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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Man of Steel #4 and #5 - I’m going to be honest; I’m finding this a bit of a chore now. The art by Kevin Maguire and Adam Hughes, respectively, was really pretty. But, I’m just bored with the Rogol Zaar storyline, and every single time Hal Jordan is on screen the energy is just completely sucked out of proceedings. I want more of the Planet, more of Melody, and more of the smaller human stories. I’ll give the regular books a try, but I’m not exactly hopeful at this stage.

Captain America #704 was the final part of an interstellar war between humanity, the Red Skull, and the Kree Empire. It was also really boring.

Thankfully, The Wild Storm #14 was up to its usual high standards in terms of writing and art. The highlight being the Lynch and Fairchild segment; Ellis has put a great spin on the original Gen 12/ 13 storyline here. Providing connective tissue to the ongoing Michael Cray storyline too. I say again, I cannot see how this series can wrap up in just 10 more issues. And, where are the other spin off books?


Yeah. All four launch titles were released this weekend.


I thought it was a four-year plan with a big change halfway through?


The main maxiseries is really meant to be groundwork. I don’t expect it to have a definitive end.

I feel like this series will end with Helspont or something or other revealing themselves to the world at large.
Leaving all of these set-up factions in its wake.

Thus allowing the clear Gen13-WildCATs-Authority spin-offs to bounce out.


There are only 24 issues on the cover “countdown” :thinking:

I thought Ellis said he had a possible third year planned out. And, we were promised three spin offs.


My theory remains that the book becomes The Authority at issue 25


Yeah. That’s looking increasingly likely.


That would be an easy transition for the Jenny-sunplot.

Well, in any case he’s been more or less clear that 24 is the endgame for Wild Storm.
I’m glad they didn’t bifurcate this further by having the spin offs come out alongside it.

Waiting for it to be over is better.


Man of Steel #5 - Adam Hughes’s art is gorgeous in this book. It’s good to see him doing interiors again. We’re starting to get a bit fo a better picture of what’s going on but the final issue in this book has a lot of work to do. I’m hoping the wrap up can answer some of the questions posed earlier in the series and propel everything forward.

I agree. It feels like there’s something missing in what was initially planned with this series.


If he uses #24 as the finale of the simmering Cold War between Skywatch & IO, and that subsequently launches into something different … that’d be pretty cool. I’m loving this series. I don’t want it to end.


I think it’s perfectly on track.
Each 6-issue segment has been completely focused on setting up a spin-off.

1-6: Michael Cray
7-12: WildCATs
13-18: So far Gen13

I’m guessing that 19-24 will be where we see everything come to a head and revolve solely around the plot with Jenny/Hawksmoor/Swift dealing with things.

It might seem lagging, but so far - I think it’s well constructed.


I wish it felt like the plan we were sold on in the beginning was in place. Instead it feels a bit like his Planetary only instead of alternate universe versions of Marvel and DC characters it’s revisiting his time at Wildstorm. It feels a bit like a nostalgia wank from someone who I expect new and interesting ideas.

The first 6 issues were just to set up Michael Cray? What a waste. His time in the book was tacked on at best and the subsequent series sounds like one of the least interesting things I’ve ever heard of.


I like Deathblow, so I didn’t mind it - plus Davis-Hunt’s action scenes were great and just showcasing the completely assholery of I.O. through that lens was really well done by Ellis. It is a bit of a waste since his spin-off was so crap - but another reason why it’s a good idea to not put them out there before the main maxi finished.


I like Deathblow as a bit of a terminal Punisher type character but there seemed to be a concerted effort to make Michael Cray not that guy. It seemed like one of those things where it would have been better to create a completely new character rather than just give him the name of an old one for the nostalgia hit.


Not just to set up Michael Cray, but his character arc in the first 6 issues was to introduce him, set up his unease at IO, his illness/growing powers and then move him out to his own book.


Again, I’m a huge Deathblow booster. I take it as I see it - a rebranded-recalibrated-revision done for a new era. There’s every chance to bring him back to what I like, but for a brand new contextualized way of looking at things…

As long as he’s kicking ass, about to die, and tired of this crap - I love it.
Which, unfortunately, the spin-off failed to deliver in the same way Ellis/JDH could.

I really wish they could do ALL the spin-offs.


I should admit that my Wildstorm soft spots are the initial Jim Lee WildCATS mini, Mark Millar’s Authority, Planetary and Joe Casey’s Mr. Majestic with maybe a bit of Wildcats 3.0. So this book just starts teasing me with the stuff I enjoy and then pulls back into something else that feels like a telegraphed fan-service reference that I just don’t get.


I dunno. From what I’ve read, it feels like Ellis has at least written the bible for Michael Cray. Nasty versions of mainstream characters are directly in his wheelhouse.


Yeah, that must be pretty awful and I can understand the frustration since (outside of Michael Cray) this is the only book catering to this I.P. right now. My soft spots were always the stuff this series is going into anyway. I didn’t go in expecting the tightest narrative - as it was announced not to be - so when it gives references and not-so-indepth stuff I feel like it’s doing its job more or less as a worldbuilding book.

Perhaps, but it might also be how Miller “oversaw” Dark Knight III with Azzarello.
In any case, I doubt he would have had the action be so completely lame if he and JDH had done it.


Have either of you read Michael Cray #7 onwards? It’s a vast improvement over the first 6 issues (which, I actually liked well enough except for the art), and is very much “As long as he’s kicking ass, about to die, and tired of this crap - I love it.”.