when DC offered him to pitch whatever he wanted to do.


Is this pitched as the endpoint of the overarching story, or the midpoint? Some of the coverage I’ve read suggests it’s the midpoint, and that King might be setting up an expected development here before subverting it later on.

ie. setting up the traditional “Batman can’t function with happiness in his life, he has to be an angry loner” take, only to later have him move past that, and show that actually, he can have a happy love life and family life and still be Batman.


Midpoint, King’s always been clear that he planned for a 100 issue run.
But, well, it’s no 100 Bullets.



Yeah it’s the midpoint, and this issue even had some callbacks to various stuff from earlier in the run, including a direct reference to, if memory serves, the very first line of the run.

I’m sure a lot of that seemed random at the time will be tied together by the end. But maybe not!


Justice League #3 - Really digging this book even more than I thought I would. Snyder’s story seems to be building into something big with a lot of action and more than a little bit of an updated Super Friends vibe. I’m loving Jorge Jimenez’s art too. I think this is going to be a fun series.

Man of Steel #6 - I went into this series expecting a retelling of Superman’s origin mostly due to the covers. What I got was a very interesting set up for what I assume will be Bendis’ long run on Action Comics and Superman. I was glad that he didn’t do away with Jon or the marriage but a bid disappointed that they’re off the board for a bit. I really liked the family dynamic during the Tomasi/Gleason run and am not such a big fan of the new spin on Jor-El. I’m curious what Bendis has planned to fill that space. I’m generally not a fan of Fabok but thought he did a great job on this issue and pages in each issue leading up to it. I would like to be able to tradewait this but really love the regular fix of a Superman comic. So I’m in for the first couple arcs at the very least.


Thing is about Gleason and Tomasi - they’re always talking and grabbing the headlines!