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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I really like Jones artwork. Her previous work on Batman was amazing. I’ve picked up Catwoman 1 today as well, I’m lookig forward to seeing hay she does with the character.


I’m not sure it was synchronized to local time as the change was something about making them available before comic shops were even open in the US.


As far as books for me today, I should have:

DC Nation #2
Justice League #3
Man of Steel #6


It was synchronised to local time and then they changed it. Your sentence is a little confusing though and I’m not sure you are disagreeing. :smile:

The change was likely to do with that. Although it exists in print, UK readers for example will have their shop open 5-8 hours before the US, Australians even further in advance, the digital element means there’s a lot of opportunity to screen shot stuff before release there which is their biggest market.


I thought it was still released at the same time just timed to UK release. So US buyers could pick up there books well before shops had the opportunity to sell them.


Yes, and her interior art is great too. I’ve never seen her art elsewhere though, and I didn’t know she also writes.


Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander #4: A raucous issue. Fittingly outbursting given the intricate and emotional depths of the previous one - and how this rests as the penultimate issue. Can’t wait for the finale.


Really looking forward to this one. I’m getting a physical copy so probably won’t see it for a couple of days.


Got it. I seem to recall they did a variety of approaches at the start and at one period I could access downloads before those further west. Either way it’s probably been 3 or 4 years they’ve stuck with that 2pm GMT time (apart from today).


I’m surprised comics still released today. Historically, they would be delayed when New Comics Wednesday landed on a holiday. Before the universal Tuesday shipping, even a holiday before Wednesday would delay things for a day. I always thought Marvel should time a Thor promotion for one of those.


Ive just read batman 50. Not sure whether to comment here or the DC thread, but given that it’s just out today I guess this is the place for it.

I thought it was quite good on the whole. The whole thing acted a bit like an artistic showcase and a dedication to Batman writers of the past.

Some of the art on show was outstanding and King tries to use a gallery format to showcase the art and keep the story going. It didn’t quite work for me at first

but once I realised that it was letters from Bruce and Selina to each other it worked pretty well in the end
I actually found the whole thing quite sad and emotional.
The idea that Selina is saving Batman by breaking Bruce’s heart is a decent one and it was the only real way to do it without destroying Selina as a sympathetic character.
King has obviously looked at Batman and tried to find a new way to make him vulnerable, which cannot be an easy thing to do after 75 years of stories.
The idea that Bane has plotted all of this brings the threads back round to earlier issues and gives the run a more cohesive and epic feel.
How he has orchestrated this exactly I’m not sure, so I hope this will be tied up in future issues if the clues are not there already.
I look forward to seeing how this impacts a few things 1. Did Selina’s decision have the opposite of her intentions 2. Is the Bat broken as Bane believes, or will this pain motivate him further 3. Where does Bruce and Selina’s relationship go from here
There’s a lot to explore in future issues, I’m anxious to see where he next issue picks up from here


I know people are disappointed with Batman #50, but to be honest I’m more interested in King’s run now than I’ve ever been beforehand.


Many bank accounts will die attempting to fund purchases of this rare Charest variant.

In other Star Wars #50 news, VeersWatch approves:

Funny, isn’t it? We’ve both been critical of what we’ve read of King’s run, albeit to different degrees, but the broad strokes of this arc architecture suffices to regain our interest in a way the big, high-profile status quo breaking tease doesn’t.


Is it that rare and expensive? You can get a signed copy for a fiver here.


Rule 51 then: Sometimes, you’re wrong.

I was certain Marvel would try to capitalise on it by making it rare but it sounds like they’ve been smart enough to realise its better not to.


Some Soliler but… C´mon!

I Agree with everything said here.

Altough, i have to admit that, at first reading, i was disapointted and kinda angry with the issue; but, now, the more i think about it the sadder i get (really) and i belive that was exactly what King wanted.

A real moment of human emotion.

Plus: I´m also very eager to know how the relationship between those two progresses now… it might still be wedding surprises in the coming 50 issues.


The Immortal Hulk: I’ve caught up on the first two issues and I have to say - this could be my favorite Hulk run in years. I love condescending, bitter, trashfire Hulk and really trying to mine more of the nighttime atmosphere that the original Lee/Kirby stuff only skimmed upon is a great path to go and while balancing freshness and loyalty.


With you on this - it’s tremendous


It actually motivated me to go and re-read my HULK Essential Collections.

I was a huge Hulk fan as a kid, and those were the first comics that I really dove into and couldn’t get enough of - and this has the potential to be the first Hulk run since those to really hook me in like those did. I really hope Marvel allows this run to breathe and live out a solitary life.


Immortal Hulk #2 easter egg - the name “Del Frye” (the teenager who died) was taken from a character from the TV show. He was an old man who could turn into a monster similar to the Hulk, in the two-part episode “The First.”

Considering we also have a reporter named McGee following the Hulk, along with the motif of Banner wandering from town to town, I think it’s safe to say Al Ewing is a fan of the Bixby/Ferrigno series.