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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason know and enjoy write the characters I can feel it when I read Superman issues every two weeks

Story, characters development, plot, even action, they have all of it covered and have perfect coordination between them.


In my country comic cons, I hear many people complaining about its increasingly super events and they get boring/frustrated every time.


New52 let a big scar on DC lovely fans that was healed by Rebirth


Fuck yeahhhhh


I´ll add a new book to my list: Batman Beyond…


Hoping Mark Millar returns to write at least 10 DC Comics books…:grimacing::grimacing:


You can maybe hope for one. He’s expressed an interest but Mark is not the most prolific of writers and says he averages 18 issues a year. Under the current DC schedules he’d need a fill-in writer to cover one book. :smile:

I think a prestige mini series is the most likely result. :smile:


I loved it Mark Millar makes magic with book finales…


I wont read them but I like the way you describe them altought


Marky know I’m always available for him!


With DC and Millarworld my dish is filled enough

Superman and Superior I cannot be happy enough :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::relaxed::relaxed::star_struck::star_struck:


My hype is at cloud levels with this current bookssss hell yeahhhh

On your face, Marvel


Superman speaks many languages, that is one of abilities


I mean, that is one of his abilities, sorry…


Me too


The Divided States of Hysteria is a daring read


Someone else excited for Doomsday Clock?

Geoff Johns must be sorts of a genius in Comics, his entire stuff is enjoyable

Plus Gary Frank in pencills, it will be 100% successful

DCU Rebirth put DC back in track


Colorful words :thinking:


1-Yes he is, DCU prime and new earth rolled into one single coordinated universe in Rebirth, emphasis in Rebirth, characters were reborn, their essence recovered joy and love optimism being the key words

2-I love Geoff Johns temporary run on this book


It sounds interesting