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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I agree 100%. I am enjoying it a lot, because I adored the old WSU, and more of that is always welcome. However, it’s very much a fresh coat of paint on old ideas. It does feel a lot like his Planetary.


I won’t belabor it too much but it feels a bit like a band wearing their own t-shirt. At this point, I would rather see him do something new rather than retooled covers of his old material.


Justice League #2 - I enjoyed the debut issue of this book, and this is a strong continuation. It’s feeling a lot like Remender’s Uncanny X-Force to me - big ideas, crazy action, without foregoing the characterisation. Jorge Jimenez’ artwork comes across rushes here; it’s definitely not as polished as I’ve come to expect from him.

New Challengers #2 - I said it last issue, this was a really pleasant surprise; this issue continues in that vein. Another member of the new team takes the spotlight this issue, as the overall tale takes a very Snyderesque plot twist, deriving extra meaning from the titular characters. Kubert & Janson’s art is gorgeous too. Give this mini a try, folks. It’s worth a look.

Hit Girl #5 - probably my favourite issue to date, Lemire and Risso’s debut issue is a short & sweet affair, as Mindy gets in over her head over the border. It ends on an amusing cliffhanger, that promises hijinx in the next issue.

Moonshine #11 - perhaps even more insane than this week’s Hit Girl issue, the shit really hits the fan here. It’s a gruesome issue from start to finish. Good stuff.

Gideon Falls #4 - Lemire & Sorrentino’s creepy little horror story continues, with some fantastic storytelling this issue. Disorientating and incredibly effective. I’m not particularly a fan, but between this and Ennis’ latest, there are some really good horror books on the shelves these days.


I just read that arc. I thought it was miles better than the previous Waid/Samnee one. That might be because Cap isn’t in it as much (Never been that much of a fan of him as a character) and I prefer Romero to Samnee on art.


the WildCATs still need to incorporate Lucy Blaze(Zealot) into their team. I can’t see her staying with SkyWatch. I can’t wait for that to happen


Well her and Grifter clearly still got that bond.
It’s only a short step from her being completely fed up with Skywatch’s BS.


Comixology have their comics up early today due to the Batman #50 release.


Is that Europe as well Paul, do you know?
(You are IE, right?)

I’ve got my iPad on hols I might jump up and try DL it today so there’s no chance of spoiler.


I might be wrong, but I think Comixology release times are synchronised worldwide, so it should be out everywhere.


Yes they are normally synchronised at 2pm GMT. When they first launched they went with around 9am local time so the further east you lived the earlier they appeared but for whatever reason they stopped that a few years ago. (The new ones are showing with me now in Asia)

A few good covers there but even though I’ve seen it before I’m going with Jim Lee’s Batman variant. The Art Adams one is fun too just because it’s rare to see him draw DC characters, Star Wars is a nice effect with the cloak.



I’ve nipped on and picked up today’s books

Couple of cracking covers from Alex Ross today incidentally, on Immortal Hulk and the new Cap series.


Yeah the Cap one is nice. By the way for those buying digitally the DC Nation magazine is free to download. The first one wasn’t bad for what it is (a preview/interview thing like Marvel Age used to be many moons ago).


Just Paper Girls for me this week. :frowning_face:


I’m going to be boring and agree, the Jim Lee image is really nice and the Star Wars cover is great, although the fantastic detail in the cloak doesn’t read at that size - here’s a bigger one:

I also like the playfulness of the Catwoman cover.

(Although it should really say “read the internet for the past week to find out”.)


I took a stab at Catwoman #1 because I really like Joelle Jones’ (no relation :smile:) artwork. I have no idea if she can write but will find out later.


Yep, there’s usually a batch of early releases around 8am GMT and then the rest come by 2pm.


She’s the one who did that Supergirl cover that @davidm (rightfully) loved, isn’t she?

I’ve never read her stuff but what I’ve seen looks great.


She also did this classic

(That was a great series, too, fwiw)


She’s done a few arcs on King’s Batman and they’ve been really good. I’m fully sold on the drawing, we shall see on her writing skills as with any artist that shifts across. Sometimes they work amazingly - Frank Miller, John Byrne, Walt Simonson, Mike Mignola etc, sometimes they crash and burn.


She’s also written (and drawn) a few well received mini series at DH - Lady Killers, I think it was called.

I don’t like King’s Batman run, but I’m tempted to give the new Catwoman a go because of Jones’ work too.